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MARCH 19, 2020

Regency Tower 2020 Election
& Organizational Meeting

Board President John Laprade
Board President
John Laprade
March 19, 2020 - As was previously announced, the Annual Meeting was conducted last night in accordance with our governing documents. We had 10 people participating in the Rendezvous Room, there were at various times between 22-25 owners following on Zoom in addition to owners viewing on channel 92.

The results are as follow:

  • Voting Totals
    • John Amatulli - 96 Votes

    • Eileen R. Bendis - 85 Votes

    • Stephanie DeAngelis - 93 Votes

    • David Lafferty - 52 Votes

    • John E. Laprade - 92 Votes

    • Michael Lippman - 25 Votes

    • Daniel Mailhot - 51 Votes

    • Sonia Picariello - 51 Votes

    • Anthony Rosselli - 92 Votes

    • Kevin Suszko - 44 Votes

    • Heidi Weber - 89 Votes

    Vice President Stephanie DeAngelis
    Vice President
    Stephanie DeAngelis
    Treasurer John Amatulli
    John Amatulli
    As a reminder there were six board seats being filled, so to preserve the staggered terms of our board of directors, three members would serve two-year terms expiring in March 2022 and three will be one-year terms expiring in March 2021. John Amatulli, Stephanie DeAngelis and John Laprade will receive twoyear terms expiring in March 2022 and Anthony Rosselli, Heidi Weber and Eileen Bendis will receive 1year terms which will expire in March 2021. There was a tie between John Laprade and Anthony Rosselli and it was decided that John Laprade would take the two-year term, and Anthony Rosselli would take one-year term.

    Immediately following the certification of the election results, a quorum of the newly elected board was present, and decided to hold the organizational meeting for the officers of the board. A motion was made by Eileen Bendis to keep the current slate of officers:

    • John Laprade - President

    • Stephanie DeAngelis - Vice President

    • John Amatulli - Treasurer

    • Fern McBride - Secretary

    Director Anthony Rosselli
    Anthony Rosselli
    Secretary Fern McBride
    Fern McBride
    That motion was seconded by John Amatulli and passed unanimously by the board after which the meeting was adjourned.

    I would like to thank all of our owners who exercised their right to choose their leaders by voting. There were 140 votes received from the 203 eligible votes or 68% of the owners.

    Director Heidi Weber
    Heidi Weber
    Director Eileen Bendis
    Eileen Bendis
    I would also like to thank all of the candidates for volunteering to run for the board and serve the association. This is a very important role and the fact that you are willing to volunteer your time in service to the association is something we will all continue to appreciate.

    Now that the election is over, we can move forward together knowing that the voice of our owners has been heard. I did hear from a small number of owners who wanted this meeting to be postponed and delayed because of the safety of our residents attending the meeting. If I felt for a minute that we could not have conducted this meeting without ensuring the safety of the participants, I would have delayed the vote count; however, we are in uncharted territory with the pandemic that is spreading. Now, we can move forward together knowing that the owners have spoken, and their voices have been heard.

    Thank you to everyone who watched last night, who voted, and who ran for the board. Be safe everyone.

    John Laprade

    John Laprade
    Board President

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    MARCH 19, 2020

    Board President John Laprade’s
    Message to Members

    John Laprade
    Board President
    John Laprade
    February is already over! Where does the time go???

    There is a lot of work being done behind the scenes. As I mentioned at the board meeting, we are getting ready to roll out our new FOB/security system. With the new system, every FOB will be tied to a photo of an owner, guest, vendor or employee. When a FOB is used on the system at any entry point, the photo of the individual using the FOB will appear on a security screen and will be verified using the surveillance cameras. If someone other than the individual assigned to the FOB uses it, security will confiscate the FOB and contact the owner. The Board agreed that guests can be given FOBs. Each FOB will incur a charge of $50.00 that will be placed on the owner’s account when the FOB is activated. The charge will be removed when the guest returns the FOB at the end of their visit. If the FOB is not returned, the owner will be responsible for the $50 charge.

    Key Fob Entry
    Key Fob Entry
    If an owner has an additional FOB, they can have it tied to the GUEST with a photo for the duration of their visit and the GUEST will just return it to the owner who will need to have it reprogrammed to resume use; there will be no charge for this. We are confident that this new system will help to tighten up security in the building and provide a safer environment for our owners, guests, and visitors. More to come on this as to the timing of the rollout and the conversion process.

    2003 Round Table
    2003 Round Table
    The board also voted to start an Advisory Committee (formerly the "Round Table"). This committee will be made up of 10 owners. The purpose of this committee will be to take up and vet issues the committee feels need to be brought to the board’s attention. This committee will not be limited to any subject or issue. The committee will take up, discuss, and make recommendations to the board for ways to improve our association and property. These meetings will be open to all owners, and an email will be sent out after the election is concluded to seek volunteers for this committee.

    Manager Finally, the ballots for the election have been mailed to all owners, and it is now up to you to vote. Please review your ballot and the candidates’ information carefully and make your choices. Please make sure we receive your ballot before the annual meeting on March 18th. We will accept ballots up until the time that the first ballot envelope is opened at the annual meeting. For our out-of-town residents, please allow enough time for your ballot to arrive so that your votes are recorded.

    Time to Vote!

    It is that time of year again. The Annual Meeting is scheduled for March 18, 2020.

