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JANUARY 2, 2018

The Monthly Association 411

General Manager Andrew Surdovel
General Manager
Andrew Surdovel
Board President Eileen Bendis
Board President
Eileen Bendis
January 2, 2018 - We had a very busy 2017 year and 2018 will be no exception. Many projects will be taking shape and the one that is eminent is concrete restoration of the building and balconies. The membership will determine by vote if the balconies will be retrofitted with glass railings or if the existing picket railings will be repainted. Once this is determined by membership vote, the membership will be notified of a Board meeting to be held to set a date for a Concrete Restoration Special Assessment meeting. At this meeting each unit owner will get an estimate of his or her share of the Concrete Restoration cost.

Impact Glass Balcony Door
Impact Glass
Balcony Door
There are still many of you that have not replaced the wooden balcony door with an aluminum impact glass door. We are aiming for 100% compliance; please notify Christine in the office of your intention.

Concierge Plus Monthly financials will be posted on the Concierge Plus website, along with the monthly Regency Report and minutes of all Board meetings. Concierge Plus is running smoothly; please get familiar with the website. Again, our Concierge Plus website is: 1regencytower.com

New Water Heater
Leaking Water Heater
Bad News - Dump it
The hot water heater study is now complete. We now have the model and serial number from each hot water heater at Regency Tower. Letters will be sent to each unit owner deemed to have a bad water heater requesting that the heater be replaced.

Vehicles on Regency Tower South Parking Deck need Decals
Vehicles on Parking Deck also need Decals
Reminder: please see Christine for a new parking decal that will replace the existing decal and will identify your parking space in the garage. Those of you who park outside also need to register your car and be provided with a decal. If you purchase a new car or change your license plate, notify the office.

Maintenance Crew
Maintenance Crew Keeps Maintenance Costs Low
Why is it sometimes very difficult to find someone in the Maintenance department? The reason is that they are extremely busy. They installed a wide screen TV in the Rendezvous Room which will be used for Board meetings and extraordinary events. Maintenance has painted the Management Office and replaced the ceiling tiles. The next step is to replace the office flooring with the surplus tile from the lobby. To finally finish the management office, new office furniture will be purchased. Maintenance now is also responsible for the maintenance of the pool, and performs upkeep on all the common area A/C units.

The Annual Meeting will be held in the Rendezvous Room at 7 p.m. on Monday, March 19, 2018. The first notice will be mailed this month--at least 60 days prior to the meeting. This letter will request you give written notice to the Association, either by certified mail or in person, of your intent to run for the Board.

The entrance of Regency Tower has been enhanced with outdoor cushioned chairs and love seats. The added touch that brings the area together is an outdoor rug with a seaside theme. A new Bingo machine has been ordered and received. Regency Tower will have Bingo night in the Rendezvous Room in the very near future.

Concierge Plus After Hurricane Irma, the landscaping was severely damaged. We are removing the dead vegetation and replacing it with salt-tolerant shrubs.

Maintenance Supervisor Charlie Davis Retiring
Maint. Chief Charlie Davis
Please welcome two new employees: Tasha Pluviose in Security and Jim Sheldon working a dual role in Security and Maintenance. Our Maintenance Supervisor, Charlie Davis, has started working part time; he would like to ease into retirement.

A friendly reminder: your 1st quarter maintenance is now due. The Office sent out maintenance statements and CenterState Bank also sent out a coupon. If payment is not received, a late charge will be assessed after the 15th of the month.

Welcome to

Eileen R. Bendis Andrew Surdovel
Board President General Manager

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