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OCTOBER 13, 2011


The Regency Tower Board of Directors meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, October 13, 2011 in the Rendezvous Room of The Regency Tower by the Board President, Eileen Bendis.

Roll Call - The roll call showed the following Board Members present: Iris Anastasi (via speakerphone), Eileen Bendis, Eric Berkowitz, Bernard Larkin, Catherine Lenz, Fern McBride and Margaret Thompson.

Approval of Minutes - A motion was made by Eric Berkowitz to approve the minutes of the meetings of The Regency Tower Board of Directors held on May 19, 2011, June 6, 2011, and July 28, 2011. Cathie Lenz seconded the motion which was unanimously approved.

President Eileen Bendis
President Eileen Bendis
President’s Report -
Eileen R. Bendis read her President[s Report. Click Here to read the President's Report.

Treasurer Cathie Lenz
Treasurer Cathie Lenz
Financial Report -
Cathie Lenz

The $600,000.00 Line of Credit from 1st United Bank, discussed at our last meeting, has been renewed for a two-year period. I had mentioned that the renewal fee would be $1650.00 per year, but the Bank agreed to charge us $1650 for the full two year renewal.

Dwight, Kande and I are trying to reduce the balance in Accounts Receivable through more aggressive follow-up. Dwight will have details covering foreclosure, units in collection with attorney and short sales in his report.

We are beginning to prepare the budget and hope to keep unit assessment flat, i.e. at the same rate as this year. Again, Dwight will have further information in his report.

A motion was made by Eric Berkowitz to approve the Treasurer’s Report; seconded by Fern McBride and unanimously adopted.

Manager Dwight Lyons
Manager Dwight Lyons
Manager’s Report -
President Eileen R. Bendis then called for Manager Dwight Lyon's Manager’s Report. Click Here to read the Manager’s Report.

Committee Reports - President Bendis then called for Committee Reports. Click Here to read the Committee Reports.

New Business - President Eileen R. Bendis called for New Business. Click Here to read the New Business.


The President made the following announcements:

  • FORMS:

    Please be aware of necessary forms if you are selling/leasing.

    If you are having guests and you are not here, you must notify the office before they arrive or they will not be admitted. You may fax or e-mail the information.

    Work Orders: If you are having work done in your unit by our maintenance, please put the request in writing.


    Please do not congregate at the guard stand. They cannot do their job and watch the monitors if they are engaged in conversations. They don’t want to be rude, so please keep conversations to a minimum.

  • Secretary Fern McBride
    Sec. Fern McBride

    Gym will now be cleaned between 1 and 2 PM.


    You may think you are cooking a gourmet meal but your neighbor may not. Please, use your exhaust fans when cooking.


    I am getting many complaints about noise from neighbors below each other. If you can, please use area rugs or take your shoes off if you have tile or wood floors. The pitter patter of little feet is very annoying to those below you and just a little consideration can go a long way. I can’t make you do this but I would appreciate it if you would think about it.


    I would like to welcome 3 new employees to our team;

    • Kandaleah “Kande” Lewandowski- staff accountant

    • Desmond Bernard-night security

    • Jorge DeJesus-weekend security

    Please welcome them and introduce yourself.

Adjournment - A motion was made by Cathie Lenz and seconded by Margaret Thompson to adjourn the meeting at 7:55 p.m.; unanimously approved.

Fern McBride
Board Secretary

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Board President Eileen Bendis'
Message to Members

President Eileen Bendis
President Bendis
Welcome to the beginning of the new season here at the Regency Tower. I’m pleased to once again introduce our new Manager, Mr. Dwight Lyons. I can’t believe what a great choice we made. Any of you who have not met him, please stop by the office and introduce yourself. He is eager to learn everyone’s name. Beware, he is a clean and safety freak.

