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DECEMBER 2, 2019

Board President John Lapradeís
Message to Members

John Laprade
Board President
John Laprade
I am writing to you to confirm that a majority of owners have recalled three board members from the board of directors. The recalled board members are Herbert Fonticella, Sonia Picariello and Kevin Suszko. The recall effort was not sponsored by the association, but sponsored, funded and executed by owners and as required by law a majority of owners have indicated that they wanted a change.

Last Tuesday November 26th, the remaining board members met to fill the open seats on the Board of Directors. A motion was made by Stephanie DeAngelis to appoint Norm Harris, John Laprade, Catherine Lenz and Heidi Weber to fill the Board vacancies. The motion was seconded. After Ms. DeAngelis shared information about each appointee, the motion was unanimously passed. Then, a motion was made by Stephanie DeAngelis to nominate John Laprade to serve as Board President. The motion was seconded and unanimously approved. John Laprade made a motion to nominate Stephanie DeAngelis to continue serving as Vice-President. The motion was seconded and unanimously approved.

Reconfigured Board
New Board gets to Work
So your current board of directors is as follows:

  • John Laprade - President
  • Stephanie DeAngelis - Vice President
  • John Amatuilli - Treaurer
  • Fern McBride - Secretary
  • Cathy Lenz - Director
  • Norm Harris - Director
  • Heidi Weber - Director

Vice President Stephanie DeAngelis
Vice President
Stephanie DeAngelis
The newly appointed board members will serve until March when, as indicated in our bylaws they will need to run for election to the board if they would like to remain on the board of directors.

Manager I would like to thank Stephanie DeAngelis for serving as the acting president. Stephanie did a great job serving as the leader of our association and she deserves a big thank you for going above and beyond for owners.

We have a lot to do in the next few months. The first order of business will be to interview the finalist candidates to fill the managerís position. This is an important role and needs to be filled immediately. Also, the ongoing concrete/balcony restoration project is moving along, and we need to communicate more with all of you so that your fully informed on everything that is happening here at Regency Tower.

Please feel free to email or call me if you have any questions


John Laprade
Board President

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Budget & Finance Committee
John Amatulli

On December 23, 2019, Treasurer John Amatulli released the November 31, 2019 Treasurer's Report and emailed copies to Regency Tower residents. Copies can also be downloaded from the password protected Concierge Plus website and are available to owners in the Regency Tower office (Click Here to Concierge Plus website).

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Construction Oversight Progress Review
John Laprade

Concrete Restoration Project Update: December 29, 2019

President John Laprade issues Concrete Restoration Progress Report
John Laprade
Dear Regency Tower Residents,

Balcony Stacks 1 through 4
Balcony Stacks 1 through 4
I am writing to provide you with an update on the balcony/concrete restoration project. Our contractor MCW began mobilizing in July and began balcony demolition in August. As a reminder, the association committed to having ten drops simultaneously on the building to shorten the overall duration of the project. During this first quarter there were 38 weather related delay days. Despite the weather-related delays, the engineer and contractor report that the project is moving along as planned. To date, neither the contractor nor the engineer reports any unexpected problem areas.

Major Project Milestones:

Building Column Repairs
Building Column Repairs

  • 75.5% of balcony demolition done

  • 71.5% of concrete poured for balconies

  • 41.2% of estimated quantities used

Building Columns:

  • 85% of the building column repairs are done

  • 85% of the estimated quantities used

Repairs in NW Garage
NW Garage Repairs Complete
Garage Repairs:

  • 30% of garage repairs completed

  • 20% of estimated quantities used

Balcony finishing which includes waterproofing and finishing with either knockdown or tile has begun on balconies in the 8 stack. Waterproofing will begin shortly on the remaining stacks where the new concrete was poured followed by the finishing with knockdown or tile.

Balcony Flooring<
Balcony Flooring
Once the balconies are complete in stacks 1-8, work will move to the remaining balconies in the 9-11 stacks and work will begin on the window stacks repairing the spalled concrete on the building envelope and caulking windows. Window stacks are expected to move along faster than the demolition and repairs to the balconies.

Members of the board continue to meet every two weeks with the engineer and contractor to get information on work completed and the overall next steps.

We have now completed 4 months of work and I am pleased to inform owners that the project is progressing as planned and on schedule.


John Laprade

John Laprade
Regency Tower Board

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