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AUGUST 1, 2017

The Monthly Association 411

General Manager Andrew Surdovel
General Manager
Andrew Surdovel
Board President Eileen Bendis
Board President
Eileen Bendis
August 1, 2017 - We are moving forward with preparations for concrete restoration of the building and balconies. Three potential candidates to perform the concrete restoration were interviewed the week of July 10th. Their bids are being reviewed by R.T.s engineer. There are variables on the table that include replacing the metal railing with glass panels, a combination of replacing the metal railings with glass panels in the front of the balcony and metal railings on the sides or sand blast and powder coat the existing railings. These all come at a cost. We will send an email asking your preference and decide accordingly. Following reciept of your input, the next step on the concrete restoration project will be a board meeting to discuss a special assessment to cover the cost of the restoration. Notice of this board meeting will be posted in late August or early September.

New Generator Passes Test
New Generator Works Perfectly
Our Maintenance Department has been busy working on sprucing up our building. Recently completed projects include painting the main garage gate and flow arrows on the garage floor. After walling off the new generator, we cut the 12 thick concrete wall between the generator and the garage to create a dedicated air intake-supply window for the generator - as specified by our engineer to enhance operational efficiency while preserving air conditioning in the Maintenance Room. The Receiving room is getting a face lift. Maintenance is replacing the floor tile, painting the walls, has purchased a new refrigerator, removed the ancient dilapidated desks replacing them with cabinets and a laminated top. The ceiling tile and florescent light fixtures will be updated.

Welcome to the 21st Century
Welcome to the 21st Century
The biannual maintenance checkup on the emergency generator was undertaken in July and everything was found to be in good order. Our natural gas generator is ready to weather a storm. We are planning for the worst and praying for the best--hoping for blue skies ahead.

We have updated our payroll management system with a TMS Management Systems biometric clock. Our employees now punch in and out using their finger, identifying the individual, so no phantom punching. This allows management to view the employees who are working on that day, i.e. anyone who might be filling in as a substitute. The software also tracks vacation and sick days with a permanent record in the cloud. An employee will be able to see accrued time available when making a leave request.

Construction of the association database is nicely progressing with our Concierge Plus software platform of property management. This program will allow us to maintain and edit unit-specific information. The data can be accessed by mobile phone, computer or tablet and inform the resident of a package by automatic e-mail notifications. This will clear up receiving-desk congestion. Security will be able to scan a parcel with an easy-to-use barcode scanner for any type package carrier. Additional items available on the new 1regencytower.com website include: hurricane preparedness literature, unit floor drawings, previous Regency Reports, Board minutes, Condominium Docs, Rules and Regulations, purchase/lease package, renovation package/ building specifications and even a drone overview of our condominium!

Bikes Need Identification Tags
All Bikes Need Identification Tags
Place this date on your calendar. The shredding truck from ProShred will be at Regency Tower on Monday, August 7th. Please have your box of shredding material ready. All material to be shredded is required to be brought to the main gate of the garage.

We need your help on the bicycle registration. Many bikes that are in the bike rack storage area need identification tags. If you have a bike stored in this area and it is not registered with a tag, please contact the office ASAP. Unregistered bikes will eventually be donated.

Eileen R. Bendis Andrew Surdovel
Board President General Manager

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