It has been 5 months now since I have been President and I must admit it has calmed down and things seem to be on an even keel. I haven’t been arrested or abused. Actually, as President I am getting quite a few compliments, even though it is my fellow board members doing all the work, throughout the summer. I couldn’t be more pleased with Cathie as Treasurer. She has been going over all the records and is putting everything in the order that it should have been done. She is being helped by our new staff accountant Kande and they are a great team together. I can’t forget our new appointee, Margaret, and all her input with her expertise and of course there is our tried and true Eric. It would be impossible to keep the place organized if it wasn’t for our faithful Fern. I love surrounding myself with all these intelligent people. It makes me look just as smart!

We are here to answer any questions and are going to stick to our commitment to keep everything open and above board.

Impact Glass Door
Impact Glass Door
Now on to my pet project…the glass impact patio doors. The survey came back quite positively for the doors and I will now move forward to investigate how to proceed. I would like to make it on an “as needed” basis. Meaning as you replace your doors they will have to be the glass doors. I’m sure if we get at least 100 committed we would get a better price. This would also have to be a proxy vote to change our amendments to indicate such, so all of you who are interested please vote and send in your proxies when the time comes. This is not an easy process so be patient. Of course, my board has to approve this to go forward.

Once again, I would like to invite anyone interested in volunteering on committees to sign up. As I have said before, if I find out what you did in your “other life” I will be after you if we need your expertise. You can run but you can’t hide - right Barnie?

Eileen Bendis

Manager Dwight Lyons'

Manager Dwight Lyons
Manager Dwight Lyons
As I have just recently reached four months in my position here at Regency Tower, I wish to thank everyone for the warm welcome that I have received. I would also like to thank the Board for their help and support. I am very happy to be here and look forward to meeting our seasonal residents.

Dwight D. Lyons

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Architectural Review & Construction Committee
Eric Peter Berkowitz

ARC & Construction Committee Chair Eric Peter Berkowitz Gives Report
Eric - Turtles & Noise
Partially Shielded South Parking Deck Lamp
Deck Lamp
During turtle nesting season, environmental agencies in Tallahassee ramp up enforcement pressure on the City of Fort Lauderdale for local laws governing turtle-safe lighting standards. Four years ago, Regency tower shielded non-compliant fixtures overlooking the beach and began seasonally swapping out non-compliant bulbs for monochromatic yellow replacements. The easternmost high intensity lamps on the north and south parking decks were also fitted with shields that blocked most of the light visible from the beach. As such, association lighting violations were cured for a few hundred dollars.

Earlier this year, Nova scientists hired by the City to monitor compliance with Fort Lauderdale’s Turtle-safe Lighting Ordinance notified Code Compliance officer Ingrid Gottlieb about a prospective Regency Tower violation. In a subsequent evening meeting on the beach with association officials, Gottlieb noted that although the shields affixed to the high intensity deck lamps block the light that would otherwise illuminate the Regency Tower beach, the fixture’s bulb is visible from the beach area behind Galt Ocean Club.

Since replacing a fixture could mandate a redrafted lighting plan costing $thousands, we opted to redesign a shield that would partially wrap around the lamp, thereby blocking the bulb’s visibility from anywhere past the seawall. While blocking light visible from the beach, the extended shield must not interfere with the lamp’s illumination of the parking deck. To address both factors, the angle that the shield drops from the lamp must be determined by someone authoritatively conversant with the lighting plan.

Click to Fischer Electric web site We contacted Fischer Electric, the vendor that installed the lamp, to mock up a prototype fashioned from hardened cardboard or plywood. On September 26th, a Fischer employee arrived with a bucket truck to measure the fixture. When Fischer installs the prototype, we will contact Officer Gottlieb, who agreed to make an on-site evaluation of its effectiveness. If she approves, a permanent metal version will be created and affixed to the lamp. Since bulbs in the second and third lamps on the north parking deck are also visible from the beach, if they become infraction targets in the future, we can use the prototype to replicate additional shields at little cost.

