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Treasurer Bill Tennenbaum Gives Financial Update
Bill - 2 Delinquent Accounts
After open discussion with the owners, the meeting of The Regency Tower Board was called to order at 7:16 p.m. on Tuesday, December 13, 2005 in the Meeting Room of The Regency Tower by the President.

Roll Call - The roll call showed the following Board Members present: Iris Anastasi, Eric Berkowitz, Fern McBride, Dott Nicholson-Brown, Bill Tennenbaum and Pablo Verol. Louise Collins was excused.

Reading of Minutes - The minutes of the meeting of The Regency Tower Board of Directors held on November 10, 2005 were read. Eric Berkowitz made a motion to approve the minutes as read, seconded by Pablo Verol, unanimously approved.

Financial Report - Treasurer Bill Tennenbaum gave a detailed report reflecting the Association’s financial position as of December 13, 2005. (Reported financial details are available to Regency Tower owners in our newsletter, the “Regency Tower Times”. - editor)

There are two (2) delinquent accounts at this time that have been turned over to our attorney for collection. A motion was made by Pablo Verol to accept the Treasurer’s Report; seconded by Fern McBride, unanimously approved.

Report on Reserves Vote

The Secretary reported the Limited Proxy results:

Proxies Received Number
Valid Proxy Forms 130
Invalid Proxy Forms     2
Total Proxy Forms 132

Reserves Status # of Votes
Partially Funded Reserves 111
Fully Funded Reserves   19

Board Vote on CY2006 Budget - Louise Collins moved that the Calendar Year 2006 Budget as presented by the Finance Committee at the November 10, 2005 Board Meeting be approved. Eric Berkowitz seconded the motion, which was unanimously approved.

  1. Administration – Salaries and Benefits - The committee expects an increase in salaries and benefits from $425,441 to $463,592.

  2. Insurance & Taxes - The committee expects a decrease from $151,731 to $144,370.
  3. Utilities - The committee expects an increase in utilities from $141,500 to $160,800. This is primarily due to increases by FPL.
  4. Contracted Services - The committee estimated an increase in service contracts from $153,881 to $157,778. This increase is partially due to new categories: Paver Cleaning and Beach Patrol.
  5. Operational Expenses - The committee expects a decrease from $105,275 to $102,650.
  6. One Time Expenses - The decrease from $61,919 to $41,671 is due to the completion of a significant portion of the one time projects.
  7. Revenue - The committee recommended an increase of ten (10) percent in quarterly maintenance.
  8. Reserves - By Florida Law, reserves are funds that are restricted for deferred maintenance and capital expenditures. Deferred maintenance is any maintenance or repair that will be performed less frequently than yearly and will result in maintaining the useful life of an asset. A capital expenditure is for the purchase of a useful asset that has a useful life of more than one year or the addition to an asset that extends the life of an existing asset for more than one year. Because we are so under-funded in our reserves, we are proposing to establish a “General Deferred Maintenance and Capital Expenditure” reserve that will allow us the flexibility to repair or replace any major asset of our association without the specific restrictions in previous reserves and hopefully without the need for future assessments. Reserves are the most equitable way to maintain the building. You will only pay for the share you use for the years you live here. Future residents will do the same. The life years of our assets are used up annually and need to be replenished annually. The amount required for CY2006 full statutory reserves in the budget packet is $173,430. The Finance Committee recommends to partially fund the reserves in the amount of $131,950 for General Deferred Maintenance.

Secretary Fern McBride
Secretary Fern McBride
Board Vote on CY2006 Recommendations -
Pablo Verol made a motion that the recommendations of the Finance Committee be transmitted to the owners for proxy vote. Eric Berkowitz seconded the motion; unanimously approved.

Committee Reports - President Nicholson-Brown then called for Committee Reports. Click Here to read the Committee Reports.

New Business - President Nicholson-Brown indicated that there was no New Business.

