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Treasurer Bill Tennenbaum Gives Financial Update
Bill - One Delinquent Account
After open discussion with the owners, the meeting of The Regency Tower Board was called to order at 3:10 p.m. on Tuesday, September 26, 2006 in the Meeting Room of The Regency Tower by the President.

Secretary Fern McBride
Secretary Fern McBride
Roll Call -
The roll call showed the following Board Members present: Iris Anastasi, Eric Berkowitz, Fern McBride, Dott Nicholson-Brown and Bill Tennenbaum.

Reading of Minutes - The minutes of a special meeting of The Regency Tower Board of Directors held on August 1, 2006 were read. Eric Berkowitz made a motion to approve the minutes as read, seconded by Bill Tennenbaum, unanimously approved

The minutes of the meeting of The Regency Tower Board of Directors held on May 16, 2006 were read. Iris Anastasi made a motion to approve the minutes as read, seconded by Eric Berkowitz, unanimously approved.

Appointment of Board Members - Due to the untimely deaths of Pablo Verol and Louise C. Collins, it was necessary to appoint two new Board members.

Dee Lanzillo Joins Board
Dee Lanzillo
Joins Board
Eric Berkowitz made a motion that we appoint Maria “Dee” Lanzillo to fill the vacancy of Pablo Verol’s Board member position until the date of the next Annual Meeting in March 2007. The motion was seconded by Fern McBride, and unanimously approved.

Bob Nagle Joins Board as Assistant Treasurer
Bob Nagle
Assistant Treasurer
Iris Anastasi moved that we appoint Robert “Bob” Nagle to be the Assistant Treasurer and to fill the vacancy of Louise C. Collins’ Board member position until the date of the next Annual meeting in March 2007. The motion was second by Eric Berkowitz, and unanimously approved.

Election of Vice President - Fern McBride nominated Eric Berkowitz to serve as Vice President of The Regency Tower Board of Directors; seconded by Bill Tennenbaum; unanimously approved.

Financial Report - Treasurer Bill Tennenbaum gave a detailed report reflecting the Association’s financial position as of September 25, 2006. (Reported financial details are available to Regency Tower owners in our newsletter, the “Regency Tower Times”. - editor)

There is one delinquent account at this time that is in collection with our attorney.

The Treasurer stated there are numerous delinquent accounts for the Hallway Assessment. This is shameful to hear after listening to owners complain about getting the hallways done for the past 2 years. While some are only delinquent a small amount, others are delinquent for the entire amount.

A motion was made by Eric Berkowitz to accept the Treasurer’s Report; seconded by Iris Anastasi, unanimously approved.

Committee Reports - President Nicholson-Brown then requested the Committee Reports. Click Here to read each report in its entirety.

New Business - President Nicholson-Brown indicated that there was no New Business.

Announcements -

  • Delinquent Hallway Assessments will be processed in the same manner that we handled the Hurricane Window delinquencies (forwarded to our attorney), which proved to be successful.

  • Gratitude was expressed to Liz Urbano for her hard work and dedication to the Hallway project; and to Dee Lanzillo for all the hours and work she has graciously become involved in.
  • Prior to the adjournment, a moment of silence was offered for Louise Collins, Pablo Verol and Helen Quinlan.

Adjournment - A motion was made by Iris Anastasi and seconded by Bill Tennenbaum to adjourn the meeting at 3:50 p.m.; unanimously approved.

Fern McBride
Board Secretary



Unity Poet James Dillet Freeman - Click Here for Entire Poem
“Unity” Poet James
Dillet Freeman
“They have put on invisibility.
Dear Lord, I cannot see –
But this I know...
That you will take them gently by the hand,
And lead them on. Along the road of life that never ends,
And they will find it is not death but dawn...”

- James Dillet Freeman

  .: Aloha :.,
Regency Tower Board President Dott Nicholson-Brown As most of you are already aware, The Regency Tower lost three wonderful Association members during the last few months. Helen Quinlan, an original owner passed away in July; Pablo Verol, our beloved Vice President and a long time Board member in August and Louise C. Collins, a kind and loving Board Director since 2001, passed 3 weeks later. My short description of each is as follows:

  • Helen: Humorous until the end
  • Pablo: Wise and Faithful
  • Louise: Unconditionally Loving

Awesome Threesome THE AWESOME THREESOME Awesome Threesome

We salute the awesome threesome.