In the past few months, seven architectural reviews were conducted for unit owners planning interior construction. In several instances, vendors convinced unit owners to purchase discounted flooring underlayment products that weren’t approved by the association. To be eligible for installation in Regency Tower, products must survive a rigorous association review process created to insure that these products perform as expected.

If you anticipate using a non-approved sound underlayment, you must notify the Architectural Review Committee at least a month prior to scheduling an installation. After reviewing the product data sheets and safety ratings, the committee will determine whether product testing was performed in an environment similar to Regency Tower. For instance, testing variables such as a reinforced concrete floor; pre-existing insulation; a cement ceiling; the material composition and thickness of adjacent walls all impact whether the testing results are relevant. If the product demonstrates an acceptable Sound Transmission Coefficient (STC) and Impact Insulation characteristics when tested under conditions comparable to those of our home, it’s sent to the Board for review and final action. Once added to the next meeting agenda and voted favorably, the product becomes eligible for installation.

Nobleseal SIS Sound Underlayment
Nobleseal Underlayment
The committee’s estimated review period of one month also provides an opportunity to explore a product’s use in neighboring associations and, if necessary, consult with our engineer.

Click to Proflex Sound Underlayment web site In the past five years, only three of nine submitted products survived the review. A majority of the unacceptable candidates were declined for a lack of relevant testing data. Since decades of spotty enforcement have fueled some of the worst ongoing fights between Regency Tower neighbors who might have otherwise been friends, casual enforcement of this building standard will guarantee a future marked by more of the same. As some of the older approved products become increasingly difficult to locate and purchase, we will continue examining prospective replacements as they are made available. Thank you for you kind attention.


Beautification Committee
Margie Nagle

Read by Secretary

Regency Tower Lobby
Regency Tower Lobby
Beautification Committee Chair Margie Nagle
Margie Nagle
The committee members are Maria Barnie, Eileen Bendis and Heidi Boucher.

We started by sending the leaning mirror from the lobby back to the store that it was bought from. I checked how much money we had in the budget this year and have been able to purchase some nice decorations for the lobby. We have a few new paintings that are easy on the eye and are pleased to say we brought back our beautiful lady with hair flying with the ocean breeze. Some of our long time residents were happy about it and new residents seem to love it. We are trying to accent what we have with some new influx of color.

We have bought new flowers and some beautiful crystal pieces for our tables. A painting was given to us by committee member Heidi Boucher with all papers to prove the costs. “Thank you, Heidi”. We have much more to do, so please be patient. Thank you.


We Care Committee
Ofelia Alleguez

Members of the new formed “We Care” Committee are: Naomi Griner (2020), Margie Nagle (911), Joyce Ramey (501) and Joyce Woodward (307).

We Care Committee Chair Ofelia Alleguez of Regency Tower Angel Squad
Ofelia Alleguez - Regency

  • Shirley Hopkins (1411) - had surgery, went to rehab, notice in bulletin board, cards sent; upon her return home flowers were sent.


  • Robert Derham (810) - passed away on Wednesday, August 17, 2011, following a brief decline in health; Card of Perpetual Masses was sent in his memory. Condolences to his wife, Denise Whittle Derham, who can be reached at:

    150 Westmoreland Court #10
    Danville, Va. 24541

  • Martha Sellas (803) - fell last Tuesday (August 30, 2011). She was taken to the Holy Cross Hospital and was admitted that evening. She suffered some fractures and will stay at Holy Cross until further notice. Get well cards may be sent to the Hospital or placed in her Mail Box #802. The address for the Holy Cross is:

    Holy Cross Hospital
    4725 North Federal Highway
    Fort Lauderdale, Fl. 33308


  • Joanne Barrett (511) - fell at home and spent a few days at the hospital. She is now back home. Get well cards and/or expressions of friendship and love may be sent to:

    Joanne Barrett
    470 Mahogany Ct., #401
    Palatine, Il. 60067

  • Howard Hirschman (1702) - fell at home and broke his ankle. He spent a few days at the Holy Cross Hospital and is now in a Rehabilitation Facility.

