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JULY 21, 2020

Board President John Laprade’s
Message to Members

John Laprade
Board President
John Laprade
As we continue to navigate thru these unchartered times there is a lot to bring you up to date on.

Regency Tower Pool Deck
Regency Tower Pool Deck
First, the Balcony/Concrete restoration project continues to move forward. As you should know by now from the announcement on July 10th, the contractor has moved out of the pool area and owners now have daily use of the pool. This may at times be temporarily interrupted with work on the building but the concrete/stucco work on the balcony stacks and window stacks in the pool area is now complete. The board is also looking to add a temporary beach access from the pool deck due to the continuing work on the east side of the building which is expected to continue for a few more months blocking the existing beach gate. We have a few options we are looking at and will keep you posted. While the painting of the building exterior has not yet begun, the balcony mock up on Unit 101 in the southeast corner of the building is complete for viewing from the pool deck. Finally, as work moves around to the north side of the building, the south and main entrances will be opened up for easier access to the building. More to follow shortly.

COVID-19COVID-19 continues to be a major challenge for South Florida. Broward County closed the beach’s from 7-3 thru 7-5 for the holiday weekend. Broward County also issued Emergency Order 20-20 providing rules regarding facial coverings while in any common area of a multi-family housing development which owners were notified about on July 5th. Thank you to all of our residents and guests for compliance with this important rule. Finally, on July 7th, Gov. DeSantis issued Executive Order 20-166, extending the state of emergency declared in Executive Order 20-52 by 60 days until September 5, 2020.

Regency Tower Gym
Regency Tower Exercise Room
Please keep in mind the additional COVID-19 restrictions on the use of the pool, pool deck and gym when using these amenities. Use of these amenities is currently restricted to residents only and you must obtain a pass from security to use either.

Finally, I also ask all owners to be mindful of the temporary rules in place due to COVID-19 for Visitors. Overnight guests are allowed only when the owner or tenant being visited is in residence. You must register any guests with the office or security in advance of their arrival and they must sign a visitor's acknowledgement prior to arriving which can be obtained when you call the office to register your guests.

Reminder: Pool Rules during COVID-19

  1. Bring your own Chairs No more than 10 persons at the pool deck or in the pool at a time.

  2. Bring your own chairs.

  3. Limit your time in the pool when 10 people are in the pool.

  4. Do not come to the pool if: you have flu-like symptoms, are sneezing or have a cough, have a fever or a respiratory ailment.

  5. Practice social distancing while standing on the pool deck, in the pool, or in a chair on the pool deck.

  6. Two Hours Obey the existing pool rules.

  7. No day guests or visitors are permitted. Please do not invite guests to use the pool.

  8. Security has been instructed to approach anyone to determine who they are and where they reside.

  9. To help monitor the amount of people at the pool, anyone wishing to use the pool will need to pick up their own pass at the security desk. Anyone at the pool without a pass will be asked to leave. The pool pass will have a 2-hour time limit to allow others the opportunity to use the pool. You can return if there is capacity.

Questions For The Board

Please feel free to email any board-related questions you may have. See below Board of Directors e-mail addresses.

(*Please Note - To peruse a resource providing every COVID-19 Executive Order, Emergency Order, Declaration and Reopening Plan by the State of Florida, DBPR, Broward County and the City of Fort Lauderdale along with relevant info from CDC, White House, BSO and COVID-19 Federal legislation, Click Here)

Thank you and BE SAFE!


John Laprade
Board President

Manager Dana Domond's

Building Office Update

Manager Dana Domond
Manager Dana Domond
Dear Residents,

Bring your own Chairs Please note that the cabanas on the beach are the private property of unit owners. We have noticed that the lounges from the cabanas are being moved and used by residents that the lounges do not belong to. Please refrain from using or moving the cabana lounges unless you own them.

It is important that residents pick up their packages as soon as possible from the front desk. The package room is small and we are unable to store packages for long periods of time.

Please continue to respect standing behind the blue line at the front desk. This is for the safety of our employees, residents, and visitors.

Carpet Cleaning I am pleased to report that the carpet cleaning of all the hallways has been completed.

Bring your own Chairs I am pleased to inform you that the pool is now open every day for your enjoyment. All temporary rules under COVID-19 are still in effect.

Everyone's continued cooperation during these unprecedented times is greatly appreciated.

Reminder: When You Need Repairs

Liability InsuranceJust a reminder when you have a vendor coming to your unit to make repairs eg: AC repairs, Electrician, Plumber…you must call the office and provide the vendors name and date of the appointment. The office will make sure that we get the vendors liability insurance information and clear them with security for entry to your unit on the proper date and time.

Receptionist Christine Rome
Receptionist Christine Rome
If you need a vendor, the office can provide you with a list of vendors who have performed work in the building. The association does not give endorsements but will provide you with contact information for vendors who have performed work in the building and for whom we have liability insurance information.

For minor repairs, we have a maintenance staff and you can request our in-house maintenance staff for a nominal fee to assist you with minor repairs.

Thank You!