Announcements -

  • Carlos: The Board has no problem with him helping people with packages into the elevator, but he cannot take them to their apartments.

  • Letter has been sent to owners regarding A/C mechanical closets.

  • The 5-year warranty on our balcony railings will soon be up. Therefore, if your balcony railing is experiencing peeling, pitting, oxidizing (rusting), etc. - other than damage caused by the hurricanes - please call the office and put your name on the list. This information is posted on the character generator on Channel 95.

Adjournment - A motion was made by Iris Anastasi and seconded by Pablo Verol to adjourn the meeting at 8:05 p.m.; unanimously approved.

Fern McBride
Board Secretary



“A corporation based on strong corporate governance principles and high ethical standards is in the best position to face unexpected challenges, overcome them and flourish.”
- Steve Odland, CEO Office Depot

  .: Aloha :.,
Regency Tower Board President Dott Nicholson-Brown In my last message I happily congratulated our building on missing any significant damage from Hurricane Katrina. As you now know, first Rita and then Wilma blew in with gusto. Although we made the same preparations for Wilma as for Katrina and Rita, we sustained some major damage but not to the extent as many buildings on the Galt Mile. Obviously we still are doing a lot of things right including good preparation.

Galt Mile Presidents Council Meetings

Galt Mile Community Association Presidents Council
Presidents Council Reviews Hurricane Damage
The Galt Mile Presidents Council Meetings of November and December were devoted primarily to damages sustained by various member buildings, some in the millions of dollars. This resulted in heavy assessments to the owners. How blessed are we!

The new Security Patrol for the Beach and Galt Mile was also discussed. It is still being held up by 2 buildings. As you can understand, a building in the middle of the Galt Mile would get free patrol on the Beach and Galt if it didn’t join. It is incredulous that anyone would be against $20.00 per unit per year for round-the-clock off duty uniformed Police patrol in both areas! By the way the November meeting was hosted by the Ocean Manor Condo/Resort with a scrumptious dinner at the end of the meeting. We discovered a lovely restaurant right in the lobby called “Rumor... has it” which serves fantastic food. Try it, you’ll like it !!!


New Security Chief Carlos Pereira is part of an overall Security Upgrade As mentioned in our September Newsletter, we have implemented numerous improvements which were recommended by three Security consultants. Consequently, many changes in procedures were put into effect such as I D Badges for everyone entering the building. So, if you see an unfamiliar person without an I D Badge, inform Security immediately. Since Snow Birds are returning to unfamiliar faces, we request that you introduce yourself. Do not become irritated when asked if you are a resident. It is their job to assure that everyone is identified even those with Key Fobs. Kindly introduce yourself to Carlos our new Chief of Security. His background is in Administrative Management. He comes to us with excellent references and exhibits a calm demeanor through all difficulties. He also has a great rapport with his staff. What more can we ask?

Employees Holiday Party

Margis Nagle Receives a Bottle of Champagne in Appreciation for Organizing the Employees Holiday Party The December 16th Employees Holiday Party was a grand success thanks to Margie Nagle and her assistant, Candace Brown. A gift basket of champagne was presented to Margie in appreciation.

The Round Table

Shirley Hopkins Suggests that Meeting Notices be Posted on Channel 95 using the Character Generator
Shirley Hopkins - Meet
Notices on Channel 95
November 3rd Meeting
Member attendees were Rafael Alleguez; Joe Anastasi; Laszlo Bandi; Betty Burns; Ron Forment; Chris Hammers; Howard Hirschman; Shirley Hopkins; Dee Lanzillo; Bob Nagle; Excused were Richard Artim; Anne Petroe; Martha Sellas; Debi Tinsley. Board attendees were: Iris, Eric, Fern, Bill and Dott.

