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Treasurer Bill Tennenbaum Gives Financial Update
Bill - 3 Delinquent Accounts
The meeting of The Regency Tower Board was called to order at 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday, December 11, 2007 in the Meeting Room of The Regency Tower by the President.

Roll Call - The roll call showed the following Board Members present: Iris Anastasi, Eric Berkowitz, Dee Lanzillo, Fern McBride, Bob Nagle, Dott Nicholson-Brown and Bill Tennenbaum (via speakerphone).

Reading of Minutes - The minutes of the meeting of The Regency Tower CY2008 Budget Presentation Meeting held on November 8, 2007 were read. Iris Anastasi made a motion to approve the minutes as read, seconded by Bill Tennenbaum, unanimously approved.

Financial Report - Treasurer Bill Tennenbaum gave a detailed report reflecting the Association’s financial position as of December 11, 2007. (Reported financial details are available to Regency Tower owners in our newsletter, the “Regency Tower Times”. - editor)

There are three (3) accounts currently in collection with our attorney.

A motion was made by Dee Lanzillo to accept the Treasurer’s Report, seconded by Eric Berkowitz, unanimously approved.

Report on Reserves Vote - The Secretary reported the Limited Proxy results as follows:

  • Limited Proxy forms returned: 136
  • Valid proxy forms: 133
  • Invalid proxy forms: 3
  • Number voting YES to Fully Fund Reserves: 10
  • Number voting NO to Fully Fund Reserves: 123

Sixty-seven (67) owners did not return proxy forms. The three invalid proxy forms were due to incorrect signatures. Please be sure that the designated voter on your voting certificate in the office is the person signing all proxies or ballots so your vote can be counted.

Secretary Fern McBride
Secretary Fern McBride
Board Vote on CY2008 Budget -
Fern McBride made a motion that the Calendar Year 2008 Budget as presented at the November 8, 2007 Board Meeting, amended on December 4, 2007 be approved, seconded by Dee Lanzillo, unanimously approved.

The Treasurer responded to questions regarding the budget.

Also, the Treasurer responded to a question regarding a timeline for painting that a decision has not been made yet.

Committee Reports - President Nicholson-Brown then called for Committee Reports. Click Here to read the Committee Reports.

New Business - President Nicholson-Brown indicated that there was no New Business.

Announcements/Open Discussion -

  • The President announced that parking space #81 has been sold through the auction process for $32,500.

  • The President thanked Round Table members, Board members, Committee Chairs and Committee members, and Employees for their work and dedication this past year.
  • Questions during open discussion were addressed regarding budget, security, recycling, percentage of lessees, apartment 1701, and web site listings.

Adjournment - A motion was made by Iris Anastasi and seconded by Eric Berkowitz to adjourn the meeting at 3:40 p.m.; unanimously approved.

Fern McBride
Board Secretary

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“Daring ideas are like chessmen moved forward;
they may be beaten, but they may start a winning game.”

- Goethe

  .: Aloha :.,
Regency Tower Board President Dott Nicholson-Brown
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Johann Wolfgang
von Goethe
We are very fortunate here at The Regency Tower to have had a Board of Directors for the past seven years who, like Goethe, have not been reluctant to try daring ideas and yet get along well enough to maintain a close viable working relationship. There are several associations along the Galt Mile which are not so fortunate.

Holiday cheer is in the air! Our decorations are absolutely gorgeous. When I walk or drive back to the building I see a winter wonderland. Johnny and Tony did a great job in decorating the outside areas surrounding our building with lights and lovely designs. Candace, Marc and Margie decorated the tree and interior areas. It is beautiful! I feel like a kid in a Candy Shoppe.

Employee’s Holiday Party

Employee’s Holiday Party Employee’s Holiday Party On Friday, December 14th the employees enjoyed a wonderful holiday party. Thanks to Cindy for taking charge of the shopping, food, gifts and delegating various responsibilities. The food was home cooked by her, Carlos and others this year versus purchasing catered food. Fun was had by all. Also, thanks to the Employee Holiday Fund committee; Fern McBride, Carole Rigney and Jim Rigney for all their efforts in collecting, counting and equitably distributing the funds donated by the residents. Lastly, thanks to you, the residents for your generosity.


