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May 9, 2016
11:00 a.m.


President Eileen Bendis
President Eileen Bendis
The meeting of the Board of Directors of the Regency Tower was called to order at 11:00 a.m. by the President, Eileen Bendis.

Roll Call - Board Members present: Eileen Bendis, Eric Berkowitz, Steven Faigin, Fern McBride, Richard Robins

Board Members on conference call: Abe Ben Aviv, Gene Sicoli

Treasurer Steve Faigin
Treasurer Steve Faigin
Approval of Minutes -
Minutes of the December 8, 2015 meeting were distributed and posted in advance. A motion was made by Eric Berkowitz to accept the minutes as written. The motion was seconded and passed by general consent.

President's Report - Eileen R. Bendis - President Eileen R. Bendis read her President's Report. Click Here to read the President's Report.

President Bendis then asked Manager Kande Lewandowski to read the Financial Report.

Financial Report - Manager Kande Lewandowski read the Financial Report.

(For a copy of the association's confidential financial audit, association members should please inquire at the office. - editor)

Manager Kande Lewandowski
Manager Kande
There are a few projects that we started in 2015 that do not reflect on these financials, but I don't want them to be forgotten about because we will still need to pay for them, so out of the surplus we have the following projects to complete and pay for.

  1. Glass Block Wall - $12,500.00 - signed ready to go awaiting window delivery

  2. Paver Cleaning - $8,000.00 - awaiting the completion of the other projects.

  3. Generator Misc. - $7,500.00 - waiting the permits being signed off.

  4. Office Remodel - $10,000.00 - Front office (Christine's office)

  5. Fire door - 2nd floor exit -$3,500.00 - This is the door costs and engineering fees and permits.

  6. Butterfly Valve Replacement - $12,100.00 - Completed 3-31-2016

Secretary Fern McBride
Secretary Fern McBride
These left over punch list items from last year which to be completed will have cost an estimated cost of $53,600.00. With all that being said we should have a surplus of $44,294.00 for the 2015 year.

*Association financial records are available in the Regency Tower office to all association members via official request. - editor*

Manager’s Maintenance Report - Kande Lewandowski - Manager Kande Lewandowski read her Maintenance Report. Click Here to read the Manager’s Maintenance Report.

Committee Reports - President Bendis then called for Committee Reports. Click Here to read the Committee Reports.

New Business - President Eileen R. Bendis called for New Business. Click Here to read the New Business.

Adjournment - No further business. Meeting adjourned at 12:50 p.m.

Fern McBride
Board Secretary

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May 9 2016

New Business - 5/9/2016 Meeting

May 9, 2016 - President Eileen R. Bendis called for the adoption of New Rules & Regulations. The Condominium Act gives the Board of Directors the authority to adopt reasonable rules and regulations concerning the use of the common elements, common areas, and recreational facilities.

Therefore, a motion to adopt each of the following was made and passed:

1. Emotional Support Animals (ESA)

  • As many of you are aware, we have been sued concerning an “emotional support animal”, ESA. All communities must comply with the Fair Housing Act. In settling the suit, and saving the association money by keeping attorney fees to a minimum, we have been required to let all residents know that even though we are a no pet building, animals that are prescribed as necessary by a doctor must be allowed. They must be on a leash no longer than 6 feet and may use the common elements without restrictions. We cannot force pet owners to use the service elevator or side doors even though we would prefer they do so.

2. No Smoking at Pool

  • The pool area is for the enjoyment of all residents and their guests. Therefore, no smoking will be allowed in the immediate pool area. Smoking is permitted on the upper deck of the pool area and in the area around the grill.


  • A new policy requiring all guests show a picture ID to the security guard at the front desk will be implemented by the middle of June 2016.


  • Severe weather requires our maintenance staff to remove cabanas from the beach. On occasion all maintenance staff had to be called upon to assist. The last increase to the rental of “sand space” was at least five (5) years ago. Effective January 1, 2017 the annual rental rate will increase by $100.

                        Fern McBride, Secretary


MAY 9, 2016

Board President Eileen Bendis’
Message to Members

President Eileen Bendis
Pres Eileen Bendis
BEACH, BEACH, BEACH----Oh my.....OUR BEACH IS MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN I EVER EXPECTED!! I hope everyone enjoys it and realizes how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful area.

Regency Tower Beach
Regency Tower Big New Beach, Beach, Beach
Well, we made it through another season and another election, and if not for a few distractions, I think we all had a pleasant season. The weather was a little cloudy and windy for a while, but it was still better than “up north”, don’t you think?

