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After open discussion with the owners, the CY2007 Budget Presentation meeting of The Regency Tower Board was called to order at 7:10 p.m. on Thursday, November 9, 2006 in the Meeting Room of The Regency Tower by the President.

Roll Call - The roll call showed the following Board Members present: Iris Anastasi, Eric Berkowitz, Dee Lanzillo, Fern McBride, Bob Nagle, Dott Nicholson-Brown and Bill Tennenbaum.

Reading of Minutes - The minutes of the meeting of The Regency Tower Board of Directors held on September 26, 2006 were read. Bill Tennenbaum made a motion to approve the minutes as read, seconded by Eric Berkowitz, unanimously approved.

Budget Presentation

Bill Made Budget Presentation
his meeting is primarily to present the budget which will be mailed to all unit owners on November 10, 2006. The budget will be voted on by the Board at the December 12, 2006 Board Meeting.

Bob Nagle Joins Board as Assistant Treasurer
Bob Nagle
Assistant Treasurer
Recommendation: Insurance (Bob Nagle) -
Bob Nagle reported on the severe crisis facing owners in Florida. He mentioned the article in the Sun-Sentinel wherein Governor-Elect Charlie Crist stated insurance would be his top priority. In 1997, insurance was 27 percent of the buildings total costs. It is now 33 percent. Two years ago our property was appraised at $33 million. The appraisal dated September 2006 was at $39 million. When the value increase, the insurance increases. We are the only building on the Galt that actually has an offer from QBE, which is the only carrier for the Galt Mile. Everyone else was forced to get insurance from Citizens – the insurance of last resort which is funded by the State and is more expensive. As you will see when the Treasurer makes his presentation it is really a sad situation. There is no other carrier in the business that will come into the State of Florida. QBE is an A-rated company from Australia.

Recommendation: CY2007 Budget, Reserves (Bill Tennenbaum) - The Treasurer thanked the Finance Committee: Bob Nagle, Insurance, Ron Forment, Operational Expenses, Martha Sellas, Contracted Services, and Dott Nicholson-Brown, Administrative Costs (which include Salaries and Benefits).

  1. Administration – Salaries and Benefits - committee expects an increase in salaries and benefits from $463,592 to $485,094.

  2. Insurance & Taxes - The committee expects an increase from $144,370 to $443,365.
  3. Utilities - The committee expects a decrease in utilities from $160,800 to $154,500.
  4. Contracted Services - The committee expects a decrease in service contracts from $157,778 to $150,961.
  5. Operational Expenses - The committee expects an increase from $102,650 to $110,850.
  6. One Time Expenses - The committee expects a decrease from $41,671 to $6,500.
  7. Revenue - The committee recommended an increase of three (3) percent in quarterly maintenance.
  8. Reserves - The Finance Committee did not recommend any reserve funding due to the unusual nature of insurance for 2007. Instead, the Finance Committee recommended a 2007 Insurance Surcharge to be made by all owners averaging $907 in a prorated manner as prescribed by our Condo Documents (in two equal payments on 2/1/07 and 6/1/07). While we regret this surcharge, it is necessary due to the current insurance climate in the State of Florida in order to obtain “wind” coverage. We were fortunate to be the only building on the Galt to obtain this coverage through our current carrier, QBE. This is due to the extensive upgrades to our building including hurricane glass throughout all units and common areas.

Secretary Fern McBride
Secretary Fern McBride
Board Vote on CY2007 Recommendations -
Iris Anastasi made a motion to accept the recommendations of the Finance Committee for the CY2007 Budget; seconded by Dee Lanzillo, unanimously approved.

Committee Reports - President Nicholson-Brown then called for Committee Reports. Click Here to read each report in its entirety.

New Business - President Nicholson-Brown then called for New Business. Click Here to read New Business.

Announcements -

  • Please do not touch materials being used to renovate our hallways. A box of ceiling tiles was removed by one of our owners.