Galt Mile Community Association Security Patrol Galt Mile Community Association Security Patrol Residents should be certain to take their keys with them at all times. After office hours, in an emergency, the maintenance chair, Dee Lanzillo will open the door from 4-8 p.m. The Security Chief, Carlos, will return to the building IF NECESSARY after 8 p.m. However, forgetting one’s key is not an emergency. Guest or residents arriving without keys will have to get a motel room until they can have a key made.

Suggestion: Leave a key with a neighbor or in a hidden area outside your apartment.

The Round Table

November 1st Meeting Members in attendance on November 1st were: Rafael Allequez, Shirley Appelman, Laszlo Bandi, Betty Burns, Stephen Collins, Dr. Christy Feneck, Mike O’Carroll, Jim Rigney, Jean Veitch and Ad Wilson. Excused were: Ron Forment, Tom Palumbo, Anne Petroe and Debi Tinsley. Board members present were: Fern McBride and Bob Nagle.

Return Properly Labeled Hazardous Waste Barrel to the Trash Room
Betty - Return Hazardous
Waste Barrel to Trash Room
Rafael suggested that Recycling Committee consider additional items to be recycled. Note: There is a dire need for volunteers on this committee as the 2 existing members are snow birds. Rafael also stated that we need larger tarp to cover hallways when work is being done in units especially in front of units to preserve our new carpeting. He suggested that Maintenance do daily periodic checks throughout the remodeling work. Jim informed the group that regarding Comcast, he purchased two (2) signal boosters for his television sets and they work very well. Also, he is happy that Turtle season has ended. Bob explained that we have a three year contract with Comcast. Chris expressed concern about not receiving certain channels. He was told he needed the digital service. Mike inquired about the painting of the building and if cabana color would be changed. Note: No decision has been made regarding date of painting. Since 2/3 of the cabanas are already oyster with burgundy trim, we do not plan to ask owners to change them. As, information, several owners have either moved or decided for other reasons to give up their space. The waiting list has been shortened from 1–2 years to a few months. If you wish to have cabana space in the future, kindly call Cindy and place your name on the list. Stephen asked if the Association has considered a Window Cleaning contract for all windows. Note: Dott is looking into this. It will require a licensed contractor with swing stages and 2-3 people with 1-2 on the outside while there is one working inside. Also, this would have to be put into the budget. Several owners highly recommended Don at 954-522-2626. This is strictly a personal decision as the Association does not have proof of license and insurance. Betty requested that the Hazardous Waste Barrel be returned to the outside of the Trash Room and properly labeled so residents will know where to place hazardous material such as batteries, etc. She also requested that a sign be posted in the Laundry Room asking residents to leave Dryer Door open so Dryer Drum may dry out. Laszlo also asked about a Comcast problem which had been resolved. Ad asked about the process of handling group suggestions (they are given to various departments unless Board input is required). She also would like to have the carts returned to the North side. Note: These were removed to eliminate the complaint from an owner that we were scratching his car. Also, she would like to return to placing carts in elevators, versus having to return them to the basement. Note: This was eliminated when ¾ of our carts disappeared and also when we instituted professionalism into the Security Department wherein no guard is to leave his post to perform errands. She asked about North and South lobby being left open so people may bring in luggage and carts. Note: This is against Fire Department regulations. It is suggested that residents come to the North Lobby doors and ring the buzzer. It is only a few steps for the guard to let you in. Jean asked again about the hose on the sand. Shirley is pleased and had no further comments.

