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Treasurer Bill Tennenbaum Gives Financial Update
Bill - No Delinquent Accounts
After open discussion and introduction of new owners, the regular meeting of The Regency Tower Board was called to order at 3:05 p.m. on Thursday, October 18, 2007 in the Meeting Room of The Regency Tower by the President.

Roll Call - The roll call showed the following Board Members present: Iris Anastasi, Eric Berkowitz, Dee Lanzillo, Fern McBride, Bob Nagle, Dott Nicholson-Brown and Bill Tennenbaum.

Reading of Minutes - The minutes of the meeting of The Regency Tower Board of Directors held on March 13, 2007 were read. Eric Berkowitz made a motion to approve the minutes as read, seconded by Dee Lanzillo, unanimously approved.

Financial Report - Treasurer Bill Tennenbaum gave a detailed report reflecting the Association’s financial position as of October 17, 2007. (Reported financial details are available to Regency Tower owners in our newsletter, the “Regency Tower Times”. - editor)

There are no delinquent accounts at this time, but there are two (2) that are in collection with our attorney.

Secretary Fern McBride
Secretary Fern McBride
A motion was made by Fern McBride to accept the Treasurer’s Report; seconded by Iris Anastasi, unanimously approved.

Committee Reports - President Nicholson-Brown then called for Committee Reports. Click Here to read the Committee Reports.

New Business - President Nicholson-Brown then called for New Business. Click Here to read New Business.


  • Galt Mile Association – If anyone has ideas the Galt Mile Association should focus on during the coming year, please inform Eric Berkowitz and he will forward the information. Margie Nagle spoke about the change of hours for the parking meters in the area..

  • Reminder 10% Down – Unless buyers put 10% down, contracts will not be considered nor will screenings take place.
  • Cabana Spaces – Spaces cannot be sold because there is a waiting list – cabanas can be sold, but not the cabana space.
  • Garage Spaces – Rules regarding the selling of garage spaces were explained. The Association will be Auctioning a garage space owned by the Association in the near future.
  • Official Date of Regency Tower – Officially, the date is when unit is sold and when taxes are collected; our date is 1972.

Adjournment - A motion was made by Iris Anastasi and seconded by Bob Nagle to adjourn the meeting at 4:00 p.m.; unanimously approved.

Fern McBride
Board Secretary



“Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles that one has overcome while trying to succeed.”
- John Maxwell

  .: Aloha :.,
Regency Tower Board President Dott Nicholson-Brown
John C. Maxwell
John C. Maxwell
I see myself as an Optimist and a Tender. However, Bob Nagle thinks I’m an Optimist who looks at life through rose colored glasses. Welcome back to sunny Florida after a lovely summer. In Fort Lauderdale and all of Florida we are anxiously awaiting tax relief. The Legislature has met twice and still has not reached an agreement on a plan for full or part-time residents. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. I remain optimistic.

“People will criticize you for doing a good job. But, do good anyway”.
- Mother Teresa

I think the one thing I’ve finally learned the hard way is, not to spend 95% of my time trying to please 5% of the people who will never be happy anyway. But some of you continue to tell me that my exudation of cheerfulness has become less frequent. Perhaps I really haven’t completed my learning.

A lot of us retired and moved from single family residences into a completely new lifestyle of Condo residency. However, many have learned that moving to sunny Florida doesn’t guarantee the peace and joy we envisioned. At first the vision of no maintenance and resort-style living is enough. But, after a while the shared walls and halls together with other people and their preferences becomes a fog clouding the sunny beaches. And that’s where this Board of Directors comes into play. Although we spend considerable time with Board bashing and inane complaints from the 5%, we also spend a great deal of time resolving complaints against or about those who have difficulty comprehending condominium living. I’m happy to say these are often settled amicably, resulting in harmonious community living for the other 95% of Residents.

The Security Patrol

Galt Mile Community Association Security Patrol Police Car On June 10th we finally obtained our Roving Security patrol on the Galt Mile. All buildings, except Playa del Mar, are paying $20.00 per Unit to assure off-duty Policemen patrolling the Galt Ocean Drive along with the length of the beach via an ATV. The Patrol covers the area 24 hours day and night and we receive daily reports via e-mail. It took two years but we did it! Now call your friends in Playa del Mar to pay their share. It’s unfair for one building to receive the benefits without paying anything. Click Here for an update about the Galt Mile Security Patrol.