Our social committee stepped up its efforts this year to have social events for all residents. I believe we actually met neighbors we never knew. The committee is already working on a full schedule of events for next year and I hope you all try to participate. The price is minimal and the fun is priceless.

Our generator project is complete and went off pretty much without a hitch. On the other hand, we are still waiting for permits to be approved for the cooling tower; I’ll leave the technicalities to Eric in his report. Sorry for the delay. I had hoped it would be almost complete by now.

Regency Tower Beach
More Beach, Beach, Beach
Now to focus on something else:

I feel we are stuck in an era and it’s time to move ahead into a new era. When I attend meetings at other buildings on the Galt Mile, I feel that the Regency Tower doesn’t look as “smart” or as up- to- date as many of our neighboring condos. I know that many of our residents don’t like change, but I feel it is necessary. I cannot believe the discord among a few residents about the proposed lobby update. Systems Shut-down Actually, after reviewing our Governing Documents again, I discovered that I was wrong about material alterations. Article XIX, allows the Board of Directors to make material alterations without a unit owner vote. However, since I value my life and those of my fellow board members, the flooring will be put to a vote of unit owners. After we decide how to proceed, all of you will be informed.

We also have to update our computer and security systems. We still have many manual procedures in a digital world. As an example, we have a binder that has to be 6 inches thick with forms indicating the names of authorized guests to units. Hand written, and who knows when it was last updated? Automation will result in cost savings and will certainly be more secure than stacks of paper! Our new security chief, Eddie Rodgers, is working on this. In the near future, expect to receive a form to be filled out with your updated information on family, friends, cars, etc. This data will then be computerized. Beware Identity Theft I know, I know, you’ve done this before, please just do it one more time. Also, on the subject of forms, a resident has requested unit owner e-mails, cell phone numbers, and alternate addresses. The owner’s approval to use this additional information, however, must be in writing, and oral consent by an owner cannot be relied upon to include the additional information in a community directory. Please note, however, the association is not responsible for how this information will be used.

Systems Shut-down All this being said and done, I had an idea. I intend to appoint a committee to come up with a 3 year plan for the Regency Tower. There is much to be done, but it has to be organized. I have spoken to a few owners whom I would like to approach for this committee and see if they are available to put this together. I would like them to start as soon as possible. This way we can plan for the future of our building. The Regency Tower is 47 years old and is need of updating the infrastructure as well as the exterior. Problems will not go away by themselves.

Thank you for your support this year and I hope we can maintain a cohesive atmosphere for the future.

Eileen Bendis

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Manager Kande Lewandowski's

Maintenance Update

Manager Kandaleah “Kande” Lewandowski
Manager Kande Lewandowski
Our maintenance staff has been operating on all cylinders. The following is a verbal "snapshot" depicting some of their recent challenges.

Regency Tower Maintenance Staff - Nesly, Marc, Mike, Freddie, Charlie and Rocky
Our Maintenance Staff - Nesly, Marc, Mike, Freddie, Charlie and Rocky

This is Your Office
To meet with me privately...
Please call the office and let me know when it would be convenient!
Your input is important!

Kandaleah Lewandowski
Property Manager

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MAY 9, 2016

Architectural Review & Construction Committee
Eric Peter Berkowitz

Regency Tower Construction Update

ARC & Construction Committee Chair Eric Peter Berkowitz Gives Report on Drainage System Rehabilitation
Eric - Project Updates
Systems Shut-down Members who were in-residence over the Holiday Season probably remember December 1, 2015, the day that new electrical panels were installed in the meter room. When electricians from
Fischer Electric temporarily disconnected the old panels, the building elements they powered were taken out-of-service, including the elevators; our domestic water pump (which enables our running water) and the condenser water pump (which powers the cooling tower - our air conditioning). During the service interruption the electricians also installed the new automatic transfer switch, a device that toggles the electrical load from the grid to an emergency power source (i.e. generator) when it detects a power failure. This report summarizes events since then.

Emergency Power System

Click to Fischer Electric website As the 17-hour ordeal concluded, a few residents reported problems with their water pressure or air conditioning. While the pump was off, water had unexpectedly drained from the cooling tower. Refilling the Tower restored the A/C and water pressure was recovered when a wiring glitch was discovered and corrected the next morning.

