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JANUARY 7, 2017

The Monthly Association “411”

Board President Eileen Bendis
Board President Eileen Bendis
January 7, 2017 - Well, as promised, we are going to try to be more transparent with all of you. We are going to publish a monthly “Regency Report”. It will keep you updated on what’s new and what’s going to be new. The website (www.regencytower.net) continues to be the source of minutes of meetings, reports, etc.

Former General Manager Kande Lewandowski
Goodbye Kande
General Manager Chuck Linder
Hello Chuck
To start with Kande, our manager for several years, has decided to leave. Between family obligations, the hour travel time each way and other job opportunities, she has decided it is time. However, do not fret. We have hired a new manager, Mr. Chuck Linder. He has many years of experience in the condominium management business. Having worked at his last property for over 8 years, he is well versed in Florida Statutes, vendor relations and resident and employee relations. Please introduce yourself if you can stop him long enough to say hello.

Christine Rome
Christine Rome
New Staff Accountant Teresa Baker
Teresa Baker
Also, we have a new part time staff accountant starting January 13, 2017: Mrs. Teresa Baker. Her expertise in accounting is second to none! As a recent retiree, she had to be dragged off the golf course to tend to our accounting needs.

Nesly Bora
We'll Miss Nesly!
I feel confident that we have a great new administrative office with the help of Christine to keep us on track.

A little sad news. We are going to lose our great pool/beach attendant, Nesly Bora, probably around the middle of January. He and his wife are relocating to Kansas City to new opportunities for them and their 2 children. He has been with us many years and will be sorely missed. Not only did he take care of the pool and beach, but many of you depended on him for washing your cars and doing windows.

An Important Notice!

Click to Wipes Clog Pipes web info Click to Wipes Clog Pipes web info I know you are not going to want to hear this but it must be said. We are having a problem with drains backing up in the bathrooms of units. Plumbers, at great expense to owners are having to come out on emergency calls to unplug drains. The culprit: WIPES in the toilets! Baby wipes, adult wipes, and household cleaning wipes. I know, I know, you think they are flushable, but they are not! If you are having your bathrooms remodeled, you should have the plumber snake out your drains. It is not a problem unique to our building, but the entire infrastructure of our city pipes and sewers. Please, heed this warning.

So, this is it for now. I will only be a contributor and will be coordinating the news between the manager and staff.

Eileen R. Bendis

Board President

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