  • It was reported that a laundry cart is missing from the Laundry Room.
  • Ofelia Alleguez thanked the members of the Finance Committee for their hard work and dedication

Adjournment - A motion was made by Dee Lanzillo and seconded by Eric Berkowitz to adjourn the meeting at 8:15 p.m.; unanimously approved.

Fern McBride
Board Secretary



Architectural Review & Construction Committee
Eric Peter Berkowitz

Construction Committee Chair Eric Peter Berkowitz Gives Report
During the past two Hurricane Seasons, rooftop vent turbines all over the State were destroyed when blown off the roof to the ground. After this happened to Regency Tower during Hurricane Katrina, we incorporated the removal of our vent turbines into our storm preparations. When we attempted to replace the missing turbines, we discovered that manufacturers no longer made the 30" model. We explored adapting a 24" turbine to fit the 30" vents. The adapter added more than 1.5 feet to the overall height of the turbine; making the structure so tall that exposure to even ordinary winds would threaten to blow it off the roof. After exploring replacement alternatives, we opted to create an adapter that could utilize a 24" turbine over a 30" vent without increasing the structure’s vulnerability. On our request, the supervisor of Campany Roofing’s metal shop developed specifications and built a one inch adapter that met our requirements, thereby avoiding the need for an expensive reconstruction of the affected roof vents. The adapters were installed in late October. When the turbines are reinstalled after hurricane season, every stack will enjoy fully operational venting capabilities – without the threat of losing the turbine.

Aerial View of Regency Tower Fence Plan
Aerial View of Regency Tower Fence Plan
Our fences have finally been addressed. Following an adversarial “reorganization”, Fence and Railing Depot committed to completing the rehabilitation of perimeter and interior fences on the Regency Tower premises. After renegotiating an updated installation plan, the fence separating the South Parking Deck from the Upper Patio Deck was fully rehabilitated. Unlike some of its previous incarnations, this security fence has been meticulously constructed and enjoys certain marked improvements. As is apparent upon scrutiny, the new fence is level across the entire span. Even the fence segment that sits on our common perimeter wall with Galt Ocean Club has been appropriately height-adjusted to the security fence.

South Parking Deck Security Fence
South Parking Deck Security Fence
Not as noticeable is the significant upgrade to the new fence’s stability. The former 2-inch posts inserted 3 to 4 inches into the cinder block wall were replaced with 6 to 8 inch deep, 3-inch posts. That translates into a substantial increase in the amount of concrete supporting each post. The internal surface area of a 2 inch post is 4 square inches. The 2-inch post, inserted to a depth of 3 to 4 inches, yields 12 to 16 cubic inches of interior concrete support. Since the internal surface area of a 3 inch post is 9 square inches, when inserted to a depth of 6 to 8 inches, it yields 54 to 72 cubic inches of interior concrete support. Increasing the post width from 2 to 3 inches quadrupled the amount of interior concrete post support.

Click to Fence and Railing Depot Web Site Upon completion of the South Deck security fence, the contractor turned to the North Deck fence in an effort to thwart unrestricted trespasser access from the street to the beach. The North Deck fence is also anchored by 3-inch posts inserted 6 to 8 inches into the wall. However, the instability of the concrete wall that supports the fence had to be addressed. Examination of the fence damage after every storm revealed that while the fences remained intact, the cores they were posted into consistently cracked under the sustained wind and/or impact pressure. As such, a steel corset lining the easternmost garage wall will serve to prevent the reactive deterioration its predecessor suffered when pummeled by debris. The diamond plate flashing that’s firmly affixed to the wall helps distribute debris impacts throughout the entire wall as opposed to concentrating the stress on the posted cores. To save money, the flashing was installed by our own versatile maintenance department under the guidance of Fence and Railing Depot.