Galt Mile Presidents Council Meetings

Galt Mile Community Association Presidents Council There were no meetings during the summer. The next meeting is scheduled for October 9th. The Galt Mile Advisory Council met on Thursday September 21st. Fort Lauderdale Commissioner Teel advised that a serious building fire occurred due to a paper shredder having been left plugged in during the residents’ absence. Be forewarned. Also Broward County Commissioner Scott stated that Portability Taxes will be on the ballot in November.

The Round Table

June 1st Meeting - In lieu of my usual item by item report for June, we have included Eric’s humorous and informative report of the June meeting. He details the importance and significance of The Round Table very well. There were no meetings during July and August.

Click Here to read Eric’s report!

September 7th Meeting - - Members in attendance were: Rafael Alleguez, Shirley Appelman, Laszlo Bandi, Betty Burns, Ron Forment, Dee Lanzillo, Mike O’Carroll, Tom Palumbo, Jim Rigney, Debi Tinsley and Ad Wilson. Excused were: Bob Nagle, Anne Petroe and Jean Veitch.

Jim Rigney’s - Guests Rules and Regulations - given to all guests when they sign in
Jim - “Hold Harmless”
Form Now Includes
Personal Deliveries
The issue of residents using the garage parking spaces of absent owners during the threat of Hurricane Ernesto was raised. Previously, a letter was sent to all owners requesting permission for such use. Despite the non-receipt of authorization, several residents forcibly drove their cars into owners’ spaces. During the meeting it was emphasized that an authorization fax or letter must be on file as garage parking spaces are private, deeded property (same as an owners’ apartment).

Rafael brought up the necessity of protecting our new carpeting from damage caused by contractors and “do-it-yourself” residents. Dott stated this has already been discussed with Johnny and also Liz, who will check with the carpet manufacture. Jim discussed the occurrence of Security not accepting a personal package for him and suggested we create a “Hold Harmless” Agreement Form as do other buildings along the Galt Mile. The Board already has such a form but now will include PERSONAL DELIVERIES. He also mentioned that he heard complaints regarding the Laundry room equipment. Dee stated equipment had been repaired and new A/C unit purchased but not installed. Mike stated more diligence is needed in keeping pool area clean; replacing benches in BBQ area and repairing chain on shower at beach entrance. Dee explained maintenance is being utilized for hall demolition resulting in less time for normal duties, but this will be attended to. Betty stated she’s looking forward to the newly renovated hallways. Debi mentioned the table in S/E corner of the pool area needs repair and discussed her husband Dave, chasing intruders from the Pool area. Dott will discuss with Carlos a change in the camera set-up. Laszlo congratulated Eric on the website and questioned method of updates. Ad inquired re landscaping and landscape maintenance and suggested utilizing a Maintenance employee for maintenance after replanting. She also stated awning area still needs work and suggested wall in garage area be painted a deeper color than the building. Shirley stated Winn Dixie carts left on our property presents a safety hazard. We have continually requested that owners NOT bring carts over. Tom mentioned several complaints – leaves in parking drain area, soda bottles, cans, cups left in area by contractors, urine at north door, Security roving, landscaping, awning, etc. Ron had no comments.

Silver Linings

Hallway Renovation during the past month has brought many positive and some negative reactions and comments. I agree with Bill, our Treasurer, who stated that after several years of complaints about the deteriorating hallways he is astounded that there would be any resistance to the project. Liz has put together a beautiful project. So I ask that everyone wait until the entire project is completed before commenting. This reminds me of a story told by my mother about some people watching a bunch of frogs climb up a steep, vertical hill. Each person loudly said “you’ll never make it”. Every time they went a little further, the same comment was loudly proclaimed until one by one the frogs fell off. Finally one lone frog got to the top. When he was asked “How did you succeed?” he said “I’m sorry, I can’t hear you.” The moral: Negative comments can affect the outcome. I have to smile as I write this because I need to remember this story for my own benefit. At any rate, when you return this winter, you will be pleasantly surprised. Oh, and by the way, please send the balance of your hallway assessment pronto, as the shipment of the final items (ceiling tiles and carpeting) is on the way!

  “There are only two ways to live life.
    One is as though nothing is a miracle.
    The other is as though everything is a miracle.”    - Albert Einstein

I believe in miracles.