Galt Mile Presidents Council

Click to Netwerx Systems Galt Mile Community Association The Galt Mile President’s Council met at 7:30 p.m. Monday, November 12, 2007 at South Point Condominium. Steve Scotto, President of Netwerx Systems, Inc. explained the high speed internet system his company is offering. Eric has already sent out memos to residents of The Regency Tower to indicate it they are interested. Commissioner Christine Teel spoke about the city being in tough negotiations with the Police and Fire Departments. Pio Iieraci spoke about his trip to Brazil with Governor Crist and stated that the Governor indicated he is in favor of the Beach Re-Nourishment project.

Silver Linings

Benjamin Disraeli
Benjamin Disraeli
In closing, let us remember that a condo association community is like a small city. A city requires leaders who can create a picture in which the majority can see themselves in contentment and harmony. Benjamin Disraeli stated: “the secret of success is constancy to purpose.” From the many letters and calls we receive, it is apparent that we have succeeded in this for seven years.

Muchas Gracias for the Greeting Cards, compliments and letters of support.

Happy Chanukah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy New Year.

Pablo Verol
Pablo Verol
Our life is a mosaic which we construct in our Lifetime. The Good, the Bad, the Beautiful, The Ugly. Our Triumphs; our Defeats, our Laughter and our Tears trying to Obtain a Balance to put into Perspective our Achievements and Failures. But the pieces that are missing are the most Beautiful because those are: Our Dreams, Our Hopes and Our Victories.
- Pablo Verol

Aloha – I love you

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Architectural Review & Construction Committee
Eric Peter Berkowitz

Construction Committee Chair Eric Peter Berkowitz Gives Report
During the past two months, 6 interior rehabilitation applications and two revisions were submitted, approved and returned within 48 hours. This administration has stressed the importance of ensuring that interior renovations never present an owner’s neighbors with long term problems due to construction violations. Included in the Architectural Review process we developed is a strict prohibition against installing flooring without the appropriate noise mollification measures. Historically, the only association-approved sound underlayments added from ¼” to ½” to the height of the floor - occasionally creating residual tripping hazards. During the past few years, we investigated many new technologies compliant with the criteria defined in our documents and approved several products for use. The incremental height to floor levels added by the new underlayments is structurally negligible and unnoticeable.

Click to Proflex Web Site One of the new products, Proflex 90, was recently approved for use in the plan submitted by one of our owners. Following the post-installation onsite photographic inspection mandated in our rules, we will assess the product and report its overall effectiveness in a future meeting. Thank you for your kind attention.


Maintenance & Housekeeping Committee
Dee Lanzillo


  1. Maintenance Chair Dee Lanzillo has been EXTREMELY BUSY!
    Dee - Extremely Busy!
    Pavers on North Parking lot have been repaired with a minimal cost to our association.

  2. Two new fixtures have been installed on upper deck at pool area.

  3. New Heater Motor installed in pool pump room.

  4. New motor installed in garage exhaust system for ventilation.

  5. Commercial vacuum cleaner has been purchased to repair the old one that was inoperable.

  6. All stairwells have been cleaned and bulbs changed with energy efficient lighting.

We have had three of our employees resign within the last month; Ernest, Eddie and Nesly. Ernest has moved to Canada to live and work; Eddie and his wife have returned to Germany to be reunited with their family; and Nesly, I am happy to say, has decided to further his education and has enrolled for college to begin January 4, 2008. We wish them all success and happiness.

Tony Liano, Rocky Eduardo and John Coleman
Tony Liano, Rocky Eduardo and John Coleman
Join the Regency Tower Maintenance Crew
We have hired three new employees to replace them. Replacing Ernest in Housekeeping is Rocky Eduardo. In maintenance, Eddie has been replaced by Tony Liano. In the pool and beach area, John Coleman has replaced Nesly. We are very fortunate to have found these men whom I feel are doing a great job. Thanks to all our maintenance people.

Marc, John and Eddie Built BBQ
Marc, John and Eddie Built BBQ
At this time I would personally like to thank Johnny Sala for his many efforts to design and build the new beautiful Barbeque Pit that he, Eddie and Marc worked on. If we had to hire a mason for this project it would have cost a few thousand dollars. Needless to say the cost was very reasonable. Again guys, a job well done by all.

