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MARCH 20, 2014

7:00 PM

President Eileen Bendis
Pres Eileen Bendis
The meeting was called to order at 7:00 P.M. on Thursday, March 20, 2014 by Eileen Bendis, President. First and second notices were sent out to all members as required.

Secretary Joan Sapik
Secretary Joan Sapik
Roll Call - The roll call showed the following Board Members present: Eileen Bendis, Eric Berkowitz, Steven Faigin, Joan Sapik and Gene Sicoli. Abe Ben-Aviv and Richard Robins were on conference calls. A quorum was not present.

Quorum - Absent a quorum, the rules that ordinarily govern meeting protocols do not apply. In lieu of Meeting Minutes, the Secretaryís Meeting Notes record the event. Since there were 3 candidates and 3 open seats from Board members whose terms of office terminated at the Annual Meeting, an election was precluded by Statute. As such, Gene Sicoli, Abe Ben-Aviv and Eric Berkowitz were returned to office. The following Meeting Notes reflect the outcome of the organizational meeting.

Open Discussion - Given the lack of a quorum, attending members held an informal discussion. Beautification Committee Chair Margie Nagle was complimented for the new exterior seating area adjacent to the building entrance and the holiday season decorations.

Treasurer Steven Faigin
Treas Steven Faigin
President Eileen Bendis was thanked for spearheading such a productive administration.

Reading of Minutes - Notes from last yearís Annual Members meeting of March 20,2013 were read by the Secretary, Joan Sapik.

Vice President Eric Berkowitz
V.P. Eric Berkowitz
Organizational Meeting -
The following officers were nominated, seconded and approved unanimously and will constitute the officers of the Board of Directors of the Regency Tower Association, Inc. for the coming year:

  • President - Eileen Bendis

  • Vice President - Eric Berkowitz

  • Treasurer - Steve Faigin

  • Secretary - Joan Sapik

Abe Ben-Aviv, Richard Robins and Gene Sicoli will continue to be Directors of the Board.

President's Report - President Eileen Bendis then read her Presidentís Report. Click Here to read the Presidentís Report.

Adjournment - The meeting was adjourned at 7:10 P.M.

Joan Sapik
Board Secretary

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MARCH 2014

Board President Eileen Bendis'
Message to Members

President Eileen Bendis
President Eileen Bendis
Pizza Box Problem I hope you are all enjoying our beautiful weather especially compared to what has been happening up north. Our building is filled to capacity. I have never seen the parking lots so full and the garbage so overflowing. This has become a problem with residents not following recycling procedures and not disposing of garbage correctly. Did you know you are NOT supposed to recycle Pizza Boxes? They are supposed to be cleaned, broken down and put in your tied garbage bag and then put down the chute. Not very difficult, right?

Pizza Box Problem I want to thank every one for their patience during our elevator repair. However, we are lucky to have 3 elevators and a little longer wait was not totally inconvenient. My, my, I even heard people complaining they had to wait 3 minutes! (who times this stuff anyway?)

Screening Tenants Thereís another subject I would like to touch on. If you are leasing out your unit, please know that there are forms that must be filled out. Leasing is only allowed once a year and the lease must state 185 days whether or not the lessee stays that long. Background checks are mandatory and if we find out you havenít done this your renter will be asked to leave. We all want to know who is living next door to us. We are trying to maintain a non-transient and single-family oriented atmosphere with the residents living in a compatible coexistence with other financially responsible persons who are of like mind and character. This includes any guests staying over 30 days.

Construction Review I am sure many of you have noticed all the concrete restoration and painting going on up and down the Galt Ocean Mile. Donít think we are invincible! In order for the board to do its due diligence we have contracted our structural engineer to do a spot check on units on the east side of the building that are more abused from the ocean and storms. Even though we are not scheduled for painting for another 2 or 3 years we donít want to wait and have any surprises. We will let you know the results of their findings in order for us to make an educated decision; hopefully, later not sooner. But keep in mind it is inevitable that some structural repairs will be required.

Manager Dwight Lyons
Mngr Dwight Lyons
I hope you are happy with the progress we are making with maintaining our building. The manager has had many projects going on. Have you noticed that the ceiling tiles in the lobby have been painted? This was done by our staff and saved us hundreds of dollars. The stairwell railings have been stripped of rust and painted. There are so many things internally that many of us take for granted and may not even see. A quick thank you to the employees goes a long way.

Front Entry Seating Area
Margie's Gals Upgrade Entry Alcove
I canít thank Margie Nagle and her committee for all the time put in to improving the look of the building. Outside of the lobby we now have the new seating section and the beautiful trees and clock. I have gotten many compliments on this.

Election Committee Chair Ofelia Alleguez
Election Chair
Ofelia Alleguez
I would also like to take this time to thank Ofelia Allequez. Every year she volunteers to run the elections in a very professional, honest and efficient manner. Even though she has her own hurdles at this time she would have surely taken on the job once again had we needed her.

Suggestion Box One last thing. I am once again implementing a ďsuggestion box.Ē It will probably be put in the mail room, and will be for suggestions, ideas, or compliments. You must sign and complete a form with your unit number on it.

Thank you once again for all your support this year. It is so nice to be living in an atmosphere of friendliness and consideration for one another and hopefully, this will continue.

Eileen Bendis


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