Regency Tower's Original Onan Emergency Generator
Regency Tower's Old Emergency Generator
Once the old generator was hauled out through the razed Maintenance Room wall and replaced, two issues remained - a problematic exhaust line and connecting the fire pump controller to the grid. On June 3, 2015 (while the plans were still crawling through Design Review), Mechanical Plans Examiner Paolo Serafini ordered Fischer to relocate the termination points of the exhaust outlets / ducts and mandated additional pipe support. Instead of jury-rigging the adaptations demanded by Serafini with a costly patchwork of new pipe and rusting sections of the existing line (for roughly $12,000), on December 16, Fischer hatched a more reasonable alternative. He suggested we install a new stainless steel exhaust line for $9,640 - a no-brainer which Engineer John Evans approved on December 17 - before the ink dried on the Change Order.

Click to SPEC Engineering website After removing the decaying pipe and heavily rusted ceiling hangers, Fischer’s subcontractor replaced piping from the generator to the old muffler – and from the muffler to the point of exhaust (under the balcony adjacent to the South Parking Deck lobby exit). The new stainless steel pipe spanning the garage ceiling from the Maintenance Room to the south wall was wrapped with insulation. Finally, a protective aluminum cage was refitted around the exterior 3 feet of pipe that vents exhaust to the South Parking Deck. On December 29, the project passed a “Rough-1” inspection by Fort Lauderdale Electrical Inspector Dan Sobolewski.

Click to FPL Vault Info Fischer still had to connect the new fire pump controller to a transformer in the FP&L vault. The vault is a locked room in the garage packed with FP&L-owned equipment that interfaces the utility’s grid with our electrical service. Specifically, after punching a small hole through the wall, conduit connected to our fire pump controller is passed through the hole and connected to their transformer - not exactly rocket science.

Any modifications in the vault must be approved, observed and managed by FP&L technicians. Unfortunately, the FP&L engineers who specialize in performing this service are paid by the visit, and unabashedly milk these opportunities like dairy cows.

Click to NFPA Fischer first solicited FP&L’s assistance on December 11. When they finally granted Fischer permission to open the wall in early January, FP&L Associate Engineer Karol Chorack declined his request to simultaneously connect the conduit. Fischer would have to return on Friday, January 22 to access the FP&L transformer for that final connection.

On January 26, a Generac technician orchestrated a comprehensive (4-hour) load bank test, a prerequisite for certifying the installation and activating the manufacturer’s warranty. When Fischer subsequently received the official test results from Generac, accompanying the approved certification was a suggestion to contact the natural gas provider, given their technician’s observation that the gas pressure was low.

Click to Mirabito Gas Once the suggestion was forwarded to our engineer on February 9, we notified Morabito Gas. The problem was corrected when they upgraded the gas meter. Although Fischer was contractually entitled to a substantial amount of the project balance, he agreed with our intention to withhold the payment until the entire system worked perfectly.

Regency Tower Fire Pump
Regency Tower Fire Pump
On February 29, Fischer notified the association and our consulting engineers that electricians would correct a newly discovered glitch in the fire pump controller on March 3, followed by a “shakeout” of the entire system on Friday, March 4. Regency Tower Manager Kande Lewandowski posted notices on association bulletin boards informing residents that the elevators would briefly be out-of-service during the test.

When electrical engineer Carlos Estenoz discovered the underlying cause for the pump’s erratic performance on Friday morning, he postponed the test and guided the electricians in rewiring the fire pump controller to compensate for the flawed install, thereby eliminating its impact. The test was rescheduled and performed on March 9. Although the system worked, we learned that the fire pump controller wasn’t wired according to the engineer’s specifications.

Adjustable Doors to Vent New Generator
Adjustable Doors to Vent New Generator
(Built In-house by Our Guys!!!)
While investigating the gravity of this issue, floors encasing electrical conduit in the Maintenance and Meter rooms were restored and painted. On Thursday, March 17, the razed Maintenance Room wall was rebuilt and fitted with a large grate to adequately vent the system components. A few days later, the exhaust system subcontractor made adjustments to the new exhaust line.

On April 14, we met with the contractor to discuss his alternative wiring of the fire pump controller. The meeting was brief. Since it wasn’t what our engineer – or our contract – specified, we refused to approve his jury-rigged “workaround” solution, despite that the system is fully functional. Although delivery could take roughly four weeks, Fischer agreed to order and connect the new components at his expense. Once installed, we will run another full system test before approving a large payment that we froze in January. The final payment won’t be released until Fischer elicits final approval by the City inspector, and we negotiate how to best address several outstanding issues, like the damaged wall in the garage elevator lobby. Our guys will then touch up any “project mementos” on the hallway floor or the maintenance room wall, putting this project to bed - on budget.