The Round Table

September 6th Meeting There were no meetings during July and August. Members in attendance at the September meeting were: Rafael Alleguez, Laszlo Bandi, Betty Burns, Dr. Chris Feneck, Ron Forment, Anne Petroe, Jim Rigney, Jean Veitch and Ad Wilson. Excused were: Stephen Collins, Mike O’Carroll, Tom Palumbo and Debi Tinsley. Board Members present were Fern McBride, Iris Anastasi and Dee Lanzillo.

Ad prefers greenery in front of the Entrance and Exit signs instead of flowers
Ad - Prefers Greenery
Anne asked about the landscaping and stated she is otherwise happy. Ad stated all owners who have not updated their commode should get the 10“ hose replaced to prevent floods. She would like to see greenery in front of the Entrance and Exit signs instead of flowers. Ad praised the Board of Directors and stated they are doing a better job running this multi-million dollar business than the professional managers we’ve had in the past. Ron agreed with Ad’s comments regarding the Board. He also stated he has poor reception on HBO. Jim suggested that when anyone calls Comcast they should state that they do not send a sub-contractor. Also, he is trying a “signal booster” to improve HBO reception. Note by Dott: Most residents have good reception. Laszlo had no constructive criticism or suggestions. Jean feels pool rules should be amended to prevent babies in diapers. Note: State law requires same rules for babies and elderly i.e. waterproof covering necessary if incontinent. She also questioned why the hose on the beach was removed. Note: While Jim was Pool Attendant, a member of the Environmental Agency visited to give us permission to move the sand. He stated that we had to remove the hose. Betty asked if we could purchase and add another treadmill. Dr. Chris had no suggestions. Jim stated he is bothered by late mail deliveries and ghost deliveries (when substitutes do not deliver a full load of mail). Rafael had no suggestions. What? That must be a mistake!


Renovations Renovations The Rules & Regulations as well as our Documents require Board approval for architectural changes before work begins. This includes electrical changes, cabinets, counters, flooring, etc. Eric Berkowitz, Chair of the Architectural Review Committee has prepared a Renovations Package which everyone must read and complete prior to beginning renovations. Only licensed contractors are allowed in the building and they must complete the Contractor/Vendor Registration form also.

Galt Mile Community Association Garage Parking Spaces

Our Documents state a parking space must remain deeded to the Unit. If there is an extra space it may be sold to the Association or an owner who does not own a space. As information, spaces are selling between $32-$35,000 depending on location. The Association will be auctioning an Association-owned space during November.

Click Here to Broward Beach Renourishment Project web site Beach Beach PermitRe-nourishment

The Environmental Impact Study must be completed. If there is no damage in the completed areas, a permit will be issued. We expect this to be done to our area (which is J. Lloyd State Park to Hillsboro Inlet) during Phase II. It is expected that Phase II will begin during the fall of 2009 due to a shortage of sand.

Bill Beats Insurance Company Bill Beats Workers Comp!

Congrats to our Treasurer, Bill Tennenbaum in persevering until he convinced our Workers Comp Insurance Company to change the code on our Security and Administration employees. This resulted in the association receiving a credit of approximately $11,000.00.

Silver Linings

John D. Rockefeller, Jr.
John D.
Rockefeller, Jr.
“I believe that love is the greatest thing in the world; that it alone can overcome hate; that right can and will triumph over might.”

- John D. Rockefeller, Jr.

Aloha – I love you



Architectural Review & Construction Committee
Eric Peter Berkowitz

Construction Committee Chair Eric Peter Berkowitz Gives Report
Since the summer, the Construction Committee was preoccupied with two challenges, a repair to the garage door and rehabilitation of our deck lighting. When two welds that connected the garage door to the stabilizer suddenly failed, Security Supervisor Carlos Pereira immediately arranged for additional overnight coverage and Maintenance Supervisor John Sala erected an interim barrier to temporarily secure the garage.

According to several vendors contacted by telephone, ordering a new replacement garage door purported to be an expensive proposition that would have taken at least three to four weeks to build and install. Repairing the door would quickly alleviate the security problem and the inconvenience suffered by residents using the garage. Since the broken welds were relatively clean, fixing the door would also save a good deal of money.

Click to EDL – GateMasters Web Site After diagnosing the reason for the damage, manufacturer EDL - GateMasters determined that as the door opens and closes, wind pressure tends to rattle the large ribbed metal expanse, placing undue strain on the welds. To avoid a recurrence, several inexpensive adjustments were recommended for the repair and quickly approved.