Regency Tower Pool Fence
Regency Tower Pool Fence
Steel bars brace every post supporting the pool and seawall fence, the backdoor component to our fence security system. They were discretely installed behind the posts, deliberately hidden to avoid imbuing the railing with an industrial appearance. As with the fences on the North and South Parking Decks, the vast majority of the damage during the past two years resulted from inadequate support. While the fences held together, the posts were ripped from their cores. The 36 year old seawall is marginally capable of anchoring the fence by itself during severe windstorm events. The 3-inch wide steel braces buttressing the posts will better distribute any impact pressure over a much greater area, relieving the overburdened cores that have consistently proven to be the weakest link in our fence system.

Rehabilitation of the pool fence, the seawall fence and hurricane damaged balcony railings was commenced earlier this year. Several sections of the replacement fence and railing were deemed inadequate and had to be remade. One remaining section of pool fence and a corner attachment will complete the pool and seawall span. Two sections of the replacement balcony railing also had to be rewelded and reinstalled.

Upper Patio Deck Fence
Upper Patio Deck Fence (Last)
Since the fence separating the Upper Patio Deck from the Pool Deck is an interior structure that doesn’t contribute to Association security, it was left for last. It rests atop the rear wall of the South Garage. As such, it suffers from the same concrete instability that afflicts the North Deck security fence which sits atop the rear wall of the North Garage. The steel corset lining applied to the wall supporting the North Deck security fence was similarly applied to the wall supporting the fence between the Upper Patio Deck from the Pool Deck. To add extra stability to the wall, maintenance personnel chipped out areas exhibiting loosened or cracked concrete, installed additional supporting rebars, framed the cleaned areas and repoured new concrete. The wall was also recored to a depth of eight inches, doubling the previous post depth. Additionally, the fence was firmly affixed to the stairwell wall on the north side and the adjoining planter on the south side.

Click to Continental Management Web Site
Regency Tower Balcony Railing
Regency Tower Balcony Railing
The balcony railing rehabilitation project has also progressed. Work on Stack 9 started on October 19th. With good weather, the project may be completed by the end of the year. Those balconies that lost sections of railing during Hurricane Wilma were recently repaired. While most of those units wherein balcony railing was installed enjoyed an exact color match with the newly recoated existing railing, two sustained scratches and other disfiguring marks. To better coordinate the older railing with the new replacement railing, Continental will return to those units and electrostatically recoat the affected areas. We’ve scheduled these unanticipated repairs to be performed between work on the 9th stack and 10th stacks. We’ve also requested that Continental rehabilitate the South Parking Deck Security Gate to color match the new adjacent South Deck security fence.

Prior to performing any construction in your unit, please submit your plan to the office for review. Your home is your castle and you are entitled to configure it as you see fit. However, since your floor is your neighbor’s ceiling, this brief review will protect you from inadvertently violating some regulation that may require demolition of the new construction. Unfortunately, each year we suffer expensive floods and leaks resulting from the unauthorized past installations of appliances connected to plumbing not designed to manage the additional drainage. Ironically, a significant percentage of conflicts between neighbors that would ordinarily be friends arise from ineffective sound insulation. To avoid the expense and inconvenience of tearing up a newly installed floor or moving an appliance, simply inform the office of your intentions prior to starting work. Submissions are generally approved within 48 hours and when the occasional problem is discovered, it is usually cured by a minor adjustment to the plan… often resulting in a lower cost! It also protects you from unanticipated consequences and/or complaints in the future. The review will cost you nothing and could save you a bundle.

Click to Proflex Web Site To allow our residents access to new technologies, we’ve reviewed several additional products for use as flooring sound insulation. The new products are substantially thinner than the cork, Laticrete, Southcrete and Sound Out materials that previously comprised the authorized underlayments list. Click to Insulayment Web SiteThe first of these, NobleSeal, was added to the list several years ago. Two additional products, Proflex and Insulayment, were added last month. All three new products surpass the sound transmission coefficient (STC) and noise reduction factor (NRF) specifications required by our regulations. Additionally, they demonstrate excellent Impact Insulation Coefficients, another measurement of noise transmission. Unlike the products that originally populated the list, their contribution to the height of the floor is negligible, avoiding any potential tripping hazards. More information about these products is available on the General Information Page of the Regency Tower web site under “Floor Coverings”. Links to their manufacturers’ web sites and relevant Product Data Sheets were made available.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Hallways Report
Liz Urbano

Our Hallway renovations are now in the completion stages. The final floors of carpeting should all be installed in the next week to 10 days. The baseboard follows and the final tweaking of the individual floors continues. Most of the furniture pieces have been delivered, and some of the owners have already picked accessories for their floor. They have all done a wonderful job.