Domestic Water Pump

When the domestic water pump began emitting an ominous grinding noise in late January, an inspection revealed that once again replacing the motor was not a reliable option. We requested proposals to replace the deteriorating pump, and if the old pump could be rebuilt, use it as a back-up. On March 2, the antique pump finally cashed out.

Click to FPL Vault Info While a $4,594 replacement proposal from Smart Air Systems was slightly less expensive than a $4,880 bid from Coastal Plumbing, the Smart Air proposal carried an 8 - 10 week lead time to order the pump from the manufacturer. Coastal had the pump in stock. To avoid the risk of relying on the smaller jockey pump for two months, the board voted to pay the $286 difference for an immediate installation.

Regency Tower Domestic Water Pumps
Domestic Water Pumps - awaiting valves
Shortly after installing the new pump, the contractor returned to correct several problems reported to the office. He explained that the more powerful pump created a systemic pressure imbalance, as water was rushing through certain lower floor faucets while only trickling through several others on upper floors. Upon inspecting the entire domestic water system, we discovered that the line from each pump was also fitted with a pressure valve.

For decades, the two weaker pumps working in tandem had balanced the pressure to upper and lower floors, so the valves were never used - and had become frozen. In fact, no one in maintenance even knew they existed. Our engineer confirmed that the valves were too frozen to rehabilitate, and would have to be replaced. We quickly selected one of two solicited proposals, and scheduled the installation for later this week. Afterwards, our engineer will verify that the pressure balance was restored.

Cooling Tower

Click to Smart Air Systems website After two months of negotiations, Smart Air Systems President Steve Charney finally signed an agreement on October 26, 2015. On November 24, Charney submitted a permit application with the project plans to Property Records Coordinator Robin McIntosh in Building Services, where it is still undergoing design review. In contrast with the 3 or 4 stops prescribed for most projects, the construction desks assigned to review and approve the package included Structural, Electrical, Fire Safety, Mechanical (A/C), Plumbing and Zoning. On the bright side, they omitted a pit stop in Landscaping.

Greg Brewton Sustainable Development Center - Plan Review in Building Services
Sustainable Development Center - Plan Review
On November 30, Mechanical Plans Examiner Paolo Serafini requested the unit’s tonnage and wind resistance characteristics, citing format requirements in the Florida Administrative Code. On December 1, four hours after snagging approvals at the Fire Safety and Electrical Desks, Plumbing Examiner Joe Croasdale added three addressable notes. On December 8, Victor Blanco at the Zoning Desk affirmed that structures located on the roof must be screened - a subjective regulatory bear trap that could pointlessly inflate project costs. Also serving as Structural Examiner, Blanco noted the clearance requirements for roof-mounted mechanical units.

SPEC Structural Engineer John Evans P.E.
SPEC Engineer John Evans
Having completed a first pass at each of the assigned review desks, the package was bumped to Service Clerk Lisbeth Malden, who notified the contractor to retrieve the in-process application notes for response. In January and February, Charney and John Evans addressed a laundry list of issues raised by plan examiners, including two that appeared problematic. While construction statewide is subject to the Florida Building Code, the governing statute vests local jurisdictions (like the City of Fort Lauderdale) with the right to interpret and enforce its provisions. As a result, associations that are ill-prepared to patiently navigate the process face fiscal quicksand. Given their broad statutory discretion to interpret the code, local examiners are empowered to make demands that are both pointless and unnecessarily expensive.

Regency Tower Rooftop Cooling Tower
Regency Tower Rooftop Cooling Tower
If the project under scrutiny involves a critical building element that has failed, or is close to failure, an association is often forced to expedite the process by conceding to every regulatory demand – no matter the cost – and whether or not it is actually a code requirement. By beginning the process while the tower is still in reasonably good shape, we have sufficient time to contest the efficacy of questionable demands. We have been negotiating two such issues since December.

Click to Cooling Tower Drain Rules When the old cooling tower is evacuated, design review required its discharge into a sanitary drain – as if we might later become overwhelmed by an eerie desire to drink the expunged water. Like most high-rise structures built 40 years ago, we have a rooftop storm drain and a sanitary drain in the garage (where our domestic water enters and leaves the property). Building a sanitary drain on the roof that extended to grade (street-level) could cost several hundred thousand dollars. Fortunately, Evans was able to negotiate an acceptable work-around. Effluent descending through the storm drain can be intercepted in the garage and piped to the sanitary drain. He estimated the cost at roughly $12,000.