Aloha – I love you



Architectural Review & Construction Committee
Eric Peter Berkowitz

Construction Committee Chair Eric Peter Berkowitz Gives Report
The damage we suffered during Hurricane Wilma affected our roof, our fences, our balconies, deck elements, structural elements, exterior lighting, exterior windows and doors, exterior video equipment and deck furnishings. While we experienced damage in many of the same areas as our neighbors, the damage to each area was substantially less than sustained in neighboring buildings. The minimal damage was attributable to two factors. It was primarily moderated by the implementation of a detailed, comprehensive preparation plan. While no Galt Mile association successfully fulfilled every aspect of their emergency preparations by the time that Hurricane Wilma struck, we were one of a small minority that completed every major provision. Our second advantage, while not as contributive to mitigating damages as adequate preparation, also saved us a bundle. Whenever possible, Regency Tower residents and employees reacted quickly to emergency situations, limiting the prospective damage.

Although the excellent preparations and the timely response of our volunteers and employees minimized our damage, it also presented an unexpected dilemma. The statewide damages consumed every scrap of construction industry resources. Highly competitive independent building trades like electricians, carpenters and plumbers became busy for months in advance. Construction trades dependent upon product availability such as window and door installers, roofing contractors, concrete rehabilitation companies, fence and railing installers and lighting contractors were perpetually scheduled for 8 months to a year. The unexpected demand that overwhelmed these contractors carried some surprise secondary effects. This sudden wealth of available business allowed them to cherry pick contracts, eliminating much of the savings ordinarily derived of competition. It also radically changed the scheduling criteria historically followed by these contractors.

Building trades are generally scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. With minor exceptions, you could count on the contractor starting your job before those of customers whose contracts were executed subsequent to yours. To maximize their return, many contractors revised this longtime practice. Instead, they assign available resources to the most lucrative contracts and service others on a catch as catch can basis. For example, they will assign the same two-man crew to a $23,000 job they landed last week before they perform some $1200 repair they promised four months earlier. They eventually treat these orphan jobs as fill-ins. If a manufacturing snafu delays a lucrative installation, they’ll reassign the temporarily unoccupied crew to catch up on these less remunerative contracts.

These same scheduling adjustments were applied to warranty obligations, only more so. Driven by the motivation to maximize profits during this highly lucrative window of opportunity, vendors prioritized warranty repairs behind low value jobs. This construction feeding frenzy placed Regency Tower in a very precarious position. The laudable preparations and quick reactions that minimized damage also resulted in low-value, unattractive repair contracts. For each repair, we first had to overcome the unprecedented obstacle of finding a reputable contractor willing to accept the job. The challenge then became convincing them to treat our job with the same urgency as those baited with big paydays. While low-value contracts barely attract a vendor’s interest, warranty repairs repel them.

Click to Campany Roofing Web Site Following Hurricane Wilma, Campany Roofing evaluated our damage and performed emergency repairs. However, to repair the eviscerated cove capping lining the mechanical room roof, brace the protective flashing that lines its base and replace the detached downspout, they would have to return after fulfilling an order placed for the necessary materials. Upon contacting them in March after a two month hiatus, we learned that the company was sold in January and new owner, Jim Newell, was unaware of our job. Despite being booked through December, 2006, Mr. Newell agreed to fulfill Campany’s commitment to perform the minor repairs we required. Campany finally addressed our roof repairs during June and July, replacing a downspout, the cove capping covering the west perimeter wall of the mechanical room roof, the base flashing lining its outer wall and adding extra support to every element loosened during Wilma.

Click to SPS Web Site We had similar difficulty addressing our concrete repairs. When our engineer solicited bids for the scope of work he composed, he was summarily refused by every reputable concrete rehabilitation contractor. To elicit greater interest, we combined the fence replacement and balcony repairs with the concrete repairs to increase the overall contract value. Although this gambit did produce one bid, it was extremely inflated. The fees charged by the general contractor to oversee what was mostly subcontracted work practically doubled the cost of the contract. Ultimately, we performed the minor repairs in-house except for a building column that our engineer recommended be addressed professionally. A previously hidden crack he found in the structural column just east of the North Lobby Entrance had inexorably eroded the foundation element below grade. After determining the full extent of the defect in June, Structural Preservation Systems (S.P.S.) was called on to fully expose the deterioration, install additional rebars to strengthen the repair and repour the column. By early July, they completed the concrete repair by coating it with a layer of stucco and reinstalling the adjacent pavers.