I want to thank everyone for their patience and cooperation during this construction period. We are almost at the end and we should look beautiful for the upcoming Holidays.


Welcome to new members; we will miss Louise
Iris Anastasi - Checking
Landscaping Committee
Iris Anastasi

The Landscaping Committee has met on several occasions during the past weeks. We are considering a landscaper who we are now in the process of working with on the different types of trees, shrubs, plants and flowers to be planted that will work within our budget. He has mentioned to us that once an agreement is reached he would be able to begin in about ten days with completion in approximately two weeks.

Maintenance & Housekeeping Committee
Dee Lanzillo & Ofelia Alleguez

Maintenance: The following items were completed:

  1. Maintenance Chair Dee Lanzillo has been EXTREMELY BUSY!
    Dee - Extremely Busy!
    replaced air conditioners in the laundry room and security station in receiving area;

  2. repaired all of the ceramic tables in poolside area and replaced missing tiles;

  3. installed mirrors, trim crown molding, baseboards and ceiling tiles on floors 20 through 10;

  4. landscaping maintenance has been done on all property, bushes trimmed, weeding and grass cut in pool area;

  5. concrete repaired in pool area south side where new fences are being replaced;

  6. north side fire doors will have new thresholds and weather stripping after all renovations are completed.

Housekeeping: Our maintenance crew has been quite busy cleaning up from all of the renovations taking place on the various floors. They have kept the floors and trash rooms much neater and continue to do so. It is we, the owners and residents of our building, who must make sure we do our part by abiding by all the rules and regulations. Many thanks to our Maintenance Crew and Housekeeping Crew for all of their cooperation during the renovations.

Screening Committee Chair Margie Nagle Thanks Committee Members for their Dedication
Thanks Members
Screening Committee
Margie Nagle

Margie Nagle reported that there were no screenings since the previous meeting.


Social Committee
Margie Nagle

The Social Committee met on Wednesday, November 8th and discussed the following: Theater production at Lauderdale-by-the-Sea Performing Arts Center (call Pat and Jim DiSebastian); Coffee Hour at 10:00 a.m. the 2nd Wednesday of each month, starting in January; Bridge on Monday afternoons starting January 8th (sign up with Jean Veitch, if interested); Pool Tournament; Wine and Cheese on January 18th from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.; 50/50 raffles for fund raising to have other affordable evening functions.

The Committee needs suggestions and volunteers.

We Care Committee Chair Ofelia Alleguez of Regency Tower Angel Squad
Ofelia Alleguez - Regency
We Care Committee

Ofelia Alleguez

Ofelia Alleguez reported that happily, for the first time, the We Care Committee had no illnesses or deaths to report.

Web Site Committee
Eric Peter Berkowitz

Stay Current - Keep Informed
Eric Peter Berkowitz
Many Updates
In October, the Regency Tower web site experienced a record 66,722 hits and 1,394 first time visitors (Unique Site Visits). The month opened with a late September article reviewing the progress of the
Balcony Railing Rehabilitation Project. On October 1st, the meeting minutes of the September 26th Board Meeting was posted. Committee Reports from Regency Tower Committee Chairs kept residents abreast of the flurry of activity our home has experienced during the past few months. Dott Nicholson-Brown’s Presidents Report included a tribute to “The Awesome Threesome” (Pablo, Louise and Helen), a Galt Mile update, the newly reconstituted Round Table meeting and her “Silver Linings” admonishment to have patience and nurture a positive outlook. Excellent advice! Equally accessed were the full tributes to Pablo Verol, Louise Collins and Helen Quinlan.