Thanks to John and Tony for the lovely Christmas decorating of our building outside areas. Many thanks to Candace, Margie Nagle and Marc for the decorations in the lobby and mailroom. It is wonderful to have such great people who care enough to volunteer wherever they are needed.

I would like to thank all of my staff for making my job a very pleasant one.



I would like to thank Marc, Rocky and John Coleman for all of their hard work in maintaining our property. Rocky cleans floors 20 thru 11 as well as all storage rooms. He also cleans the laundry room and all equipment to make sure it is spotless.

Marc has lobby, exercise room, office, meeting rooms, bathrooms and window cleaning, as well as floors 10 thru the lobby.

John Coleman maintains the pool, beach area, cabanas, game room, bathroom to pool as well as landscaping in pool and beach area.

Many thanks to the three of you.


Screening Committee
Margie Nagle

(Report read by the Secretary)

Screening Committee Chair Margie Nagle Thanks Committee Members for their Dedication
Volunteers Wanted
The following screenings were held in November:

  • Apt. 1902 sold to Mario & Raffaella Rollo;
  • Apt. 1901 sold to Reeta Luthra;
  • Apt. 110 sold to Richard & Barbara Tansky;
  • Apt. 1805 sold to Lindsey Mazza & Brad Silvers;
  • Apt. 1005 sold to Richard Caso.

Screenings held in December:

  • Apt. 1510 leased to Mike Fici;
  • Apt. 211, additional lessee Esther Forget;
  • Apt. 2008 leased to Terry L. Johnson.

Volunteers are needed to serve on the Screening Committee. Please contact Margie Nagle, Chairperson.

Margie Nagle reported that there was one screening since the last meeting: Peter Lagadas was screened as the lessee for Unit #403.


Security Report
Carlos Pereira, Chief of Security

New Security Chief Carlos Pereira
(Report read by the Secretary)

Once again, I would like to start my report expressing my gratitude to be able to work here under this Board of Directors and their guidance and trust, helping us in our daily duties. The holidays are here and with them our building population expands to our maximum capacity. Our security and safety procedures are already in place ready to be tested. Our staff is completely devoted to serve, protect and assist you and continue keeping this building to be “The Safest and most Secure” building on the Galt.

Again, without your assistance our hard work won’t count. Therefore, if you have any ideas, suggestions and/or comments, please give them to the Board of Directors. If approved, they will present them to us - improving our daily operation.

So, we are here with open arms to welcome you all back.

Have a nice and safe holiday season, with peace, health and prosperity for you and all your family and friends.

Safety tip: If you intend to entertain guests for a few days please stop by the front desk and fill out a guest registration form and if it applies, get a parking permit for their car. This will help us to keep everything under control and improve your security procedures.


We Care Committee
Ofelia Alleguez

Ofelia Alleguez’s report read by the Secretary:

We Care Committee Chair Ofelia Alleguez of Regency Tower Angel Squad
Ofelia Alleguez - Regency

  • Mrs. Nancy Corse (2002) – passed away at home in Pennsylvania; note on bulletin board, card sent; trees planted in her memory.

  • Mrs. Jose Greco (905) – was taken to Holy Cross Hospital; note on bulletin board, card sent.


  • Mrs. Kitty Vernoy – Gloria Reilly’s mother (109) – was taken to Holy Cross Hospital; note on bulletin board, card sent.


Web Site Committee
Eric Peter Berkowitz

Stay Current - Keep Informed
Eric Peter Berkowitz
Check Around Town
The Regency Tower web site had 81041 hits and 1726 unique site visits in October. In November, we had 82253 hits and 1653 first timers. Countries other than the United States from which the most November hits were sourced are Uruguay, Canada, Argentina, Hungary, Australia, Chile, United Kingdom, Austria, Ireland, India, Mexico, Sweden, Italy, Finland, Germany, Malaysia, Netherlands, Brazil, Norway, Portugal, Japan and Estonia..