Click to Pro-tech Web Site Two persistent infiltrations were also finally repaired over the summer. A frustrating leak into the garage through the north deck expansion joint eluded targeting during months of water testing. By exposing the entire eastern half of the joint for rewaterproofing, the infiltration was finally plugged. After several days of water testing to confirm the repair’s adequacy, the adjoining pavers were replaced. That mountain of dirt that sat on our upper patio deck for seven months is also gone. Following months of waiting for waterproofing subcontractor Pro-tech to repair a leak from the upper patio deck planter through to the garage stairwell leading to the pool, S.P.S. was prevailed upon to fulfill their subcontractor’s warranty obligation. After further emptying the planter in July - as per waterproofing manufacturer Carlisle’s instructions - the entire eastern section of the planter was rewaterproofed. To preclude a future recurrence, termination bars were added to hold the reinstalled protection board in place. After a 24 hour drying period, the planter was flooded for 48 hours to water test the repair. Where necessary, the planter and wall were patched with stucco and repainted. These repairs were performed at no cost to the Association.

Click to Carlisle Waterproofing Web Site
Main Entrance - Stanley Doors
Main Entrance - Stanley Doors
Commensurate with our unit owners’ expectations of fully protecting the building from windstorm penetration and leveraging a more reasonable insurance premium, every common area is now fully compliant with new building construction codes. Over the summer, windows in the north lobby wall and the entry alcove seating area were replaced with large missile impact glazing. The North and South Lobby doors were also upgraded with new large missile impact glass products. Since they are networked into our fire safety system, keyless entry system and directly wired to remote access from the security desk, the impact products installed at the main entrance required internal solenoids and other advanced electronics. The complex installation of this specialty product was performed by its manufacturer, Stanley Door. We are awaiting an adjustment to the internal motor control prior to reattaching keyless entry access. Our lobby now boasts the highest degree of windstorm protection on the Galt Mile.

Click to Stanley Web Site Earlier this year, several drains along the North Parking deck were dislodged and broken. S.P.S. repaired two of them and replaced a third. Within two months, the replaced drain was again dislodged. Instead of repeating the previously unsuccessful repair attempt, they contracted a plumbing expert to oversee the installation. After raising the surrounding pavers to better protect its housing, the new drain was installed last week.

Click to Continental Management Web Site The balcony railing rehabilitation has passed the halfway point, moving to stack 7 on the north side. The entire south side of our building enjoys balcony railings that appear and perform as new. Each of the smaller central stacks require one week for preparation and one week for electrostatic coating application. The larger corner stack balconies take roughly twice as long to rehabilitate - from four to five weeks. To expedite progress, a second smaller swing stage was recently installed at stack 8 will also service stacks 9 and 10. The larger platform servicing stack 7 will move to stack 11 upon completion. Upon assignment by Continental Paint of a second crew to man the new scaffold, the project timetable should be cut in half. They’ve also agreed to consider working on Saturdays, trimming an additional 20% from the projected completion date. We are awaiting word from Continental as to when they hope to fully implement these changes. Two balconies accidentally damaged during the project were repaired by the Continental crew.

Click to Alufab Web Site Unexpectedly, the most difficult challenge was presented by our damaged fences and broken balcony railings. There are two categories of contractor that do fence and railing work. Most large metals manufacturers, such as Alufab, Carolina Metals and Arista, have fence and railing divisions. Since they manufacture the products to custom specifications, the final installation costs are extremely expensive. These contractors are ordinarily used by developers for new construction or when completely replacing an installed fencing system. We solicited a bid from aluminum manufacturer Alufab - the original manufacturer and installer of our balcony railings - anticipating that they would be able to repair their own railings. Instead of bidding the repairs as expected, they priced the railings for full replacement, claiming that they no longer manufacture our 7-year old railing style.

The second category is comprised of independent vendors that are conversant with the installation of any manufacturer’s products. This flexibility enables them to repair any fence or railing while limiting the major expense to those sections that need replacement. A comparison of bids revealed the cost differential between metal manufacturers and fence vendors to be almost 300%. The differential for balcony railing repairs is closer to 500%. The rationale is simple; the metals manufacturers replace everything with newly customized products while the independents need only replace the damaged sections, repairing the balance to full functionality. This huge price discrepancy has served to further heighten the already heavy demand for reputable independent fencing contractors. Appointment timetables, exacerbated by erratic manufacturing cycles, routinely stretch from eight to twelve months.

Click to Fence and Railing Depot Web Site After months of soliciting vendors, we finally executed a contract with Fence and Railing Depot in May. Since the unit owners whose balconies suffered damage were unsuccessful in finding legitimate repair contractors, we also asked that they service these owner’s balconies. Given the danger posed by unrailed balconies, we asked that they be addressed first. Since our fence strategy is based on enhancing post support, the contractor immediately set about bracing those fence sections slated for repair. Missing or damaged sections would wait until newly ordered replacements could be manufactured and coated.