    Get well cars may be placed in his Mailbox # 1702

  • Barry Nesbitt (203) - passed away on October 8th at his home in Canada. May he rest in peace. His funeral is taking place in Toronto. Condolences and or sympathy cards may be sent to his family at one of the following addresses:

    Andrew Tolson
    15 Hialeah Cr.
    Whitby, Ontario
    L1N 6P9
    Glenn Tolson
    P.O. Box 257
    Norland, Ontario
    K0M 2L0

Although Committee Reports are ordinarily submitted in conjunction with Board Meetings, we believe that our members should be expeditiously informed about the afflictions or passing of friends and neighbors. Going forward, We Care information will be posted as soon as it is made available by the We Care Committee. Our thanks to Ofelia!


Web Site Committee
Eric Peter Berkowitz

Stay Current - Keep Informed
Eric Peter Berkowitz
Check Website Update
The Regency Tower web site had 124,081 hits and 2,716 unique site visits (first timers) in August and 111,762 hits and 2,555 unique site visits in September. Countries other than the United States from which the most September hits were sourced are the Russian Federation, Canada, Germany, Brazil, India, France, Monaco, Argentina, Japan, Colombia, Denmark, Australia, Singapore, Mexico, Estonia, Ukraine, Poland, New Zeeland (Aotearoa), Finland, Netherlands, United Kingdom, South Africa and Uruguay.

Margaret Thompson
Since the last
web site report in May, minutes of the June 6 and July 28, 2011 Board Meetings were uploaded, respectively detailing the Board’s choice of Dwight Lyons as Building Manager and the selection of Margaret Thompson and Bernard Larkin to fill the Regency Tower Board seats vacated by Bill Tennenbaum and Dee Lanzillo. A Fannie Mae employee, Margaret’s experience should lend itself to navigating the unstable economic environment. Bernard Larkin is a contractor who contributed to several key association projects in the past decade. For instance, throughout the deck rehabilitation, I repeatedly consulted with Bernie about drainage alternatives recommended by our Engineer. His hands-on construction experience and familiarity with the various building trades helped us avoid costly errors.

Regency Tower Residents Welcome New Manager Dwight Lyons at Meet & Greet Lobby Party
RT Residents Meet & Greet New Manager Dwight Lyons
Bernard Larkin
Bernard Larkin
On June 15th, an article announcing the Social Committee’s June 24th “Meet and Greet” Lobby party for Manager Dwight Lyons was noticed along with a summary of Dwight’s education, accreditation and experience.

On July 9th, an article was posted that outlined events following a mid-June multi-floor flood that might have incapacitated the building for weeks and devastated the association budget. In his first acid test, Manager Dwight Lyons worked with our new President and staff to beat back threats to our water tower, electrical system, HVAC, and dozens of structural elements. Other than surviving without air conditioning for about six hours, the net inconvenience for most of our residents was negligible. Equally important, a creative fiscal strategy spearheaded by Dwight obliterated the event’s budgetary impact. It cost us nothing.

Regency Tower New Manager Dwight Lyons
Dwight Lyons
Kande Lewandowski
Kande Lewandowski
On the Board of Directors page, with the exception of Bernard Larkin’s cartoon avatar (since replaced by his picture), the office staff and Board member info was updated and a new schedule for Board meetings was posted. When 10 of the association’s 12 committee chairs finally sorted out and brought current their membership rolls, they were made available on the Committees page. Long-neglected Employee Profiles are being updated. During the past few months, mini-bios for Manager Dwight Lyons and Staff accountant Kande Lewandowski were fleshed out and uploaded. After Receptionist Christine Rome’s info is received – the office will hopefully begin sending data for Maintenance and Security staff. On the General Information page, dozens of links to appliance servicing vendors, flooring underlayment products and data sheets have all been updated.