    Manager We have an unusual situation this year. There are six openings for the board of directors because after the recall, four members were appointed to the board. One current board member is not up for reelection this year; two other current board members are up for reelection. The seats of the four appointees must be filled during this election cycle according to Regency’s governing documents. According to our by-laws, in order to restore our staggered election cycles, the three candidates who receive the most total votes will receive a two year term, the next three will receive a one-year term.

    Bogus Info IMPORTANT! There has been information sent to owners that you can only vote for up to three candidates for the board. That is incorrect. Every owner can vote for up to six candidates. Some have suggested that you only need to vote for one, two, or three candidates; however, since individuals will be seated based on their total vote counts, you might want to consider having your voice heard by voting for up to six candidates to represent you. Be careful not to check off more than six candidates. Ballots with too many candidates checked will be invalid.

    Be sure to vote and get your ballots in the ballot box in time to be counted.


    John Laprade
    Board President

    Manager Dana Domond's

    Maintenance Update

    Manager Dana Domond
    Manager Dana Domond
    Dear Residents,

    Below are some updates of what we have been working on:

    • We have begun the issuing of the new FOB’s and will continue to do so until every resident has their new FOB’s. Keep an eye out for further communication.

    • We have been brainstorming the staffing needs for Regency Tower. We hope to have this settled in the next month in order to better serve the association.

    • All the outside parking lights Manager have been repaired and are in working order


    • Pool Deck Umbrella
      Pool & Beach
      The beach and pool access are open every day after 5:00 PM and all day on Saturday and Sunday. We will be changing the clocks ahead on March 7th this will be great as there will be more day light and more beach and pool time for residents.

    • On bad weather days the contractors will be working on the columns in the garage. Initially residents would had to have moved their cars for a month or so to the outside parking. We now have a new system in place where you would only have to move your car to outside parking for the day and can go back to your garage space after 5:00 PM. This notice will be short as it will only happen on bad weather days and they cannot go on the swing stages. We asked for your understanding as we continue to move forward with the completion of the project.

    This is Your Office
    If you a problem that I might help you resolve...
    Please call the office!
    Your concerns - and input - are important!

    Dana Domond
    Property Manager

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    MARCH 2020

    Budget & Finance Committee
    John Amatulli

    On February 24, 2020, Treasurer John Amatulli released the February, 2020 Treasurer's Report and emailed copies to Regency Tower residents. Copies can also be downloaded from the password protected Concierge Plus website and are available to owners in the Regency Tower office (Click Here to Concierge Plus website).

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    Construction Oversight Progress Review
    John Laprade

    Concrete Restoration Project Update: March 3, 2020

    President John Laprade issues Concrete Restoration Progress Report
    John Laprade
    Dear Regency Tower Residents,

    Parking Cones
    Parking Cones
    Work is continuing on the balcony/concrete restoration project. We have had a number of problems with parking around the building due to the project. With many residents/visitors from out of town, and many spaces blocked for the project, parking has been at a premium. We are working with the contractor to ensure that cars are protected. There are some spots where there is a cone at the front of the spot, for these spots we ask that cars be moved by 8:30 AM so they are not affected by work being done on the building in the vicinity of these parking spots. The contractor has an employee onsite that is power washing vehicles that are affected.

    We have also had issues with the neighboring building where the work is being done and paint is falling on vehicles. Please bring any issues or concerns you have to our managers attention.

    Building Column Repairs
    Building Column Repairs
    Repairs in NW Garage
    Garage Repairs
    We are working closely with our engineer and the contractor to finish up work in the pool area so that use of these amenities can be returned on a full-time basis to owners. Our contractor, METRO, is open to moving stages when balconies from stack 1-8 are complete to other areas near the pool so that work is completed there first, and owners can resume use of the pool and access to the beach. We are working closely to make this happen as quickly as possible. However, all work is contingent on the weather. We have had a number of weather-related days where work cannot be done because of high winds or other weather conditions. We are working with the contractor to get work completed on the building columns and in the garage when the lifts are grounded because of the weather.

    There have been no unexpected problems detected and the project continues on schedule and on budget.

    Barbecue Deck Closed

    The Barbecue deck remains closed because of falling concrete from an upper balcony. We will keep you informed as to when the barbecue area will become available.


    John Laprade

    John Laprade, President
    Regency Tower Board of Directors

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    Security Report
    Security Chief Eddie Rodgers

    Chief of Security Eddie Rogers
    Security Chief Eddie Rogers
    (Tightening Security in the Regency Tower)

    The Security Department is working closely with The Board of Directors to ensure The Regency Tower is the safest place on The Galt. To accomplish this goal, we need the cooperation of everyone, and together it will be something we can achieve and sustain.

    Don't stop in Lower Driveway
    Blocking Lower Driveway
    Residents entering and leaving the parking garage in their vehicle, please refrain from stopping in the contractor parking area. Security has noticed that some residents are stopping in this area to prevent losing cellular service while on the phone. This is a liability because there are still other residents who are also entering and leaving the premises, and it could cause a potential accident.

    If you have a guest coming in and you are not inside of your unit, please notify the association office prior to your guest’s arrival. This procedure will help to speed up the sign-in process. This is a tremendous help for the guest who may have had a long trip and to our staff members.

    Eddie Rodgers
    Safety/Security Chief

    Carlos on the Job! Safety Tip: Since the south and north driveway ramps are Intermittently being used to both enter and exit the building during the construction, please take extra care to avoid collisions with pedestrians and other vehicles.


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