Click to Swedgelock Web Site As Murphy’s Law would have it, this company was also covertly acquired by new management that was unaware of our contract. When this setback was discovered in July, the new proprietor checked our fence order with the manufacturer. Although manufacturer Swedgelock confirmed that an order was placed, it was incomplete. In August, new Fence and Railing Depot owner Bill Yerrick sent a crew to remeasure our fence requirements and finally order those sections of replacement fence for which the paperwork was “misplaced”. Disappointed and frustrated by these unforeseen delays, several alternatives were quickly explored. Calls to competitors yielded the prospect of six to eight month project starts. Even the manufacturer-installers projected minimal three month delays, despite trebling the cost. Given that these dilatory alternatives would further extend the repairs through December, we opted to continue with Fence and Railing Depot.

To demonstrate good faith following their oversight, Fence and Railing Depot expedited manufacture and delivery of the high priority replacement balcony railings – finally attending to the damaged units during July and August. During those months, the projected installation date for our fences was repeatedly postponed. Daily contact with company representatives finally revealed that they could only proceed after the newly ordered fence sections had been manufactured, coated and delivered. The manufacturer promised delivery by the week of September 25th. Company owner Bill Yerrick said that the installation of our fences and any final punch list adjustments to balcony railings would be accomplished within a few weeks, targeting the first week in November for completion.

That is how I spent my summer vacation. Thank you for your kind attention.

Hallways Report
Liz Urbano

Liz Urbano - Demolition Over
First, I want to thank everyone for their help and cooperation during the
Hallway renovation project. Our progress has been steady and without any major problems. We are past the demolition stage (with all the noise) and on a completion course with the painters, the tile installers, electrician, and we should begin the carpet installation the beginning of October. The final stages are the most important and we will soon be ready for your floor representatives to select the accessories for your individual floor.

There is a sample Hallway lobby completed in the 19th floor for you to inspect and get ideas for your accessories. I look forward to the successful and swift completion of this project. Once again, I thank you all for your help and patience during this process.

Welcome to new members; we will miss Louise
Iris Anastasi - Welcome
to New Members
Landscaping Committee
Iris Anastasi

The committee consists of Rafael Alleguez, Iris Anastasi, Fern McBride, Bob Nagle and Martin Rivas. Iris Anastasi and Fern McBride will serve as co-chairs. The committee is scheduled to meet on Wednesday, September 27th at 10:00 a.m. Welcome to our new members - we look forward to working with you.

Our previous committee was chaired by our dear friend and co-worker Louise Collins, who is sorely missed. We will endeavor to honor her memory with landscaping she would be proud of.

Maintenance & Housekeeping Committee
Dee Lanzillo & Ofelia Alleguez

Maintenance report given by Dee Lanzillo: The Maintenance personnel have been extremely busy over the summer. Some of the items accomplished are:

  1. Maintenance Chair Dee Lanzillo has been EXTREMELY BUSY!
    Dee - Extremely Busy!
    Completed interior construction of the Game Room;

  2. Stuccoed and painted North fire doors – Floors 1-20;

  3. Painted North stairwell doors and balconies – Floors 1-20;

  4. Installed diamond plate for fencing at pool and Northeast areas;

  5. Painted hall storage rooms on all floors;

  6. Removed and disposed of all items from A/C utility closets; painted the interior door with non-combustible paint; and

  7. Ofelia gives Housekeeping Report
    Performed demolition for hallway project.

Housekeeping report given by Ofelia Alleguez: Since our last report, we have started the remodeling of our hallways. As it was expected, there have been some changes in our housekeeping routine, since our employees are doing a lot of the work involved in this project in order to keep costs down. Our inspection of the building shows the staff are trying to keep everything as clean and neat as possible and doing a great job, considering the present situation.

Recreation Committee
Liz Urbano

Billiard Room grand opening
Game Room Grand Opening
Game Room: We finally finished our Game Room. Under Pablo Verol’s leadership, we completed the furnishing of the Game Room. We brought in ice cooled water to the bar. We also installed a pool table, a ping pong table, a bar, bar stools, a large screen TV, a spectator bench and paintings. The grand opening was held on June 15th at 6:30 p.m. Wine and cheese was served. It was well attended.

Exercise Room: Kindly remember not to bring any guests into the room unless a waiver has been signed.

Barbecue Grill: Reminder: Reservations must be made in advance for its use with payment of a $10.00 fee for maintenance and cleaning.