Once the door was transported to the shop, the stabilizer received additional bracing at every corner. To limit the vibration responsible for the problem, a center yoke was installed on the ceiling in the middle of the 24-foot door expanse. In addition to new v-track and new chain, special stabilizer wheels were installed under the gate and a new end yoke harnesses a secure closure.

While the door was being repaired, Carlos pointed out that the gate, after opening, had behaved erratically for some time - taking from 20 to 90 seconds to close. Upon learning that the 15 year-old motor powering the door housed a deteriorating motherboard, the office shopped around for a replacement. The new motherboard cured the timing idiosyncrasies.

Our high-intensity deck lamps were initially installed during the 2002 deck and garage waterproofing and rehabilitation project. Erected on pedestals built to protect the lamps from vehicular impacts, the poles and fixtures carried a one-year warranty. When our engineer learned about a subsequent manufacturing defect in the tenons connecting the fixtures to the poles, we exercised the warranty and reinstalled new poles connected directly to the fixtures – at no cost to the association.

Wilma Microbursts<br>Amplify Damage
After successfully weathering Hurricanes Katrina and Jeanne, three of the fixtures were torn from the poles during Hurricane Wilma in October 2005. Despite having passed the expiration date and the “Act of God” exclusion to standard construction warranties, we demanded that the contractor replace the decapitated fixtures and repair the damaged ones, contending a failure in their wind resistance capabilities. Unfortunately, obvious dents and impact scars on the damaged fixtures and poles proved that the failure was due to impacts from roofing material, metal and fiberglass water tower sections, loose windows, shutters, etc eviscerated during the storm. Damage related to such impacts is never covered.

New Aluminum Pole
New Aluminum
In January, 2007, the Board authorized investigating repairs to our deck lighting. Several contractors recommended completely replacing the entire lighting system for nearly $70 thousand. Our engineer informed us that if we made critical changes to the basic system, a new lighting plan would be required for $thousands in additional engineering and permitting costs. Alternatively, he said that we could realize a significant savings by instead implementing a combination of repairs and unit replacements. With one exception, we decided to pursue that strategy. Construction committee member Ron Lenzi recommended replacing any damaged fiberglass poles with code comparable aluminum ones of equal size. While sacrificing some flexibility, they would provide better support for the fixture. The poles would be coated to match the fixtures and the other poles.

Click to Fischer Electric Web Site We invited Mills Electric Service, Main-guy Electrical Company, C.W. Fischer Electric, D.V. Electric, JAM Lighting, Inc and Wesworth Electric to participate in a two-stage competition. Following our engineer’s advice, each would submit their opinion about how to best address the lighting damage and when the recommendations were compiled into a scope of work, subsequently submit a financial proposal.

Click to Mills Electric Web Site Fortunately, we stored three fixtures in the garage that were decapitated by Wilma’s flying debris. The electrical contractors agreed with our engineer that three of the eight non-functional (or missing) fixtures could be repaired. Since Mills Electric was the first to present a compliant comprehensive package, we authorized them to repair the three salvageable fixtures. Cannibalizing the damaged fixtures held in storage provided the parts needed to repair two of the three lamps, cutting equipment costs by two-thirds.

Click to Wesworth Electric Web Site With seven of our twelve deck lamps working, we collected the various contractor repair strategies. Three plans were remarkably similar, replacing five damaged poles and five lamps. Two other proposals that endorsed repairing various combinations of poles and lamps, while less expensive and legal, would have left us non-compliant and therefore ineligible for any warranty. One bid was never completed. In late May, the fully compliant strategies proposed by Mills Electric and Fischer Electric were recommended by the construction committee to the Board. The Board selected Fischer Electric’s $17,900 bid instead of the $21,950 bid submitted by Mills Electric.

Click to J.A.M. Lighting Web Site Although the order was placed in June after the contract was signed, by mid-July, Fischer hadn’t yet installed the new equipment. When Chuck Fischer apologized for the delay, claiming that the lighting distributor was “dragging his feet”, we requested proof that he was not, in fact, responsible. He faxed us 2 notifications from the distributor declaring that the poles weren’t ready.