Click to International Boat Show web site Click to Fort Lauderdale Film Festival web site The monthly Around Town section on the Home Page has been expanded to roughly a dozen new events every four weeks. Along with art shows, craft fairs, music festivals, public meetings and cultural celebrations, this month’s section features regional and local signature events, including the International Boat Show, Viva Broward, Rocktoberfest and the Fort Lauderdale Film Festival. Most of the events are free. Thank you for your kind attention.




New Business - 10/13/2011 Meeting

October 13, 2011 - President Eileen R. Bendis called for New Business.


    • With the economic conditions as they are, we have decided that a new criteria was necessary to adopt for buying and leasing units in the Regency Tower. According to our condominium documents, section XXVI, page 25, economic criteria may be used to insure the availability of sufficient funds for the operation and management of the Condominium, and shall be a factor in whether an applicant qualifies for ownership. In order for us to maintain the caliber of residents that we have, and with the approval of our attorney, we have drafted criteria that must be met based on economic criteria and background checks. According to Florida Statutes 718.116 (11) the association now has the authority to demand rent from tenants whose unit owner is delinquent with any monetary obligations. With this in mind we must be sure the tenant can meet their rental obligations.

      A motion was made by Margaret Thompson and seconded by Cathie Lenz that we adopt the economic criteria and background checks drafted by our attorney, for buying and leasing units in the Regency Tower. The motion was unanimously approved and adopted.


    • Scaevola taccada at Regency Tower Beach Egress
      Scaevola taccada at Regency
      Tower Beach Egress
      Scaevola taccada at Regency Tower Beach Egress
      Scaevola taccada AKA Beach Naupaka
      Balding Spot at North Sea Wall
      The landscaping in the front and sides of our building looks wonderful. I want to thank Mark and his team for a great job. However, I feel the beachside has a lot to be desired. With the help of Dwight, we have been investigating what kind of options are available. As you know there are many “bald” spots along the hedge on the seawall. Numerous times, to no avail, planting the same shrub failed. What we have is called Scaevola taccada a wild shrub. The city is even removing this all along the beach.

      Click to Beach Raker Website To remove what we have requires a permit, which we obtained. It is good until next year and the shrubs cannot be removed until the end of Turtle Nesting season - the end of October. Beach Raker would be required to do the tearing out and the new planting. The total cost under the proposal is $4468.

      Upon approval of the Treasurer, may I have a motion to go ahead with removing and replacing the shrubs in front of the seawall, making this contingent on further clarification from Beach Raker in regards to moving sand.

      Bernard Larkin made a motion that upon approval of the Treasurer we go ahead and remove and replace the shrubs in front of the seawall, contingent on further clarification from Beach Raker in regards to sand movement. The following board members voted “aye”: Iris Anastasi, Eileen Bendis, Eric Berkowitz, Bernard Larkin, Fern McBride and Margaret Thompson. Catherine Lenz voted “nay.”


    • Impact Door
      Impact Door
      We did get a majority vote on the survey for the doors – 103-24. I would now like to investigate further what is entailed to amend our documents to require, as you need to replace balcony doors, they would have to be the impact glass. This has to be done with a majority vote of the unit owners since this is a material alteration. It is imperative that those of you who showed an interest in the survey must now vote yes on the proxy vote, and send it back without me begging, pleading and calling you to do so. I will try to get a committee together to help gather information and bids from different companies.

      May I have a motion to go ahead and talk to our attorney and see what we need to do to amend our documents to reflect the impact glass balcony doors upon replacement of present doors and send proxies out? Also, to establish an investigative committee to look into companies.

      A motion was made by Eric Berkowitz to allow the President to talk to the attorney for information on amending our documents to reflect that new balcony doors will have to be glass impact doors, send proxies and establish an investigative committee. The motion was seconded by Bernard Larkin and unanimously approved and adopted.

                        Fern McBride, Secretary


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