Screening Committee
Margie Nagle

Screening Committee Chair Margie Nagle Thanks Committee Members for their Dedication
Thanks Members
The following screenings were held in August & September:

  • Apt. 1511 – Joe Chiaramonte sold to Luciana Melucci

  • Apt. 1408 – Hal Cunningham sold to Amit Magan
  • Apt. 2001 – Frank & Jacqui Jodoin sold to Frank & Marilyn Onorato
  • Apt. 2004 – Charles & Nancy Nutter sold to Pierre & Claudette Pelletier

Security Report
Carlos Pereira, Chief of Security

New Regency Tower Security Chief Carlos Pereira
First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to all Owners, Lessees and Guests for all their input and suggestions given to me directly or through the Board of Directors. We always look forward to ways to improve the Safety and Security of this building.

New Video Security System
New Video Security System
As you already know, and some are living this experience every day, we are having a lot of projects going on at once. Because of that, the guards are instructed to do more roving than usual outside and especially inside the building. We increased, at least three times more, our presence on the floor hallways (2 -20) from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., when the bulk of our contractors are working in various parts of the building.

We installed a reinforced plastic orange fence until the fence contractor comes to install the fence, in an attempt to keep out uninvited people from our property through the beach, who jump to our lower deck. Also, we relocated our camera to focus and better view our property in the Northeast corner.

Be assured that I am, and all security guards are, working hard to accomplish our aim to make this building one of the most secure on the Galt. For this to be a reality, your daily cooperation is indispensable. Once again, thank you for your patience.

Safety Tip: When you finish using the machines in the laundry room, especially when you terminate usage before the machine cycle finishes, leave the door open (dryer or wash machine). When the clothes are taken out before the machine stops and you let them continue spinning, we are wasting energy and overheating the machines, which could start a serious and catastrophic fire.

Social Committee
Margie Nagle

The President announced that Margie Nagle will be serving as Chair of the Social Committee. Please contact Margie if you would like to be part of this committee.

We Care Committee
Ofelia Alleguez

Ofelia Alleguez reported the following:

We Care Committee Chair Ofelia Alleguez of Regency Tower Angel Squad
Ofelia Alleguez - Regency

  • Kitty Vernooy (Gloria Reilly’s mother) (109) – was at Holy Cross Hospital for a few days; note on bulletin board, card sent and plant given upon her return home.


  • Martha Sellas (802) – was at Holy Cross Hospital for a few days; note on bulletin board, card sent, chocolates given upon her return home.

  • Anthony Valenti (110) – passed away; note on bulletin board, card sent, perpetual masses sent in his memory.

  • Helen Quinlan (1903) – one of the original owners of our building and a long time permanent resident passed away after a long stay at Holy Cross Hospital. A memorial mass followed by a brunch in celebration of her life took place in our Rendezvous Room. Note on bulletin board, card and perpetual masses were sent in her memory.


  • Pablo Verol (1707) – passed away at Holy Cross Hospital. He was Vice President of the Board and a very enthusiastic worker on various committees. As our “artist in residence,” he left many of his works around our building. He will be remembered by his many friends. A memorial service took place on August 17th. Note on bulletin board, card sent, and trees were planted as a tribute to him.


  • Louise Collins (301) – passed away on September 9th at her home in Weston, Massachusetts. She was a member of the Board of Directors and an active member of many committees. She was one of the founders of our “We Care Committee.” She will be remembered for her friendly manner and sunny and pleasant personality. Note on bulletin board, card sent; a donation was sent to the Cancer Research Center, Massachusetts General Hospital, and trees were planted in her memory as a living tribute to her life.

Web Site Committee
Eric Peter Berkowitz

Stay Current - Keep Informed
Eric Peter Berkowitz
A Dark Month!
Since the May 16th Web Site Committee report, site utilization statistics are as follows. In June, the Regency Tower web site sustained 40,633 hits and 1,096 first time visitors (unique site visits). The number of hits during July was 50,122 and 1,072 first timers. In the month of August, the hits jumped to 63,588 while the number of unique site visits almost doubled to 2,142.