Click to Lithonia Lighting Web Site Simultaneously, the City of Fort Lauderdale issued notices to every beachfront condominium that they were in violation of the turtle-safe lighting ordinance. The Galt Mile Association negotiated an arrangement whereby every Association would satisfy the notice by addressing the most egregious instances of their lighting violation. Following a meeting with the Code compliance officer assigned to the turtle-safe lighting issue, we included the installation of shields on the easternmost North and South Deck fixtures to block the light from direct beach visibility. To avoid any aesthetic incongruity, we asked Fischer to contact manufacturer Lithonia Lighting and order factory installed shields for the 2 affected deck lamps.

Fischer notified us that the cost would be exorbitant, nearly $1500 extra for the shields. By late July, Fischer was approaching the deadline in a contractual penalty clause for delayed installation. Instead of threatening the company with financial repercussions, we took the opportunity to renegotiate our agreement. In exchange for withholding penalties, Fischer would make and install the required shields at no additional cost to the Association.

Bulbs Replaced in Carriage Lamps
Bulbs Replaced in Carriage Lamps
Other concessions to the new ordinance were the installation of a dampening shield on the high-intensity lamp facing the beach egress security gate, installation of a manual switch controlling the lamp over the barbecue area, swapping out the four ordinary bulbs in the patio deck carriage lamps with turtle-friendly monochromatic yellow bulbs and posting a request that residents turn out their lights in rooms facing the beach when they leave the room. As a result of the successful administrative negotiations with the City, the shields compromise with Fischer Electric, the diligence of maintenance chair Dee Lanzillo and the skills of maintenance supervisor John Sala, these adaptations only cost the Association about $45 to achieve compliance. This compares favorably with our neighbors, some of who spent ten of $thousands to satisfy the code.

The balance of the deck lighting equipment was finally received in August and installed over a two-day period. To minimize inconvenience to residents, the North Deck was partially closed for 4 hours on day one and the South deck was partially closed for five hours the following day. The new fixtures work perfectly and the new - stronger - Aluminum poles are virtually indistinguishable from the existing ones. While we agree that the new aluminum poles are preferable to their fiberglass predecessors, we declined replacing the undamaged older poles at a comparable additional expense. Instead, any changeover would be made by attrition. If future storms compromise any of the remaining poles, they too would be replaced with aluminum counterparts.

We sidestepped another potential construction land mine, addressing our needs for a fraction of the original post-storm estimates. With the deck lighting returned to full functionality, Regency Tower is the only association on the block to have fully recovered from the storm without levying a special assessment dedicated to hurricane damage.


Maintenance & Housekeeping Committee
Dee Lanzillo

Maintenance: The following are some projects completed by the Maintenance Department:

  1. Maintenance Chair Dee Lanzillo has been EXTREMELY BUSY!
    DEE - SHE
    Storage area under balcony completed for storage of cabanas.

  2. Wall on east side of garage built to store equipment.

  3. Garage walls and parking area lines painted over the summer along with outdoor bumpers.

  4. Replaced lights at pool and beach areas to comply with turtle nesting.

  5. Speed bumps in garage repaired and one installed on northwest corner.

  6. Power washed parking lot on north, south and west areas.

  7. Power washed garage.

  8. Replaced timers for water sprinklers.

  9. Replaced timers for pool area lighting.

  10. New signs on all fire hose areas.

  11. Disabled parking area signs have been replaced on the north side of garage.

  12. Solar lights installed in all flower bed areas.

  13. Touched up painting on outside walls of south and north sides of parking areas where needed.

  14. Inspections of all floors were done by Eddie, and doors repainted where needed.

  15. Laundry room washers and dryers are being cleaned and the room is nice and neat.

  16. Pool area is in great condition. Nesly is doing a fine job.

Housekeeping: Our maintenance/housekeeping crew is doing a fine job. All fire exit staircases have been swept and cleaned. Our beautiful new Hall Carpeting is being damaged by residents bringing in tar and grease on their shoes. Please be aware and make sure that your shoes are clean to avoid this problem.

We are working hard in maintenance to keep our property in tip top condition.


Screening Committee
Margie Nagle

Screening Committee Chair Margie Nagle Thanks Committee Members for their Dedication
Reported the following screenings since April:

  • April: Apt. 206 was sold to Joseph & Kristen Bruno. Apt. 808 sold to Mohamed & Sylvia Yacoub, Apt. 1106 sold to Antonia & Carmello Carretozzole, Apt. 2011 leased to Mark & Karla Brundage
  • May: Apt. 1603 leased to Ray Harvey.
  • June: Apt. 906 sold to Jamie & Heida Boucher, Apt. 1108 sold to Francis & James Poleto.
  • July: Apt. 503 sold to John McKeever
  • August: Apt. 1507 sold to Madeleine & Charles Ghayad and Pierre & Dunia Durien
  • September: Apt. 1903 sold to Turan & Lirie Rusi
  • October: Apt. 809 leased to John Pilewicz

Thank you to my committee.