Following the October 18th Board Meeting, meeting minutes, new business, committee reports, and Notices & Reminders joined Dott Nicholson-Brown’s Presidents Report on the web site. On November 14th, the October 2007 Meeting Minutes were shifted to the archives and replaced with the minutes from the November Budget Presentation.

Around Town News Blurbs on the Home Page are linked to the articles they describe. Those blurbs that go back more than one year have been excised. The articles, however, are still available in the site’s archives. Unlike the always current “Around Town” section on the Home Page, past minutes, former Presidents Reports and important events are also preserved and continue to be accessible in the archives.

Poem and Joke Stuff The Weather section on the Special Updates page continues to receive thousands of hits from people seeking local forecasts and storm warnings - despite the conclusion of Hurricane season. It is easily accessed from the graphic link on the Home Page menu. Candle Lighting Times were also added to the Home Page. The “Poem and Joke” page, which has been left undisturbed as a tribute to the late Helen Quinlan, will be yanked unless some fresh material is submitted or if people email some indication that they prefer that it remain as an ongoing memorial to Helen. Conversely, I would like to invite input from residents as to what they would enjoy or find useful as a replacement.

Save Money on High Speed Internet Service
Save a Bundle
We are still collecting responses from residents about whether or not they want the association to make available voluntary inexpensive high-speed internet access. Voting for the service does not mean that you want to participate, only that you would like to have it available. No one that votes “YES” will have to pay for the service unless they actually decide to use it – if and when it becomes available. If you have not sent your response to the office, please do so immediately. If you misplaced the inquiry letter, you can pick up a replacement in the office. Thank you for your kind attention.


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Please do not put a deadbolt on if you are living alone. If there is an emergency, Association employees nor Emergency Medical Technicians can get in. This has caused a delay in getting help to residents in the past.

Absentee Procedure

If you are absent for more than 3 (three) days the following should be done:

  1. Shut off all water.
  2. Remove everything from balcony.
  3. Complete two copies of absentee card – 1 to Security and 1 to office.

Manufacturers recommend that you do not turn off your refrigerators. The gaskets dry out. It only uses a very small amount of electricity.

Service Contracts

Click to Mr. Appliance Web Site You may add the following to the list of Contractors for plumbing, air conditioning, appliances, etc. presented in the October News Letter.

Add to this List:

We would appreciate feed back on any contractors on the list.


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Annual Holiday Fund for Employees

The Holiday Season is upon us and, as is our custom, we are asking everyone to contribute to the Regency Tower Employees’ Holiday Fund for 2007. This fund shows our appreciation to all members of our staff for everything they have done during the past year to make living at the Regency Tower comfortable and pleasant.

The total amount received will be divided among all members of our staff. Although many residents give more, a minimum of $50.00 is suggested. We thank you for your generous response to this request.

Please make your check payable to “R. T. Employees’ Holiday Fund” and deposit it into the HOLIDAY FUND box on the Security Desk. If you are not in residence, please mail your contribution addressed to: Regency Tower Employees’ Holiday Fund by December 1, 2007 TODAY so that distribution may be made at the Employees’ Holiday Party on Friday, December 14th at Noon.

Our committee wishes you and your family a joyous Holiday Season, as well as happiness and good health throughout the coming year.

Please keep in mind that many of our employees extended themselves far beyond their respective “job descriptions” before, during and after every emergency. Their actions contributed heavily to moderating the inconvenience and damage costs faced by our Association during and after each hurricane, when the garage door was on the fritz, during every flood, and during dozens of other instances that pass unnoticed because they do their job so well. This is an opportunity for each of us to show our gratitude and reward their dedication. Please DON’T ALLOW IT TO PASS without being heard from - editor

Employee Holiday Fund Committee

Fern McBride
Carole Rigney
Jim Rigney

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