Click Here for Helen TributeClick Here to Pablo TributeClick Here to Louise Tribute
Click on Picture for Corresponding Tribute
Unfortunately, the information made available on the Regency Tower web site over the summer was peppered with distressing news. While progress was reported for projects designed to improve our home, Regency Tower suffered irreplaceable losses to the fabric that powers its spirit. Helen Quinlan passed away, sending a shock throughout the building, especially to those of us who suspected that Helen was immortal. Shortly thereafter, Pablo Verol was plucked from our midst overnight, and without warning. Toward the end of what seemed to be an interminably dark summer, Louise Collins succumbed to a long illness, depriving us of her charm, wit and other qualities that many of us had come to take for granted. While all life is important, these three added special dimension to all of our lives. Tributes to these Regency Tower legacies are posted on the web site. While I often receive emails commenting on issues and projects that are underway, the summer was predominated by expressions of sorrow, loss and love for Helen, Pablo and Louise. Judging from the sizable sympathetic response, the numbing loss of all three served to draw our community together, an occurrence that doubtless would have pleased all of them.

Click to National Hurricane Center The web site was also heavily utilized prior to, during, and subsequent to Tropical Storm Ernesto. In addition to updates reflecting our state of preparedness, there were hundreds of hits on several of the hurricane status and forecast resources at the bottom of the Special Updates page. It offers real-time advisories from the National Hurricane Center, up to the minute local forecasts by clicking on the Regency Tower weather console along with Atlantic and Pacific Hurricane activity graphics. To the right of the Hurricane advisories applet and the Hurricane links is a special resource that lists thumbnail graphics of every current Hurricane worldwide. Clicking on the thumbnail brings up a panorama of graphical and textual data about the named storm. Included are current 3 and 5-day forecast tracks, live satellite and radar pictures, wind speed, wave heights, thermal and barometric data and links to many other resources. During the next weather event – try it – you’ll like it!

A September 2nd entry on the home page links to an article that describes how Regency Tower and four of our neighbors worked together to avoid a repeat of the serious interbuilding damage caused by Hurricane Wilma. After establishing mutual preparation standards, the neighboring associations assisted one another to achieve an inclusive “zone of safety” while facing Ernesto. The underlying idea, by the way, came from our very own Round Table!

There is a section on the Home Page entitled “Around Town” that blurbs community events such as the monthly Sunday Jazz Brunch and Commissioner Christine Teel’s Galt Mile Pre-Agenda meeting. The summaries listed under the “Around Town” section are expanded upon in the Notices and Reminders page. Just click on the home page “Around Town” links to access the full data. Links on the Notices and Reminders Page will take you to dedicated web pages further explaining event details. An article explaining the steps taken to protect our lobby area from Hurricane intrusion is linked to another home page notice. It describes the installation order and the preventive disconnects established to protect our security electronics.

Whenever you need to check the progress of the Balcony Railing Rehabilitation Project, links from the home page will surf you to the section on the Special Updates page that follows the project’s progress. The completed stacks, the stack currently under construction and those that await attention are all color coded for easy identification. Upcoming Holidays are posted at the bottom of the Photo Gallery Page in addition to the Home Page sidebar. Thank you for your kind attention.




A Voice of Reason

Louise Collins

Regency Tower Board Member Louise Collins
Our Ms. Collins
September 10, 2006 - Another Regency Tower star has set. Following a prolonged illness, Regency Tower Board Member Louise Collins passed away on September 9th while at home in Weston, Massachusetts. It is not surprising that many Regency Tower residents were unaware that Louise suffered from a debilitating illness for the past few years. She never allowed her illness to slow her down. In addition to fulfilling her responsibilities as mother, grandmother and sister to a large and loving family, maintaining three residences, participating in the Newton Garden Club and serving on the Regency Tower Board of Directors, Louise was a vital component of several Association Committees and actively contributed to critical community projects. Between hospitalizations, when visiting her Regency Tower home, she steadfastly refused to allow her illness to alter the special friendships she had with everyone that knew and loved her.

Louise Collins with Regency Tower Board
Louise with Pablo, Fern, Iris, Eric, Bill and Dott
Louise was the most approachable member of our Board of Directors. Patient and sympathetic, she was available to everyone. Her blending of warmth with common sense often induced people speaking to Louise about some building issue to unreservedly ask her advice or assistance with deeply personal concerns. She treated everyone with respect and, in turn, was universally respected.

Louise at Social Committee Coffee Hour
At Social Committee Coffee Hour
Louise was mindful of accepting responsibilities that played to her strengths. She loved beautifying her environment and organizing events that brought people closer to one another. Her participation on the
Beautification Committee and Social Committee served as natural outlets for these innate proclivities. As Louise would naturally seek to comfort those of us undergoing personal difficulties in crisis situations, her work on the We Care Committee was also well-suited to her temperament.

