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The Monthly Association “411”

General Manager Andrew Surdovel
General Manager
Andrew Surdovel
September 4, 2018 - The Board has chosen a contractor to undertake the concrete restoration project. Last week, we sent out the Concrete Restoration package to every unit owner via USPS and email. The package contained three specific sections and an overview narrative. These sections include balcony railings, balcony flooring and shutter removal. Along with the narratives, renderings of the proposed painted building with existing electrostatic railings, glass railings, and the balcony flooring options were also included.

Please ignore any rumors that place a cost on the entire concrete restoration project. We need unit owner feedback in the form of the polls included in each packet section. These polls are required to be sent back to Regency Tower by September 28, 2018. Once received, the cost will be established and conveyed to each unit owner. During the next week or so, a date for a “Town Hall” meeting will be set. This meeting will be televised, and your questions will be answered during that meeting. We are now asking all unit owners to submit their questions prior to the meeting. Please send in your questions ASAP.

The Regency Tower Board has the authority to make “alterations or improvements” to the common areas without requiring a vote of the unit owners. The current Board has decided to proceed with the Concrete Restoration with unit owner input on the above package. This will be accomplished by voting on the subject options polls. For your information, Riviera’s new board has decided to go with glass railings without any unit owner input.


  1. FOBs are for unit owners use only, not to be given or lent to anyone.

  2. Turn off Water Please inform Security when you or your guest leave; you must turn off your water.

  3. The Hurricane Season (June 1st thru November 30th) is now upon us. Please read over the valuable information on this subject that we recently sent you via email. Make sure to have your Hurricane Kit ready now. If you will not be in residence, please remove all items from your balcony.

  4. Security cannot dispatch Maintenance staff to your unit. Please schedule any current or future maintenance issues with the Office.

  5. Please schedule all incoming contractors and deliveries with Christine in the office. Building Permit All paperwork needs to be completed before projects can begin.

  6. If you have an overnight guest, please notify the office via email, phone or fax of their stay dates if you are not here. Security will then be able to register the guest more efficiently.

  7. Speed limit in the garage and outside parking is 5 MPH; please abide.

  8. All vehicles should be locked, especially those parked outside.

  9. Use the Service elevator when in bathing attire.

Smart Air Painting the Office Our vendor, Smart Air, has completed the maintenance of the two cooling towers, and has cleaned the strainers in the Maintenance shop. We are good for another year. Maintenance is still working on the doors leading to the small balconies at the stairwells on the North side. These metal doors are in poor condition and will need grinding and coats of oil-based rust preventative paint. Other maintenance projects include painting the garage parking spot lines, installing LED lights in the garage and performing detailed A/C maintenance on the common area A/Cs.

Comcast X-1 Platform Swing StageComcast is now working on the exterior wiring for the new Xfinity setup. They will use a stage to access each stack and install the new cables. Comcast will then schedule each unit owner for the new installation of the digital network wiring that includes Internet in his or her unit. We are planning on this to be accomplished by Thanksgiving.

WiFi Please get familiar with the 1regencytower.com Concierge Plus website. Check out Resources on the left page margin and then choose Media Library for various subjects.

Andrew Surdovel

General Manager

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