Security Report
Security Chief Carlos Pereira

New Security Chief Carlos Pereira
Carlos’ Motto: Be
Prepared - Our Staff is
Always Being Trained
(report read by the Secretary)

Once again, I would like to start my report expressing my gratitude to be able to work here under this Board of Directors and their guidance and trust, helping me in my professional growth.

Well! We passed all spring and summer planning and creating new ways to improve and be ready for this Fall and Winter, when a full house is expected.

For our preparation:

  • We attended the Governor’s Hurricane Conference which alerted us about some common problems other facilities have and taught us how to fix them;

  • We continued our monthly meetings; training us for any emergency situation and methods for quickly responding to it;

  • Additional personnel were assigned during the Air & Sea Show and the Independence Day fireworks.

These actions prevented any incidents and unnecessary headaches.

Now we have slowly started to implement all actions for which we’re trained

All Security measures have been put in place and are running smoothly.

All Safety issues were addressed, corrected and ready to be tested. No doubt we will be tested once or twice. Our staff is ready.

Security Monitor
DVR Security Monitor
Even though we proclaim our readiness, we still have room for improvement. Therefore, if you have any ideas, suggestions and/or comments, please give them to the Board of Directors. If approved, they will present them to us, and believe me, they will be followed up.

Constructive criticism is always welcome and a chance for us to improve and to be close to our Aim of making this building the most Safe and Secure on the Galt Mile. This is not only a slogan but it is our ultimate goal.

So, we are here with open arms to welcome you all back.

Safety note: Some of you will come with a different car or will bring bicycles. Please register them in the Administration Office which will help us keep track and secure your belongings.


We Care Committee
Ofelia Alleguez

Ofelia Alleguez reported the following:

We Care Committee Chair Ofelia Alleguez of Regency Tower Angel Squad
Ofelia Alleguez - Regency

  • Mr. Fouad Farag (1204) – passed away in Canada; note on bulletin board, card sent and trees planted in his memory.

  • Mrs. Josie Feneck (1807) – fell and as taken to Holy Cross Hospital; note on bulletin board; card sent and fruit basket sent upon her return home.

  • Ms. Ethel Gianoulis (802) – fell and fractured her shoulder; taken to Holy Cross Hospital where she had surgery; note on bulletin board, card sent and basket of fruit sent upon her return home.

  • Mrs. Marian Custer (1902) – passed away on March 11th.


  • Anne-Marie Griffin (901) – came back from rehab after surgery in February; a basket of fruit was sent.


  • Mr. Morley Elton (806) – passed away; note on bulletin board, card sent and trees were planted in his memory.

  • Ms. Dallas Custer (1902) – passed away; funeral services were held in June, note on bulletin board, card sent, trees were planted in memory of Marian and Dallas Custer.


  • Ms. Bertha Bernardine (809) – taken to Holy Cross Hospital with pneumonia; note on bulletin board, card sent, chocolates were sent upon her return home.

  • Mrs. Marion Tuman (302) – was taken to Holy Cross Hospital; a basket of fruit was sent upon her return home.


Web Site Committee
Eric Peter Berkowitz

Report about Hurricane Damage
Eric Peter Berkowitz
See “Around Town”
In June, the Regency Tower web site had 84,057 hits and 2,324 unique site visits. In July, we had 74,689 hits and 1,998 first timers. August saw 81,175 hits and 1,680 unique site visits. In September, the site had 81,555 hits and 1,601 first timers. Countries other than the United States from which the most September hits were received are Uruguay, Canada, Australia, Denmark, Argentina, United Kingdom, Singapore, Hungary, Brazil, Germany, Mexico, Aruba, Italy, Poland, Greece, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Malaysia, Norway, Hong Kong and France.

We tried to keep seasonal residents up to speed over the summer. On June 5th, an article that described Bill Tennenbaum’s war of nerves with our insurance carrier explained how he won a credit towards next year’s premium payment. He discovered that the Insurance Company utilized the wrong codes when calculating the premium assessments for our employees. By overstating the presumed risk, they could commensurately overcharge the association. After exposing their planned inequity, Bill negotiated a future offset.

