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JULY 2, 2018

The Monthly Association “411”

General Manager Andrew Surdovel
General Manager
Andrew Surdovel
Board President Eileen Bendis
Board President
Eileen Bendis
July 2, 2018 - During a recent visit from Kristin Toimil of Waste Management, our trash hauler, she advised us of the new rules for recycling. Kristin emphasized that the recycling industry is experiencing elevated levels of contaminated (30% in Broward County) trash in the recycling. China, which takes our recycling, has new recycling requirements. If we place plastic bags in our recycling bin at our curb, the driver may not take the bin or we will be charged for contamination. So, from this point on, no more glass anything and no plastic bags. The only recyclables are paper, cardboard, and plastic and aluminum cans or bottles. Please remember to recycle only the above when recycling. Our crew will empty all plastic bags when removing the recycling from each floor. The reality of recycling: “When in doubt, throw it out”.

Security Reminders:

  1. Turn off Water Please inform Security when you or your guest leave, and you must turn off your water.

  2. The Hurricane Season (June 1st thru November 30th) is now upon us. Please read over the valuable information on this subject that we recently sent you via email. Make sure to have your Hurricane Kit ready now. If you will not be in residence, please remove all items from your balcony and any perishables from your refrigerator.

  3. WiFi Security cannot dispatch Maintenance staff to your unit. Please schedule any current or future maintenance issues with the Office.

  4. Please schedule all incoming contractors and deliveries with Christine in the office. All paperwork needs to be completed before projects can begin.

  5. If you have an overnight guest, please complete a guest registration form, available at the Security desk

  6. All vehicles should be locked, especially those parked outside.

  7. Use the Service elevator when in bathing attire.

Canitize USA
Exercise Room Upgrades
Exercise Room Upgrades
Maintenance has finished painting all the trash room doors and is now working on the doors leading to the small balcony at the stairwell on the North side. Those metal doors are in poor condition and will need grinding and coats of oil-based rust preventative paint. The trash chutes have been pressure washed and the chute doors lubricated by our vendor Canitize. The Office is in disarray since the tile is being replaced with the same tile used in the Lobby. While new treadmills are being investigated, we have repaired the existing two (2) treadmills. Additional, older exercise equipment is slated for replacement in the near future.

Comcast - Xfinity WiFi Comcast has installed the three (3) WiFi Hot Spots cabling in the Lobby, Exercise room and the Pool/Barbeque patio. The Internet is not available as of this writing. I will report when the Internet is available. The 3rd quarter Maintenance statements reflect the credit for the Internet that was charged in the 2nd quarter. The 3rd quarter statement includes the cost of the video ($117) and will remain constant until the new Comcast service is implemented.

Nesly Bora is Back
Nesly Bora is Back
Regency Tower has hired a few new Security employees to take the place of departing ones. Please welcome our new employees: Anthony Bodden, Ashley Isreal, Ericka Jenkins and Jim Sheldon. Their photos will be posted on the bulletin board in the mailroom. Also, please welcome back Nesly Bora who previously was a pool attendant; now he will work as a pool attendant two days a week and the remaining days in maintenance.

WiFi Please get familiar with the website. All updates and letters will be posted on the site. Again, our Concierge Plus website is: 1regencytower.com.

Remember the 3rd quarter maintenance is due July 1st and will be delinquent after July 15th.

Eileen R. Bendis Andrew Surdovel
Board President General Manager

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