In response to a flood of questions about the newly reinvigorated fence rehabilitation, an article explaining many of the points contained in this months Architectural Review and Construction Committee Report was published on October 26th. Given the absence of an October Board Meeting, the article was posted to bridge an information gap between the September and November Meetings. On November 1st, an article about the advantages of early voting was published. In addition to the missing the crowds, avoiding the polling place lines and other unnecessary voting pressures, it gave the addresses of locations convenient to Regency Tower that facilitated early voting.

As usual, the “Around Town” segment on the Home Page was updated. The October Viva Broward event, Fort Lauderdale’s Halloween Party called “Nightmare in the Park”, the Sunday Jazz Brunch at the Riverwalk, the Fort Lauderdale Film Festival and the Boat Show were all reviewed. Of course, these events have been replaced with their November counterparts, giving residents and visitors a built-in ongoing basis for a current potential itinerary. Hits on the “Around Town” section have more than doubled over the past two months, reflecting its popularity. Along with the monthly SunTrust Sunday Jazz Brunch and the 21st Annual Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, information about America Recycles Day - 2006, Commissioner Christine Teel’s bi-weekly pre-agenda meetings, the Broward County Fair and the Bank of America ¡FIESTA! Fort Lauderdale street fair is posted with event details, contact info and appropriate links.

We have been blessed with a marked lack of Hurricane activity so far this year. Dozens of hits to the Hurricane segment of our web site demonstrates an active interest in avoiding any catastrophic surprises and keeping our preparations current and effective. With the replacement of City Cruiser buses with the Sun Trolleys, a corresponding update was posted on the General Information page.

Also updated was the Floor Coverings section on the General Information page. During the past few years, new technology has made available improved sound underlayments, adding alternatives to the thick cork, Laticrete, Southcrete and Sound Out entries that have historically been the only acceptable options. These new entries are much thinner and extremely competitive. Following the addition of NobleSeal two years ago, Proflex and Insulayment were added this year after demonstrating sound transmission coefficient (STC) and noise reduction factor (NRF) specification compliance with Association regulations. These new products are listed along with links to relevant Product Data Sheets.

Heralding in the season is the annual reconfiguration of our Committees and the Round Table. The new Round Table member roster is posted on the Round Table page above this years meeting schedule. The new Committees and their updated membership are available on the Committees Page. Thank you for your kind attention.




Bill to give Class
Professor Bill
Board Action

A suggestion was received that our Treasurer conduct a class in understanding financial reports.




Carl’s Touch Car Wash

Carl’s Touch Car Wash
WOW! Regency Tower has its own CAR WASH! Not the leaky hose dripping into the planter by the pedestrian entrance to the garage - a real car wash! Security Guard Carl Richardson, balancing an entreprenurial spirit with the needs of our residents, has organized a crew that - for a paltry $15 - will wash your car and for a bit more - wax your dreamboat! Carl’s venture is called “Carl’s Touch Car Wash.”

They are located (you guessed it) at the car wash space by the pedestrian entrance to the garage. “Carl’s Touch” car wash is offered every Saturday between 10 AM and 2 PM. Interested? Just speak to (you guessed it again) CARL.


Vote Smart Vote Early!

Supervisor of Elections Dr. Brenda C. Snipes
Supervisor of Elections
Dr. Brenda C. Snipes
November 1st - You do not have to wait until Election Day to vote. You do not need an absentee ballot or some special dispensation. In fact, it’s significantly easier to vote early than to wait for the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November. On Election Day, you must vote at a single designated polling location. Every registered Regency Tower voter will have to squeeze into the
Galt Ocean Mile County Library at 3403 Galt Ocean Drive. In contrast, early voters can vote at any of 20 different Broward sites. From Monday, October 23rd through Sunday, November 5, 2006, registered voters can avoid the traffic and the lines that plague overcrowded polling places. The 20 available early voting sites in Broward County are open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday.