Timer Lights for the storage rooms were discussed. It was agreed that 15 minute Timers are insufficient. Johnny will purchase either 30 or 60 minute ones. Eric stated that power cleaning of pavers would occur during last week of November. Howard complimented Board and employees regarding minimal hurricane damage and suggested publicizing our fantastic building to realtors. Rafael thanked the Board for the precautions taken to protect our windows, etc. Suggested some sort of lock on trash room and emergency Fire doors on north side to prevent banging during hurricanes. We cannot lock it but Joe will check with Fire Marshal re slide bolts. Laszlo inquired as to our web site and complimented Eric on its excellence. Also asked about channel 95 info. Was informed we expect a new one in a few days. Bob complimented maintenance employees for their work after Hurricane Wilma. Stated that electric bills will sky rocket approximately 15% as of January 1st. Fuel charges, not basic rate are increasing. Shirley suggested that Notice of Meetings be placed on Channel 95. Betty commended Board and everyone. Stated everything ran well before, during and after Hurricane. Dott mentioned Joe’s prep plan which we started following 1-1/2 weeks prior to actual landfall in Fort Lauderdale. Dee stated everyone should have dead bolts on their balcony doors. Chris stated all is A - OK at The Regency Tower. Ron shared info from a Sun Sentinel article regarding how City had chosen landscaping for aesthetics rather than what is suitable for the Galt Mile area. Suggested we consider this when replanting. For example, Royal Palms not suitable for Galt Mile area. Also asked about policy concerning replacement of Front Door locks. It was stated common areas must remain standard. Commended this Board but took exception to lack of praise for what previous Board had accomplished. Joe suggested that we consider having Channel 95 play Board Meetings throughout building. Discussion that followed showed mixed opinions.

Rafael Thinks Fumes are Proliferating Through Ventilator Exhaust System
Rafael - Check Vents
December 8th Meeting -
- Member attendees were: Rafael Alleguez; Joe Anastasi; Laszlo Bandi; Ron Forment; Chris Hammers; Howard Hirschman; Dee Lanzillo; Bob Nagle; Martha Sellas; Debi Tinsley. Excused were: Richard Artim; Betty Burns; Shirley Hopkins; Anne Petroe. Board attendees were Iris, Eric, Fern and Dott.

Chris Hammers Complimented New Security Chief Carlos Pereira
Chris - Security Chief
Carlos is Excellent
Meeting began with Dott clarifying the rumors re: Pat Reardon in that he was offered a Security Officer position and the choice of how he wanted it officially listed if he chose to leave. Also, was given a generous check and left on an amicable basis. The new Chief, Carlos has management/supervisory experience, follows rules and is not intimidated by his staff. She also mentioned the constant turnover is due to results of two investigations that we require (one from a private company and one from the FBI). If negative results show up, even if weeks later, Carlos lets them go. Rafael inquired re our vent exhaust system. Says there are fumes from other units. Suggested checking system and sealing those where needed. Joe responded that we have replaced 16 vents on roof. Eric stated the 2 larger ones have been ordered. Joe will have Maintenance check the other problem. Martha thanked Board for calendar diary. Stated she is disappointed in outcome of power cleaning. It was explained that they were only cleaned due to expense. Next time will be cleaned and sealed. Maintenance will spot clean on regular basis. Laszlo complimented new web site but wants to see new info each time he checks it. Eric explained he publishes new info within 24 hours after he receives it. Laszlo also mentioned the Bulletin boards constantly display outdated material. This will be corrected by Administration. Also mentioned noise from Air Handler on ground at Galt Ocean Club. We explained this is a temporary measure to give owners air conditioning until new system is installed. Debi mentioned the door to package room behind Security requires cleaning, especially since it is first thing one sees upon exiting elevator. Joe will have Maintenance correct this. She also inquired if caretakers in building are checked. Response: Those living in are screened. Chris complimented new Security Chief Carlos. Ron wants update on railing replacement. Eric stated owner may arrange repairs with contractor. Dott stated owners should contact their insurance. If get a refusal, forward it to the office. Howard stated he and wife are still deliriously happy to be living in the Regency Tower. Dee asked procedure re cracks in windows from hurricane. Response: should contact installing contractor. Eric will get more information. Dee also asked about hallway decoration. Response: Liz Urbano is coordinating project. Bob inquired date of next newsletter. Response: After December Board Meeting.