This is Your Office
If you a problem that I might help you resolve...
Please call the office!
Your concerns - and input - are important!

Dana Domond
Property Manager

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July 2020

Budget & Finance Committee
John Amatulli

Treasurer John Amatulli
Treasurer John Amatulli
Financially, we continue to do quite well. During the first five months of 2020, total revenue received was $708,836; total operating expenses were $632,178 with a net gain of $76,658.

Despite Coronavirus related problems, the ongoing concrete restoration project, a series of water leaks and broken pipes, and vacancies in security and maintenance, our manager, Dana Domond, has managed to keep our building up and running and on budget.

Manager Dana Domond
Manager Dana Domond
Recently, she had to deal with a complaint filed with the
Department of Business & Professional Regulation by an owner alleging that in 2016, $42,325 was removed from the reserve accounts to pay for operating expenses for the 2016 fiscal year.

The Department of Business & Professional Regulation ruled that “After review of the 2016 annual financial statements it has been determined that a violation of the aforementioned statute did not occur."

Had this owner sent a request to the board to review the financial documents instead of filing this complaint directly to the DBPR, all Regency Tower owners could have been spared $1,250 in legal expenses responding to this false allegation.

Each year, the board is tasked with figuring out the costs associated with all aspects of our community’s operations, including any capital repairs or improvements they plan to undertake in the coming fiscal year, and then making sure the revenue is there to cover said costs.

Cash flow in Regency Tower is a matter of survival, not profit. We pay our way by collecting revenue from two general categories. The first is monthly payments from owners, known as common charges. The second category of income comes from laundry commissions, cabana and storage room rentals, application and screening fees, residential repairs and surveillance fees.

In times of transition and upheaval like now, the process takes on added complexity. Line items needed to be added for expenses that did not even exist six months ago: personal protective equipment, digital body temperature gauges, virus sanitizing supplies and social distancing compliance monitors.

In addition, Regency Tower Association has an obligation under law, to provide a safe place for its employees to work. Since face coverings are now deemed essential to protect others, then wearing face coverings is important in maintaining a safe place to work. The failure to enforce a requirement of face covering could subject the association to fines.

*Copies of John Amatulli's Treasurer's Report can also be downloaded from the password protected Concierge Plus website and are available to owners in the Regency Tower office (Click Here to Concierge Plus website).

John Amatulli

John Amatulli, Treasurer
Regency Tower Board of Directors

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Construction Oversight Progress Review
John Laprade

Concrete Restoration Project Update: July 7, 2020

President John Laprade issues Concrete Restoration Progress Report
President John Laprade
Dear Regency Tower Residents,

Regency Tower pool and pool deck
Regency Tower pool and pool deck
Work continues on the Balcony/Concrete Restoration project and the project continues to move forward on time and budget. Weather related delay days have lessened as we have entered the rainy season….winds are slightly lower but we have to contend with thunder storms and rain delays.

I’m pleased to report that work has moved out of the pool deck area and that residents now have use of the pool area daily. Beach access is limited on weekdays until after 4: 30 PM. and all day on Saturday and Sunday.

In last months report, we expected work to be finished in the front of the building in early July, this has been moved back to July 24th due to work on the balcony railings in the 6 and 7 stacks.

If you are in residence, you will see things moving along. Work is done on most of the balcony stacks and the window stacks are moving along quickly. Work is beginning to move to the north side of the building. We can expect painting of the building exterior to begin in August.


John Laprade

John Laprade, President
Regency Tower Board of Directors

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Security Report
Security Chief Eddie Rodgers

Chief of Security Eddie Rogers
Security Chief Eddie Rogers Battling
COVID-19 Threat in National Guard
Acting-Chief of Security Kenzi Benton
Acting-Chief of Security
Kenzi Benton
The security team at Regency Tower consists of 10 friendly, courteous, and helpful guards, one who is temporarily serving in the National Guard. They ensure residents, guests, and staff members are safe by conducting hourly rounds looking for leaks, light issues, damage to the building etc. as well as enforcing rules and regulations.

We are pleased to welcome our two newest security guards Joey Woodall and Smith Francois. They are scheduled from 10:30 pm – 6:30 am. So, if your up late night or in the early morning stop and say hello and make them feel welcomed.

For your safety, there has been an extra shift added from 10:30 pm to 2:30 am. This added shift will assist with patrols and ensure during those hours the front desk is not unattended.

The security team is extremely conscious of COVID-19 safety. All guards are supplied with masks and gloves for their safety and the safety of others. Public hand sanitizers can be found on the walls in the mail room and near the lobby elevators. Also, when approaching the lobby desk, there will be a blue line you must stand behind (six foot social distancing).

There has been weekly contact with our Chief of Security, Eddie Rogers. Although there is no time table set for him to come back to Regency Tower, he has maintained that he is in great spirits and health and continues being safe while serving.

Kenzi Benton for Eddie Rodgers
Acting Safety/Security Chief

Kenzi on the Job! Safety Tip: Since the south and north driveway ramps are Intermittently being used to both enter and exit the building during the construction, please take extra care to avoid collisions with pedestrians and other vehicles.


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