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JUNE 2, 2018

The Monthly Association “411”

General Manager Andrew Surdovel
General Manager
Andrew Surdovel
Board President Eileen Bendis
Board President
Eileen Bendis
June 2, 2018 - The Hurricane Season (June 1st thru November 30th) is now upon us. Please read the
important information on this subject that we recently sent you via email. Make sure to have your Hurricane Kit ready now. If you will not be in residence, please remove all items from your balcony and perishables in your freezer. Please designate a representative to take care of your home and belongings before and after a storm. Make sure to communicate this to Regency Tower management in writing. Please stay safe.

Our new natural gas generator
Our new Natural Gas Generator
Our new natural gas generator has been serviced and is ready for any storm emergency. We at Regency Tower will do our best to proactively notify all our residents of approaching storms as they develop and to communicate the preparations that the staff is taking. We encourage Regency Tower residents to pay attention to tropical weather updates in the news this hurricane season.

Kevin Suszko
Kevin Suszko
John Laprade
John Laprade
The Board of Directors appointed two new board members to replace those who sold their units: Steve Faigin (#1011) and Jorge Szmulewicz (#910). Please welcome John Laprade, unit #110 and Kevin Suszko, unit #710 as new board members. John is an accomplished, results-producing Insurance Broker and has been a resident of Regency Tower since 2015. Kevin is a licensed CPA in New York and New Jersey and has been a resident of Regency Tower since 2001.

Security Reminders:

  1. An “Absent Member Card” is to be completed and dropped off at the Security desk when unit will not be occupied for more than one day. Water in unit must be turned off.

  2. In an emergency when you call 911, please also call the front desk to alert Security of the emergency. Security can then direct the 911 vehicles to the North parking lot for entering the building via the North entrance next to the elevators.

  3. The speed limit in the garage and on the parking ramps is 5 mph.

  4. Security cannot dispatch Maintenance staff to your unit. Please schedule any maintenance requests through the Office.

  5. Please schedule all incoming contractors/moving personnel deliveries with Christine in the office. All paperwork needs to be completed before projects can begin.

  6. If you have an overnight guest, a guest registration form is to be completed. Security will then be able to register the guest more efficiently.

  7. All vehicles should be locked, especially those parked outside. 8. Use the Service elevator when in bathing attire.

Exercise Room
Exercise Room
The pool pump room soundproofing is finally completed. The room looks pristine and up to date. Maintenance is busy cleaning and painting the Cabana room and is in the process of painting all the trash room doors. The next project will be moving furniture around while the office flooring is being replaced with the surplus of lobby floor tile. To answer the constant repair calls on the treadmills in the Exercise room, the board is requesting replacement quotations.

Comcast - Xfinity WiFi We are still on track for Comcast to complete the install by August 2018. Comcast has installed the three (3) WiFi Hot Spots cabling in the Lobby, Exercise room and the Pool/Barbeque patio. Again, the Association acknowledges that each unit owner has paid the new Video/Internet bulk rate of $258/qtr, that started with the 2nd quarter without any new service. The old video bulk amount was $117/qtr. The Association will in turn credit each unit owner the difference ($47/mo.) once the new Comcast service is implemented.

mail Since 3rd class mail is now placed in your locked mailbox, please try to check for mail every day (or have someone else do it for you). The board is considering the replacement of the existing boxes with larger ones.

WiFi Please get familiar with the website. All updates and letters will be posted on the site. Again, our Concierge Plus website is: 1regencytower.com.

Eileen R. Bendis Andrew Surdovel
Board President General Manager

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