Playa del Mar & Galt Ocean Club - Walled Cooling Towers
Playa del Mar & Galt Ocean Club - Walled Cooling Towers
Plan examiners also demanded that an aesthetically acceptable “screen” be erected around the cooling tower, seemingly to block a potential “eyesore.” Since the only public right-of-way-from which the cooling tower is visible is a 40-foot stretch of Galt Ocean Drive in front of Playa del Mar, we proposed a screen that cloaked the north side of the cooling tower, blocking the view from the street.

Inspectors retorted that the code allows them to demand an aesthetic screen that completely surrounds the tower, whether or not it can be seen by any human being. Since the installation cost of screens deemed acceptable in neighboring associations varies by as much as $50,000 - $100,000, contingent on the materials and structure demanded by the examiner, we intend to continue negotiating until they agree to a reasonable solution.

Recently, when former Chief Mechanical Inspector Alex Hernandez left Fort Lauderdale to run Building Services in Coral Springs, Interim Chief Mechanical Inspector Tony Sadoff stepped in with new views on the project. Following a 2nd Mechanical review on March 12, 2016, Sadoff added new approval requirements, including an anchor / tie down detail specifying the anchor method, quantity, diameter, spacing, etc. He also requested a separate equipment wind load certification for the cooling tower – along with signed and sealed assurances “that the tower itself will not blow apart in high winds.” Our application is still pending a second pass at the Structural, Plumbing and Zoning Desks.

Frozen Butterfly Valve
Frozen Butterfly Valve
While negotiating with regulators, our contractor discovered a serious structural project impediment. Before the old and new towers are swapped, water lines feeding the tower must be closed using butterfly valves installed for that purpose. After inspecting the tower, the contractor reported that the valves were frozen. Since the company hired to maintain the cooling tower neglected to turn these valves during routine maintenance, they would have to be replaced.

Valve Replacement
Valve Replacement
Ordinarily, water in the system must be evacuated prior to changing the valves. Since this would require shutting down the condenser pump and draining the cooling tower, we would lose air conditioning during the procedure. Instead, we opted for an experimental technology that wouldn’t affect our air conditioning, could be completed within a few hours and saved us money. Small sections of pipe on either side of the valve installation site were frozen using a technique that protected the pipe from damage. Water frozen inside the pipe served as a plug, blocking the water while the valve was installed. The ice was melted within minutes of completion, automatically restoring the system.

At the project outset, when the board detailed how the project would be professionally managed, it expressed an intention to control project costs wherever possible. While regulatory delays are an unfortunate inconvenience, they are preferable to exploding the project budget to grease unjustifiable bureaucratic demands. When similar obstacles impaired earlier projects, they were also cured by negotiating cost-effective solutions.

Charney and John Evans will either incorporate additional changes they deem reasonable – or convincingly refute their necessity. While delivering the additional documentation requested by Sadoff, Evans included an alternative screening protocol which they may find agreeable. This dilatory ping pong match will continue until each of the remaining examiners exhaust their respective concerns, and finally approve the project. Until then, we will work to keep the project moving forward – on budget.

Thank you for your kind attention.

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Decorating Committee
Nancy Seltzer

Decorating Committee Chair Nancy Seltzer
Nancy Seltzer
Your Regency Tower Design and Decorating Committee has been hard at work investigating options for upgrading many of the interior common areas of the home we all share. The specific areas of focus have been the lobby, mail room, Rendezvous Room, exercise room, garage-level elevator entrance, elevator interiors, and garage level game room.

The mission statement of the committee is: “To develop and implement a comprehensive design plan which includes updates to the building, grounds and amenities that will leverage funds and create a renovated, contemporary environment that owners will be proud of and neighbors will envy.”

Holding true to our mission statement, the committee is making recommendations to the common areas of the building that they believe will be the first phase in a comprehensive design plan that will eventually extend to the exterior of the building and increase the overall value of our homes. The committee feels strongly that all of these recommendations should be approved in order to fulfill their mission to, “create a renovated, contemporary environment that owners will be proud of.” Additionally, they believe that these improvements will increase the value of our Regency Tower units.

