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NOVEMBER 1, 2018

The Monthly Association ď411Ē

General Manager Andrew Surdovel
General Manager
Andrew Surdovel
November 1, 2018 - The option of electrostatic painting of the existing aluminum balcony railing had the most votes in the concrete restoration poll. The glass panel railing had 34 votes; the Electrostatic painting of the existing aluminum balcony railing had 114 votes. Not all unit owners responded to the poll. Those unit owners will have decorative tile installed on their balcony.

Sharma & Associates The Board plans to send a notice of an assessment meeting which will inform all unit owners on the total cost of the Concrete Restoration Project and the unitís assessment amount. During the meeting our new Accounting Service, Sharma & Associates, will educate unit owners on financing options for extended payments of the cost of the Concrete Restoration Project.


  1. Please be aware of your surroundings; we are now going into season and more individuals will be back in town. All vehicles should be locked, especially those parked outside.

  2. FOBs are for unit owners use only, not to be given or lent to anyone.

  3. Replace aging water heater BEFORE it breaks
    Replace aging water heater BEFORE it breaks
    There are many unit owners who were requested to replace their old hot water heaters as of this date but have not complied. Letters will be sent again to each owner whose unit is deemed to have a bad water heater, requesting that the heater be replaced. Remember, you are responsible for any damages due to heaterís malfunction. We have contacted many plumbers for a deal in replacing many hot water heaters and the plumber with the best price has been Robert Marini Plumbing. Robertís price is $900 and $850 for a 40 and 30-gallon water heater, respectively. This price does not include the permit from the City. Please see Christine to schedule a water heater replacement.

  4. There are still many of you that have not replaced the wooden balcony door with an aluminum impact glass door. We are aiming for 100% compliance; please notify Christine in the office of your intention.

  5. Turn off Water Please inform Security when you or your guest leave; you must turn off your water.

  6. If you will not be in residence for duration, please remove all items from your balcony.

  7. Please do not place glass tables or other glass objects on your balcony. These are being blown over the railing and landing in the parking lot and shattering in a million pieces.

  8. Security cannot dispatch Maintenance staff to your unit. Please schedule any current or future maintenance issues with the Office.

  9. Building PermitPlease schedule all incoming contractors and deliveries with Christine in the office. All paperwork needs to be completed before projects can begin.

  10. If you have an overnight guest, please notify the office via email, phone or fax of their stay dates if you are not here. Security will then be able to register the guest more efficiently.

  11. The chairs on the beach are on a first come basis. Please abide.

LED lights in the garage
LED lighting
Maintenance is 70% complete on the doors leading to the small balconies at the stairwells on the North side. The doors look great and make the trash room area look brighter and cleaner. Other maintenance ongoing projects include cleaning the grout lines on the Lobby tile floors, installing LED lights in the garage and performing detailed A/C maintenance on the common area A/Cs.

Comcast X-1 Platform Comcast is now re-wiring the building for the new Xfinity X1 setup and Internet. This project is more than 50% completed. Comcast will schedule an appointment with each unit owner for the installation of the new digital network wiring that includes Internet in his or her unit. We are planning on this being accomplished by the end of this month.

WiFi Please get familiar with the 1regencytower.com Concierge Plus website. Check out Resources on the left page margin and then choose Media Library for various subjects.

Andrew Surdovel

General Manager

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