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OCTOBER 1, 2017

The Monthly Association “411”

General Manager Andrew Surdovel
General Manager
Andrew Surdovel
Board President Eileen Bendis
Board President
Eileen Bendis
October 1, 2017 - The start date for concrete restoration of the building and balconies has not yet been determined, but we’re getting closer! There are now two options regarding the railings: replace the vertical metal railings with horizontal glass panels or sand blast and powder coat the existing railings. Unit owners will be asked to vote for their choice. The unit owner will also have a choice on the finish of the waterproofed coating on their balcony floors. The choice will include keeping your tiled balcony after an engineer sounds out the balcony for concrete degradation. If it is determined that the tile needs to be removed, there are two options after removal: a gray cementitious waterproof coating that will allow for the installation of tile or a “knocked down” finish that is a finished gray cementitious waterproofed product and does not need to be tiled

Refurbished Pickets Balcony Railing
Refurbished Pickets Balcony Railing
Glass Balcony Railing
Our Maintenance Department is working full tilt. These talented personnel have been restoring Regency Tower after Hurricane IRMA. The areas that they attended to were: replacing the canopies on the pool deck, straightening the beach patio fence and replacing others, removing vast mounds of sand from various beach areas, retrieving the light fixtures from the parking lot, replacing the tables and seating on the beach patio, hauling away the front Regency Tower sign, and a multitude of other projects.

Impact Glass Balcony Door
Impact Glass Balcony Door
During our visits to units after the hurricane, we have found that many unit owners have not installed an impact door to their balcony. All unit owners should replace the wooden door if it is deteriorating. Christine (in the office) is compiling a list of unit owners requesting that their doors be changed to an impact glass door. Please call her to get your unit listed.

Pool emptied, cleaned and refilled
Pool emptied, cleaned and refilled
The pool was emptied to remove the sand that was deposited during the hurricane. Before the pool was filled, the contractor acid-washed the pool and it has a new clean crystal look. The pool pump was also replaced due to sand infiltration and melting due to overheating Cabanas and chairs will be replaced on the beach as soon as we are notified that the Beach Raker has finished leveling and hopefully replacing the foliage and sand dune.

We installed a display in the mail room that shows a package symbol with the unit number. This visual display is in addition to a phone call and email notification. Again, our Concierge Plus website is 1regencytower.com. In addition to the package display, we are ready to print parking passes for our visitors, guests, caretakers, etc. This parking pass will identify the unit visited, duration of visit with expiration date and time, car make and license plate number. The issuance of the pass will enable Security to check on cars that do not belong on Regency Tower property. The office will be issuing new Regency Tower parking decals in the middle of October. If you have an assigned parking space in the garage or park on the outside parking lot, you will need a parking decal. The inside parking decal will correspond to your assigned parking space number, the outside assigned number will be random and not correspond to any space. This will enable Security to identify you as an Regency Tower resident.

Another reminder!! The 4th quarter maintenance is due October 1, 2017. Please use your 4th quarter CenterState Bank coupon, and mail it along with your check to the bank lockbox in Miami, Florida. If you signed up for auto debit, no action is required.

Eileen R. Bendis Andrew Surdovel
Board President General Manager

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