Louise at 2001 Round Table
Louise at 2001 Round Table
Louise played key roles in every Committee for which she volunteered. Always a team player, she placed greater weight on achieving consensus than on promoting any personal agenda. An even-handed mediator, Louise invited and considered every participant’s opinion prior to finalizing any important decision. When occasional Committee confusion obscured or soured some result, Louise was always the first to announce the setback and took full responsibility for its having transpired.

Louise at 2001 Round Table
Fought for Our Rights
CA Day in Tallahassee
Our Ms. Collins regularly contributed to community improvements and neighborhood projects. She helped organize the community demonstration at the Hollywood Beach Convention Center to help rescue the threatened Broward County Beach Renourishment Project. With dozens of other Galt Mile residents, she traveled to Tallahassee in defense of Condo owner rights at the 2005 Community Association Day (CA Day) event. Louise regularly attended Galt Mile Community Association meetings, concentrating on issues aimed at beautifying the entire neighborhood and improving our lifestyle.

Not surprisingly, her family was undoubtedly her greatest source of joy. With late husband Robert F. Collins, Louise had five sons – Stephen M. of Weston, MA, Bryon R. and his wife Kathryn of Natick, MA, David C. and wife Kathleen of Burlington, VT, Robert J. and wife Allison of Pompano Beach, FL, and Sean C. of New York City. She had three sisters – Josephine Farina, Catherine Medaglia, and Olivia Nardone. Louise also enjoyed a healthy crop of Collins grandchildren – David Jr., Michael, Ryan, Casey, Amanda and Kyle Collins. As Matriarch, she presided over this sizable entourage from her three homes. In addition to her Regency Tower condo, Louise maintained residences at Weston and Humarock Beach in Massachusetts.

Funeral from the Andrew J. Magni & Son Funeral Home, 365 Watertown St., Rt. 16, NEWTON, was scheduled for Wednesday, September 13, at 11AM. A Funeral Mass in Our Lady Help of Christians Church, Newton, follows at 12 Noon. Interment in Newton Cemetery. Visiting Hours Tuesday 2-4, 7-9pm.

In lieu of flowers, memorial donations in Louise's name would be appreciated and may be made to:

  • Click Here to go to Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Research Center Cancer Research Fund
    Massachusetts General Hospital
    Development Office
    165 Cambridge St., Suite 600
    Boston, MA 02114
    Phone: 617-726-2200, Fax: 617-726-7661

Click Here to make your donation online! Click the "Online" box under "Cancer Research". When inserting your data, be sure to indicate that the donation is in memory of "Louise Collins". Altogether, it should take about 30 seconds!

Entrance Gates

Important: Do not allow an unknown person to enter onto our property through the South or Beach gates when you unlock the gates. We have had to remove a female from the pool area several times who stated she waits until a resident opens the gate and just walk in. Do not do this for your own safety.

Lobby Doors

All 3 lobby doors now have hurricane impact glass. This means that the Front Entrance Door is not as elegant as the previous one. That is because it is a Hurricane Door, not a fashionable Entrance Door. The Beautification/Landscaping Committee is checking into engraving the “RT” into the door again.


Our guards are obligated to challenge unknown persons who enter the building. This is a requirement of their “Bible” – the Security Handbook. So please do not get insulted, annoyed, belligerent, arrogant or abusive if they question you. It is for your safety and the safety of all residents.


PLEASE Do Not force large bags or items down the chute. It is cost prohibitive to clean or repair chute!


There seems to be a misunderstanding regarding the requirement for a $500.00 Service Elevator deposit. If you will need the Service Elevator for removal or delivery of any furniture, appliance, molding, etc. to or from your unit, you must:

  1. Reserve the Service Elevator.
  2. – Submit a check in the amount of $500.00 to the Administrative Office.
  3. – Have the appropriate Form located in the Security Office completed by the contractors, delivery person or owner.

As info just one item, (the strobe light Exit sign) is easily hit and costs approximately $550.00 to purchase and replace.

Information Alert

The Rules and Regulations are written by the Rules and Regulations Committee. They then present them to the Board of Directors. The Board then votes. Consequently, it is not one person deciding a specific rule.

Hurricane Emergency Hotlines

  • Fort Lauderdale: 954-828-8888
  • Broward County: 954-831-4000
  • State of Florida: 850-413-9900
  • Bell South: 877-737-2478
  • FP&L: 1-800-4-OUTAGE (1-800-468-8243)


Service Award pins were presented to the following employees; Nick Coutoupis for completing 5 years of commendable service; Jerry Garcia and Carl Richardson for one year each.

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