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MAY 1, 2020

Board President John Laprade’s
Message to Members

John Laprade
Board President
John Laprade
We find ourselves in very challenging times as we deal with the quarantine or lock down, social distancing, personal protective equipment, the daily infection and death reports... the world has quickly become a very different place.

I’ve been focusing on the business of the association, keeping our owners, renters, guests, and employees safe. I’ve been working closely with Dana, who has been making sure that we are doing additional sanitizing and cleaning. As you know, we were forced by the county to close the pool, gym, and all other amenities to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Additionally, the beach remains closed as well as all non-essential businesses in the area. Particularly challenging for our owners is the loss of use of most balconies due to the construction project.

Galt Mile Advisory Board
Galt Mile Advisory Board
We continue to work with our neighboring associations to monitor the spread of COVID-19 on the Galt Mile. Through the Galt Mile Community Association, we are kept well-informed of all developments regarding COVID-19 and what is happening in our neighboring associations.

2003 Round Table
2003 Round Table
The board also voted to start an Advisory Committee (formerly the "Round Table"). We continue to monitor the discussions regarding potential changes from the state, county, or local jurisdictions so that we will be able to implement updates. I will keep you posted as soon as new information becomes available.

Masks I would be remiss if I did not recognize residents who have volunteered to shop or run errands for our owners who are not able to get out. We have one resident who has volunteered to make masks for residents who need them. To see this spirit of community and many individual acts of kindness and cooperation among our owners is extremely gratifying. Thank you to all who give their time and talent to volunteer!

These are indeed challenging times. The goal of the association is to continue to work to keep our residents safe and healthy.

Be safe and healthy everyone... we will get through this together!


John Laprade
Board President

Manager Dana Domond's

Maintenance Update

Manager Dana Domond
Manager Dana Domond
Dear Residents,

I would first like to thank all the residents who have been adhering to the laws set in place by the Governor and county officials. We appreciate all the efforts in keeping our residents and employees safe. As life has changed very drastically for all of us here at Regency Tower, we are working to maintain the upkeep and cleanliness of the building. This includes not only the extra sanitizing, but also the mechanics of the building.

Cleaning of all the hallway carpets is coming up; we will alert you when this will be taking place. We are in the process of interviewing security officers for the part-time, overnight shift and working on repairing cameras. Despite the office being locked with limited entry to residents, Christine and I have been quite busy with phone calls and e-mails assisting residents with the highest level of customer service as always. We are here for you and to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. I would personally like to thank ALL of our staff for the tremendous job they are doing during this difficult time.

Masks Please continue to do your part in keeping everyone safe. We do ask that when you are in the common areas, such as the front desk, elevators, lobby and hallways that you please wear a mask. This is to protect you and the employees at all times.

Stay Safe!

This is Your Office
If you a problem that I might help you resolve...
Please call the office!
Your concerns - and input - are important!

Dana Domond
Property Manager

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MAY 2020

Budget & Finance Committee
John Amatulli

A few days ago, Treasurer John Amatulli released the April, 2020 Treasurer's Report and emailed copies to Regency Tower residents. Copies can also be downloaded from the password protected Concierge Plus website and are available to owners in the Regency Tower office (Click Here to Concierge Plus website).

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Construction Oversight Progress Review
John Laprade

Concrete Restoration Project Update: April 28, 2020

President John Laprade issues Concrete Restoration Progress Report
President John Laprade
Dear Regency Tower Residents,

Treasurer John Amatulli
Treasurer John Amatulli
As you know, we are approaching the 8-month mark since the project began last August. Our main focus remains on cost containment and delivering the project on time and on budget. Our treasurer, John Amatulli, has furnished a separate financial update that was sent to all owners April 17th about the balcony and concrete restoration project detailing what has been received from owners and spent to date.

We have been concerned that the global pandemic would shut the project down, but at present we have been assured by the state and the city that exterior construction projects will be allowed to continue. We have been working with the contractor to ensure that we can avoid any work stoppages due to lack of supplies because of dwindling supply chains or because suppliers may be shut down because they are considered non-essential businesses. Therefore, we have ordered all of the supplies needed to complete the concrete/balcony restoration project and had them stored onsite to ensure that the project will not be delayed due to lack of materials. The contractor had informed us that they had an issue getting required masks for his employees, but they have solved the problem. Barring any unforeseen surprises, we anticipate that work will continue on the project without interruption.

Southside Balconies
Southside Balconies
To date, 25% of the balconies have been completed. That means that the demolition, replacement concrete, waterproofing, and finishes for those balconies have been completed. As of my last report, not much has changed regarding demolition; most of the work has been concentrated on completing the balconies from stack 1 to stack 8.