Portable Voting Station
Voting Station
To expedite the experience, bring your driver’s license. Of all the forms of identification acceptable for voting purposes, poll workers are able to process driver’s licenses most quickly. To adequately prepare yourself, bring a sample ballot, palm card or newspaper listing with your choices already marked. Check the districts on the ballot against a voter information card or sample ballot before pushing the red button to cast a vote. If you suspect an error, have a question or just want some company, summon a poll worker. However, if you’ve already pushed the voting button, it’s too late. Pressing the red button functionally ends the voting experience.

ES&S iVotronic Touch Screen
ES&S iVotronic
Touch Screen
Voters should bring a signature-bearing photo ID. Besides state-issued driver’s licenses or Florida Identification cards, other accepted forms include passports, employer IDs, buyer’s club cards, student IDs and credit cards with imprinted photographs. If the photo ID does not include the voter’s signature, another piece of identification with a signature is required. A voter information card, popularly characterized as a voter registration card, isn’t required. That doesn’t mean that you needn’t register to vote. If you didn’t, you don’t!

Press Vote Button to Finish
Press Vote Button to Finish
Several of the County’s early voting locations are convenient to the Galt Mile. The Oakland Park Library site is located at 1298 NE 37th Street in Oakland Park. The Pompano Beach Library site is at 1213 E. Atlantic Boulevard in, you guessed it, Pompano Beach. The Imperial Point Branch Library site is at 5985 N. Federal Highway in Fort Lauderdale. The African-American Research Library is at 2650 Sistrunk Boulevard (NW 6th Street), also in Fort Lauderdale. The Main Library site is at 100 S. Andrews Avenue behind Stranahan Park in Fort Lauderdale. The full complement of early voting sites in Broward Country is available on the Broward County Supervisor of Elections web site (www.browardsoe.org). If you have any questions about early voting or anything else about the election process, call 954-357-7050 or email elections@browardsoe.org. Frankly, if you don’t vote, you deserve whatever you get. Go. Vote… NOW!





Employee Service Awards

Dott Awards Nick Coutoupis
Nick Coutoupis
Dott Awards Jerry Garcia
Jerry Garcia
Dott Awards Carl Richardson
Carl Richardson

Regency Tower President Dott Nicholson-Brown presented Service Award Pins to the following employees:

  • Nick Coutoupis for completing five years of commendable service
  • Jerry Garcia for completing one year of commendable service      
  • Carl Richardson for completing one year of commendable service


Annual Holiday Fund for Employees

The Holiday Season will soon be here and, as is our custom, we are asking everyone to contribute to the Regency Tower Employees’ Holiday Fund for 2006. This fund shows our appreciation to all members of our staff for everything they have done during the past year to make living at the Regency Tower comfortable and pleasant.

The total amount received will be divided among all members of our staff. Although many residents give more, a minimum of $50.00 is suggested. We thank you for your generous response to this request.

Please make your check payable to “R. T. Employees’ Holiday Fund” and deposit it into the HOLIDAY FUND box on the Security Desk. If you are not in residence, please mail your contribution addressed to: Regency Tower Employees’ Holiday Fund by December 1, 2006 TODAY so that distribution may be made at the Employees’ Holiday Party on Friday, December 22nd at Noon.

Our committee wishes you and your family a joyous Holiday Season, as well as happiness and good health throughout the coming year.

Please keep in mind that many of our employees extended themselves far beyond their respective “job descriptions” before, during and after every emergency. Their actions contributed heavily to moderating the inconvenience and damage costs faced by our Association during and after each hurricane, often risking their own safety to promote ours. We were one of the few Associations to enjoy an employee presence throughout every episode. This is an opportunity for each of us to show our gratitude and reward their dedication. Please DON’T ALLOW IT TO PASS without being heard from - editor

Employee Holiday Fund Committee

Ofelia Alleguez
Marian Custer
Fern McBride

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