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Round Table

E-mail Address: regencytower@yahoo.com

Regency Tower Knights of the Round Table

Residents Residents Board Members
Shirley Appelman (502) Ron Forment (1605) Iris Anastasi (407)
Laszlo Bandi (1706) Anne Griffin (901) Eric Peter Berkowitz (811)
Eileen Bendis (806) Mike O’Carroll (311) Dee Lanzillo (610)
Betty Burns (1003) Anne Petroe (709) Fern McBride (1905)
Stephen Collins (301) Ad Wilson (909) Bob Nagle (911)
Dr. Christy Feneck (1807)   Dott Nicholson-Brown (801)
    Bill Tennenbaum (102)

Round Table - 2008 Meeting Schedule

(All Meetings Are Held at 10:00 A.M. On Thursdays - Owners Welcome)

Thursday - February 7th Thursday - September 4th
Thursday - April 3rd Thursday - November 6th
Thursday - June 5th  

Thank you for your participation. Should you have topics for discussion that may require research, please give us a call prior to the meeting. The purpose of the Round Table is to receive ideas, suggestions and comments from a representative group of owners. Please advise if you have conflicts with the dates.

Since many of the ideas for building improvements, relevant regulations and popular programs instituted in the Regency Tower are first conceived and discussed during these meetings, President Dott Nicholson-Brown publishes the meeting content in her President’s Report. Click Here to learn what transpired at the recent Round Tables. For past meetings, check the site’s Archives.

Regency Tower Round Table Preamble
What is the Round Table?

The Regency Tower Round Table was designed as a vehicle to accrue input and ideas directly from a cross-section of Regency Tower residents. The fourteen residents that participate in the Round Table have agreed to note any possible improvements to the overall operation of our home and share their ideas with the attending Board Members and one another. They also agree to make every reasonable effort to attend all of the Round Table meetings throughout the year. Suggestions are made only by the Resident-members. This is not a forum to air individual complaints or grievances, but to contribute to improving the lifestyles of every Regency Tower resident.

Each participating Round Table resident is invited to present any concept that could help ameliorate the operation of Regency Tower in some way. When finished, the next resident is offered the same opportunity. The focus moves around the table until each Round Table resident has been afforded an opportunity to participate. Only the Round Table residents can present ideas, not the attending Board Members. The Board Members are here to learn and respond, not to initiate.

When an idea is presented, the Board Members can discuss the efficacy of that idea with the Round Table residents. If it is agreed that the idea has merit and deserves attention, a Board member (or appropriate committee member) is selected to investigate the methodology required for its ultimate implementation.

While the meetings are open for review to all residents, the focus is limited to the Regency Tower Round Table residents. Neither viewing residents nor participating Board Members may initiate any contribution. Participating Round Table residents have agreed that the meetings should be relatively free of distraction or intimidation to provide an atmosphere of candor and forthcoming.

This vehicle has been responsible for many improvements that are in effect today.

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Regency Tower Round Table Starts a Trend
Round Table Idea Spreads Through Galt Mile

June 27, 2006 - At the June 1st, 2006 meeting of the Regency Tower Round Table, several unit owners expressed concern about storm damage sustained by unit owners and the Association from debris originating outside the premises. Tommy Palumbo of Unit 1805 raised the issue, ascribing much of the damage to Association fences, balcony railings, and parked vehicles to impacts with flying metallic debris from the Galt Ocean Club’s dismembered water towers. Other Round Table participants confirmed reports from throughout the building that similar damage resulted from airborne sections of roof dislodged from both Galt Ocean Club and Playa del Mar. Any illusions about affixing liability for hurricane damage were quickly dispelled. Applicable statutes, as well as insurance adjusters, categorize storm damage as non-specific in nature, often labeled with the obscure but popular designation, “an act of god.” Proving liability entails demonstrating that the entity whose “debris” caused the damage had prior knowledge of some insufficiency with how the “debris” was secured or its likelihood to pose a danger. Establishing grounds for redress would be an exercise in futility.

Playa Del Mar, Regency Tower and Galt Ocean Club
Playa, Regency and GOC
Instead of engaging in sterile conjecture or recriminations borne of alleged injuries, Bob Nagle of Unit 911 suggested that we attempt to lessen our exposure to storm damage suffered from inter-building debris. Palumbo concurred, recommending that we communicate with our neighbors about some common standard of preparation designed to minimize future damage. Round Table members agreed that some mutual arrangement to remove all balcony furniture from our buildings prior to an event would go a long way to abate damage repair costs.

Playa Del Mar, Regency Tower and Galt Ocean Club from Beach
Playa del Mar, Regency Tower and
Galt Ocean Club (View from Beach)
As per the unwritten protocol governing Round Table suggestions, a board member is traditionally assigned to investigate peripheral ramifications or, if indicated, implement the newly approved idea. President Nicholson-Brown scans attending board members, searching for some ocular glimmer betraying an interest in addressing the issue at hand. While Dott surveys the candidate pool, they stare intently at some imagined distraction – either on the floor, the ceiling or out the window. As her gaze intensifies, one of the board members invariably cracks. A smile, a groan or some inane remark draws the President’s attention whereupon, she pounces. “Eric, would you please talk to Galt Ocean Club and Playa del Mar to get them to clear their balconies and secure their roofs and decks before the next storm?”