Building Column Repairs
Building Column Repairs
As of today, 75.5% of the balcony demolition has been done and 71.5% of the concrete has been poured and we have used 41.2% of the quantities estimated for the balcony repairs to date. Metro has begun moving swing stages. As such, work has begun on the balconies on stack 11, and on the window stacks between the units in stack one and stack two.

Repairs in NW Garage
Garage Repairs
Work on the building columns is 70% completed, and we anticipate that work on the building columns will be completed in early May. 50% of the repairs have been completed in the garage and 25% of the materials have been used. Finally, our engineer has reported that we have encountered only minor issues that were not anticipated for this project. And, as of this writing, we have experienced 59 days of weather-related delays—the equivalent of 2.7 months of work stoppages due to the weather or wind.

Finally, a major focus continues to be getting permanent access to the pool and beach areas by completing the work in the vicinity of the pool. We are working closely with the project engineer and contractor to finish up the construction on the balconies and window stacks over the pool area so that these amenities will again become available to residents for daily use. I will keep you all posted as to when we can return access to the pool and beach for owners. Additionally, we have asked that work be completed on the balconies so that owners can regain use of them. The contractor will begin opening up the balconies once the balcony work in each stack is completed and the swing stages are moved away from those balconies and adjoining window stacks.

Barbecue Deck Remains Closed

The barbecue area is closer to being opened as the east side of the building is being repaired. We will keep you informed as to when the barbecue area will become available.

Pool Update

Regency Tower pool and pool deck
Regency Tower pool and pool deck
On April 29, 2020, Broward County government officials announced that SOME recreational facilities in multiple family dwellings (condominiums) can re-open. We immediately planned for the reopening of our pool and pool deck. Due to construction, the pool hours will remain limited from Friday at 5:00 PM until Sunday at 7:00 PM. When construction work is completed in the pool area, we will notify you so that you can use this amenity daily.

The Broward County Emergency Order #20-08 states that All residents must wear facial coverings while walking to and from the pool area including the hallways and elevators. In addition to the facial coverings a social distance of six (6) feet must be observed

Please understand that the beach, exercise room, and all other indoor amenities will remain closed until the Broward County government announces that these facilities can be re-opened

Pool Rules during COVID-19

  1. No more than 10 persons at the pool deck or in the pool at a time.

  2. Bring your own chairs.

  3. Limit your time in the pool when 10 people are in the pool.

  4. Do not come to the pool if: you have flu like symptoms, are sneezing or have a cough, have a fever or a respiratory ailment.

  5. Practice social distancing while standing or sitting on the pool deck, in the pool, or in a chair on the pool deck.

  6. Obey the existing pool rules.

  7. No day guests are permitted. Please do not invite guests to use the pool.

  8. Security has been instructed to approach anyone to determine who they are and where they reside.

  9. To help monitor the number of people at the pool, anyone wishing to use the pool will need to pick up their own pass at the security desk. Anyone at the pool without a pass will be asked to leave. The pool pass will have a 2-hour time limit to allow others the opportunity to use the pool. You can return if there is capacity.

Failure to adhere to these rules may result in closure of the pool and pool deck.


John Laprade

John Laprade, President
Regency Tower Board of Directors

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Security Report
Security Chief Eddie Rodgers

Chief of Security Eddie Rogers
Security Chief Eddie Rogers Battling
COVID-19 Threat in National Guard
Acting-Chief of Security Kenzi Benton
Acting-Chief of Security
Kenzi Benton
Security in the Regency Tower - Containing COVID-19

(Message to Residents) - "As you may be aware, Eddie Rodgers, chief of security, was deployed by the National Guard in mid-March to assist with the state’s Covid-19 issues. He has been in constant contact with the manager and the security team during his time away. He is safe and will be back with us as soon as he’s released from his duties. In Eddie’s absence, Kenzi Benton has been in the role of Acting-Chief of Security. He has done an amazing job keeping security running smoothly. Thank you to all who have been team players during this difficult time."


  • Please stay 6 feet back from the front desk. We placed a blue line for easy referencing

  • Please wear a mask in common areas if possible. Especially when coming to get your packages

Please continue to do your part in keeping us ALL safe.

Kenzi Benton for Eddie Rodgers
Acting Safety/Security Chief

Carlos on the Job! Safety Tip: Since the south and north driveway ramps are Intermittently being used to both enter and exit the building during the construction, please take extra care to avoid collisions with pedestrians and other vehicles.


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