Vincent Laino, Heather O’Neal, Candace Browm and Marcelin Prudent are Commended
Vinny, Heather, Candace and Marc are Commended
On July 1st, an article explaining the garage door breakdown updated residents concerned about building security and parking access. On July 21st, an article was posted that recognized four Regency Tower employees for their contributions to our safety, security and quality of life. A pictorial review of the July 6th awards ceremony gave every resident insight into how the association expressed gratitude on their behalf. The web site also sought to keep residents abreast of scheduled building incidents and events. On August 20th, owners in residence received a heads-up for the impending paver cleaning deck closings and on the 24th; they were alerted to Ernest’s revival of the Saturday carwash. Since no committee reports were available over the summer, a full report about the deck lamp rehabilitation was posted on September 9th.

Weather Info Time sensitive announcements and event deadlines are always available on the home page scroller, which often mirrors data created by the character generator. Since the June 1st start date of Hurricane season, the Hurricane section of the web site has received more than 20,000 hits.

Around Town The “Around Town” section on the home page contains current information about a wide variety of local events. This month’s entry includes information about the SunTrust Sunday Jazz Brunch, the Commit 2BFit River“walk”, the 20th Annual Las Olas Art Fair, the 48th Annual Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, the 9th Annual Lauderdale-by-the-Sea Craft Fair, the “Jazz on the Square” event right down the block every Friday Night and the free VIVA BROWARD! Fiesta of the Year. New events are added every month.

The Regency Tower web site was created as an informational resource for residents. Last month, owner Keith Labis of unit 303 sent an email observing that the web site isn’t very effective as a marketing tool. Unlike the web sites designed for developers that focus on expediting unit sales, association controlled sites cater primarily to unit owners who, by definition, have already purchased their homes. He recommended that we should either have a second web site that targets home buyers or password protect areas of the site not conducive to attracting prospective purchasers. Since he volunteered to serve on a committee, I called Mr. Labis several times to discuss his ideas… without success. Nevertheless, any assistance with the maintenance of the site, the creation of any alternative site material, extension of the site’s functionality or contribution of content is welcome. Anyone interested in participating should contact the office.

By the way... I subsequently learned that the contact number for Mr. Labis was incorrect. Sorry Keith - and thanks for sending in your contact info! See you soon!

Save Money on High Speed Internet Service
Save Money on
High Speed Internet
In response to dozens of requests that the association research and organize a bulk priced high-speed internet service, we’ve investigated a variety of alternatives during the past few years. Encouraging recent discussions with a vendor have revived the prospect of providing the low-cost service on a voluntary basis. While the monthly cost for 3 MBPS download speed – wired or wireless – will range from $10 to $20, the actual cost will be a function of user interest. As more people enroll, the price decreases, approaching $10/month. To determine user interest, we are sending a letter to every owner, asking if they would be interested in participating. Your answer will not be considered as a commitment since this is being done solely to ascertain whether or not we should pursue making this low-cost service available to interested owners on a voluntary basis. Upon receipt of the letter, indicate your response and mail or fax it to the office.

If enough residents express interest in the program, we will announce its implementation and afford interested owners the opportunity to participate. Documentation depicting the program’s details will also be made available. Remember, by expressing your interest in this service, you are not committing yourself to participate! Thank you for your kind attention.




Dee Nakes Motion
No BBQ Fee!
Barbecue Grill
Dee Lanzillo

October 18, 2007 - Shared that in the past a $50.00 deposit was required to reserve the Barbecue Grill, which was returned if the grill was cleaned properly. Due to administrative problems, an agreement was reached to charge a $10.00 fee for usage of the grill. This fee was applied towards gas and cleaning. I propose that there no longer be a fee for the usage of the grill; however, reservations to use the grill must still be made with either the office or security. After comments from the Board, Dee made a motion that the fee for the use of the Barbecue Grill be removed, seconded by Iris Anastasi, unanimously approved.

Policy Regarding Inspection of Records
Iris Anastasi

October 18, 2007 - We have experienced repeated requests for inspection of Association records by 2-3 of the same individuals which disrupts the daily work flow and increases the Association operations due to the required monitoring. We were advised by our attorney to institute an equitable inspection policy. I therefore move that the policy prepared by our attorney be instituted. Some features are:

  1. No more than one (1) request per month;
  2. Hours for review are 9:00 a.m. to 12 noon, not to exceed two (2) hours;
  3. $.25 per copy; payment in advance.