Regency Tower Round Table Resident Bob Nagle
"Idea Man"
Bob Nagle
Occasionally, when the unit owners responsible for the original suggestion are asked to document their concerns, they politely decline, stating demurely that “it really wasn’t that important, anyway.” As such, we asked south-facing unit owner Tom Palumbo to make a list of the potential problems that caught his attention while observing the Galt Ocean Club. Simultaneously, we asked north-facing unit owner Bob Nagle to prepare a review of possible Playa del Mar problems. Defiantly refusing to be discouraged, they both agreed to do so immediately. A collective sigh of relief uttered by the unselected board members generally punctuates consideration of the next Round Table issue.

Regency Tower and Playa Del Mar
Regency Tower and Playa del Mar
Several days later, Palumbo and Nagle fulfilled their commitment to document their storm preparation concerns. As agreed, they submitted their summaries to the office for further action.
Playa Del Mar Manager Keith Tannenbaum
Playa del Mar Manager
Keith Tannenbaum
On Tuesday, June 20th, Eric met with
Playa del Mar Manager Keith Tannenbaum and assistant Chaseca Cosby Bostic to discuss some pre-storm cooperation that could save the two sister associations substantial resources. Joined by Playa del Mar Board member Betty Cholst and Vice President Joe Ernest, they devised a plan to effectively oversee the removal of unit owner balcony furniture before a storm reduces it to a collection of dangerous projectiles. It is virtually impossible to ascertain whether balconies on higher floors have been properly secured using only ground level observation. To monitor higher floors, someone must be sent about a half mile down the beach with binoculars. To assist one another with this dilemma, a Playa representative will be invited to observe the condition of their south side from a high floor on the north side of Regency Tower. Conversely, they will afford us a view of the North side of Regency Tower from a high floor on the south side of Playa del Mar. By providing each other with better vantage points from which to monitor our respective preparation progress, neither association will have to continually send guards touring around the building to elicit feedback. We also discussed preparing our respective roofs. Since last year’s devastation to Playa del Mar’s roof, they have replaced the 56 vent turbines lost to the storm with equipment designed to withstand another potential assault. Although their new roof is watertight and code compliant, it will not be completed until after the building is waterproofed and painted in September. Loose construction materials used by SPS to rehabilitate Playa del Mar will be secured by the contractor. To foster continued good relations with our next door neighbor, we agreed to contact one another with any future needs as they become apparent. Upon adjourning this productive meeting, we suggested to the Playa Manager that he make similar arrangements with their neighbor to the north, Ocean Summit.

Galt Ocean Club President Pio Ieraci
Galt Ocean Club
President Pio Ieraci
On June 22nd, we met with Galt Ocean Club President Pio Ieraci, who agreed to arrangements comparable to those made with Playa del Mar. Last year, Galt Ocean Club and Regency Tower cooperated by providing one another with observation capabilities for monitoring the progress of storm preparations. Galt Ocean Club is still awaiting completion of their new roof. Pio explained that despite a series of unexpected setbacks, he was assured that, “the roof would be finished within a month.” He also confirmed that the new water towers are firmly affixed to the roof. We mutually agreed to secure any loose association property on our decks.

Regency Tower and Galt Ocean Club
Regency Tower and Galt Ocean Club
Playa del Mar, Regency Tower and Galt Ocean Club regularly share information regarding a host of issues. They also share a history of opening their facilities to each other’s residents when deprived of their own by construction or unexpected damage. This good will isn’t limited to the board representatives of all three Associations; it flourishes in the hundreds of friendships formed between the residents populating them. When a safety benefit is framed by a palpable universal financial benefit, participation in a project like this becomes a no-brainer.

Several days after meeting with our next-door neighbors to develop an emergency preparation plan, we contacted Ocean Summit and spoke to Manager Lee Lowenthal. After describing the basis for our earlier meetings, he expressed his intention to extend the arrangement farther north, including his building and the Ocean Club. It appears that an idea conceived in our Round Table may spontaneously spread, possibly benefiting the entire neighborhood. If successful, this “afterthought” may save the community a small fortune for which they will owe a debt of gratitude to Bob, Tom and the Regency Tower Round Table.

Idea Spreads Through Galt Ocean Mile Neighborhood!
Idea Spreads Through Galt Ocean Mile Neighborhood!
Once again, this unusual forum has proved its worth. Originally conceived by Regency Tower icon Raphael Alleguez and created by President Dott Nicholson-Brown with the approval and participation of the Regency Tower Board of Directors, the Round Table was actualized to solicit input from unit owners. The historical hierarchy utilized by Associations for this purpose, the creation of committees to manage specific issues, has long been plagued by spotty participation. Additionally, contributions made by committee members are generally directed to resolving issues specific to that committee and therefore limited by the committee’s jurisdiction. Since the guiding objective of the Round Table targets all manner of general improvements, participants are encouraged to think “outside the box”. Of the hundreds of ideas hatched by residents appointed to the Round Table, literally dozens have resulted in conservation of resources, ways to save money, rule upgrades, the efficient streamlining of administrative procedures, new projects and many other improvements to our lifestyle and/or building. Since the Round Table format requires that board members only listen and/or respond, the successes of the forum are attributable solely to the participating residents!!!

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