Currently the highest per square foot price that has been received in Regency Tower in the past 12 months is $234 per square foot. In both Regency South and Riviera, sister buildings with the same floor plans but not as ideally located as Regency Tower, the highest price per square foot in the past 12 months was $279.

At $43 per square foot higher, Regency South and Riviera units command almost a 20% premium over the unit values in Regency Tower.

Respectfully submitted,

Regency Tower Design and Decorating Committee

Please Note - the Decorating Committee Report - in its entirety - goes on to identify those features that adversely impact the value of our homes and offers recommendations to remedy those valuation impediments. Since aesthetic preferences differ, the Committee has blended 3 professionally designed options (for a variety of features) with certain targeted enhancements. The Report reviews a comprehensive list of optional improvements to common areas - along with their estimated cost. While everyone has different opinions about how our home should look (some more "passionately" than others), the vast majority of owners agree that our common areas are long overdue for a makeover.

The improvements addressed in the report are only recommendations. After developing a format for eliciting unit owner input, the Board will implement the most popular options, limiting consideration to those improvements that most effectively meet the project's objective - to enhance the value of our home. To view the entire Decorating Committee Report, please request a copy from the office (sorry - but access to the Committee Report is restricted to association members)


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Social Committee
Nancy Seltzer, Pat DiSebastian, Elsie Guzman

Social Committee Chair Nancy Seltzer
Nancy Seltzer
On March 29, 2016, the Social Committee met with the intent of developing a calendar of events for the upcoming 2016-17 season. The committee identified fundraisers, parties/dinners and family activities that would be offered monthly throughout the season.

  • Monthly Events throughout the Season:

    • September 2016 through April 2017 Movie and Pizza will be provided on the first Thursday of each month and will cost $5.00 per person.
    • January 2017 through April 2017 Bingo will be held on the 3rd Thursday of each month. The cost will be $1.00 per card for games 1 through 7 and an additional $1.00 per card for game 8. The committee has the Bingo machine but they need to acquire a cart to place the machine on and a master board (approximate cost $23.00)
    • January 2017 through April 2017 Regency Tower will host its first annual Bocce Ball Tournament. Details will follow.

  • Fundraisers:

    • Super Bowl pool in January 2017 (Super Bowl is February 5, 2017)

  • Parties/Dinners:

    • January 14, 2017 – Kick off the season with Regency Tower’s second annual spaghetti dinner. Event will include food, wine, and line dancing instructor. Cost will be $15.00 per person.
    • Happy Hour at Regency Tower
      Happy Hour at the Tower
      February 11, 2017 – Regency Tower’s annual Valentine’s Day party. Event will include food, wine, and disc jockey. Cost will be $20.00 per person
    • March 18, 2017 – Dinner Theatre. Event will include food, wine, mystery dinner theatre. Cost to be determined.
    • April 16, 2017 – Easter dinner. Event will include disc jockey, full dinner with turkey, ham, potatoes, vegetables, dessert, wine, beer, soft drinks, water. Cost will be $25 per person. Children under 10 are free.

  • Family Activities:

    • April 15, 2017 – Easter egg dying
    • April 16, 2017 – Easter egg hunt

Come join us - live a little!!

Nancy Seltzer

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We Care Committee
Ofelia Alleguez

We Care Committee Chair Ofelia Alleguez of Regency Tower Angel Squad
Ofelia Alleguez
Regency Tower "Angel Squad"

Members of the “We Care” Committee are: Naomi Griner (2020), Margie Nagle (911) and Joyce Woodward (307).

January 2016

  • Jean Veitch (1402) - had a stroke, was admitted to Holy Cross.

    Went to visit and brought a plant.

  • Ellen Faigin (1011) - passed away back home before Christmas.

    Note on bulletin board, card sent, trees planted in her memory.

  • Edmund Burke (509) - passed away during Christmas.

    Note on bulletin board, card sent and perpetual masses were sent in his name.

  • Mary Cipolla (1610) - had shoulder surgery

    Roses were sent upon her return home.

February 2016

  • Lucy Malt (1803) - went to Holy Cross for surgery.

    After the surgery, she went back home to Canada. Card was sent.

March 2016

  • Steve Faigin (1011) - had surgery back home in Illinois.

    Card was sent.

  • Jean Veitch (1402) - passed away.

    Note on bulletin board, card sent and masses were said in her name.

  • Lorraine Luisi (1704) - had heart surgery at Holy Cross.

    Note on bulletin board, card sent and flowers were sent upon her return home.

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