Dee Lanzillo seconded the motion; unanimously approved.

Dott announced that copies of the policy are available in the Office.

Owner Request
Eileen Bendis

October 18, 2007 - Eileen Bendis, Kathy Robins, Shirley Hopkins and Ron Forment asked questions regarding exercising the Right of First Refusal on Unit 1701. Bill Tennenbaum and other Board Members responded.




Car Keys

It is imperative that a set of keys to your vehicle/s be left in the Office at all times. Auto keys are kept in a locked Key Box inside a second locked room in the Office. It becomes necessary at various times to move vehicles in the garage and outside during cleaning and other necessary occasions. Vehicles will be towed if a key is not available.

Service Contracts

All owners should have Service Contracts for maintenance and repair of such items as air conditioning units, toilets, sinks, refrigerators, heating pumps etc. The Association is not responsible for personal property and the maintenance personnel are busy maintaining the common-use items. We recommend that you contact a service contractor such as:


It is necessary for residents to come in to the Office or call to advise Office personnel when you are back in residence if you want your Surveillance discontinued while you are here. The same is true for when you leave and wish to resume service.

TO NEW OWNERS: The Association provides Surveillance at a cost of $12 per visit during your absence on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. Surveillance includes:

  1. Flush Toilets
  2. Open all faucets
  3. Run garbage disposal
  4. Check air-conditioning room
  5. Check apartment for water leaks
  6. Check refrigerator
  7. Check general appearance of apartment
  8. Replace smoke detector battery as needed (charge for battery only)
  9. Inspect balcony
  10. Check windows

Air Conditioning Maintenance

The Association provides Air Conditioning Maintenance at a cost of $20 per quarter or $6.66 per month. This consists of:

  1. Blow out hoses and notify owners if replacement is required.
  2. Check drain pan, insert Pro-Treat tablets.
  3. Replace filter each month.
  4. Clean coil
  5. Pour in formula 7961 to keep lines clean.

No charge to you if the hose bursts and you are on A/C Maintenance.

Honest Ernest Car Wash

Carl’s Touch Car Wash
WOW! Regency Tower has its own CAR WASH! Not the leaky hose dripping into the planter by the pedestrian entrance to the garage - a real car wash! Security Guard Carl Richardson, balancing an entreprenurial spirit with the needs of our residents, has organized a crew that - for a paltry $15 - will wash your car and for a bit more - wax your dreamboat! Carl’s venture is called “Carl’s Touch Car Wash.”

Maintenance Staffer Ernest Alvery
They are located (you guessed it) at the car wash space by the pedestrian entrance to the garage. “Carl’s Touch” car wash is offered every Saturday between 10 AM and 2 PM. Interested? Just speak to (you guessed it again) CARL.




Employee Service Awards

Vincent Laino, Heather O’Neal, Candace Browm and Marcelin Prudent are Commended
Vinny, Heather, Candace and Marc are Commended
July 21, 2007 - Regency Tower nurtures a tradition of recognizing the dedication demonstrated by employees. Commemorating having successfully completed their first full year of service, the Board of Directors awarded Gold Service Pins and congratulatory letters to four members of the Regency Tower family on Friday, July 6th. The ceremony was attended by their fellow employees and members of the Board.

Dott Awards Marcelin Prudent
Marcelin Prudent
Representing the Association, President Dott Nicholson-Brown consecutively called upon Marcelin Prudent, Vincent Laino, Candace Brown and Heather O’Neal to receive their accolades. As each presentation was made, Dott read the following acknowledgement of the employee’s acheivement:

Attending Board Members
Attending Board Members
“Please accept our sincere congratulations and this commemorative pin in recognition of your first anniversary with The Regency Tower Association, Inc. Dependable employees like you have helped to make The Regency Tower one of the best condominiums on the Galt Mile.”

Well Done Cake
"Well Done" Cake
At this point, each letter was tailored to reflect the employees' job title, expressing their supervisor's satisfaction with their efforts and a recommendation that their empolyment continue. Each letter ended with:

“On behalf of the Association, we extent our best wishes to you. We are certain you will continue to improve and celebrate more years here.”

Dott Awards Vincent Laino
Vincent Laino
Dott Awards Heather O’Neal
Heather O’Neal
Dott Awards Candace Browm
Candace Brown
Fellow employees celebrate awards
Fellow Employees Help Celebrate Peers Recognition

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