Silver Linings

Can you believe that another year is coming to an end? The Board of Directors is grateful for the support you have given us during the past year. This helps to make the job of managing your community a little easier. We give a sincere “thank you” to the various Committee Members and chairpersons who have helped us provide you with high quality services. We especially send Happy Holiday wishes to those owners (including the disingenuous ones) who take time out of their busy schedules to attend Board Meetings. May the New Year bring health and joy.

Aloha – I love you



Architectural Review & Construction Committee
Eric Peter Berkowitz

Construction Committee Chair Eric Peter Berkowitz Gives Report
On November 30, 2005, SNS Pavers commenced a two-day project to clean the pavers covering our decks. Anyone watching the process saw a black layer of dirt, tar, and oil washed into our deck drains. In addition to the high pressure cleaning, the deck was treated with degreaser and special acids designed to lift the topmost layer of stain. As parts of our deck were installed two years ago, the accumulation of grime and stain was substantial. While the dirt and debris were eliminated, certain stains were only lightened. Rust, oil and other vehicular fluids have penetrated deeply into the pavers during the past two years. Removing these stains will require a series of treatments. After each treatment lifts the exposed portion of the stain, the more deeply embedded stain migrates toward the top of the brick. Subsequent treatments will remove the newly exposed layers of stain. Ultimately, the stains will lighten enough to seamlessly blend in.

As part of our arrangement with SNS Pavers, our maintenance employees were schooled in the use and application of the various elements used for this process. During a class conducted by SNS, they learned how to properly dilute the maintenance chemicals, how to apply the appropriate chemical mixture to lift any particular stain and how often these applications should take place. One month after the initial treatment, two maintenance employees will again treat and clean persistent stains. Subsequently, they will treat new vehicular fluid stains, rust, tar and gum every two weeks. By keeping abreast of the problem, they should reduce the time required to treat the decks to less than one hour twice each month.

Pavers are nested a layer of sand. Areas of our deck hit by sprinklers, faucet overruns and water splashed around the pool never completely dry out. Treating the deck with an acrylic sealer would prevent the water from evaporating, permanently trapping it within the bricks. After several months of regular maintenance, we will revisit the prospect of applying a water-based sealer which will allow evaporation and thereby prevent additional efflorescence.

During the hurricane, the cove cap covering the west side perimeter wall of the Mechanical Room roof was stripped off along with a downspout from the leader to the main roof. Campany Roofing will replace the copper flashing and the missing downspout. Just prior to Hurricane Wilma, Campany Roofing repaired newly developed blisters as per our agreement. Gaseous blisters were opened and sealed. Those containing water were opened, drained and patched with an additional layer of hot-apply and Millennium granular surfacing. Unlike many of our neighbors’ roofs, ours survived the storm intact. Most of our rooftop vents have built-in covers useful for their protection when the ventilator turbines are removed for safe-keeping prior to a hurricane. Three missing turbines and accompanying covers will also be replaced by Campany Roofing. A careful post-storm review by Campany revealed no penetration through our roof.

The hurricane destroyed our north and south eastern deck fences. It also damaged the pool fence, the seawall fence and the security gate to the beach egress. Additionally, the storm exacerbated cracks in several columns along the north side of the building. One high intensity lamp on the north deck and two on the south deck were decapitated, the fixtures having been blown off their supporting posts. Other outdoor lighting, including the two decorative lamps adorning the main entry planter, was damaged or destroyed. The awning covering the garage entrance was twisted into an art deco pretzel and several security cameras were damaged. John Evans from SPEC Engineering is composing a scope of work that will be sent to contractors invited to bid on the repairs.

Several residents suffered damage to their balconies including cracked concrete, missing sections of railing and/or bent pikes. At the discretion of these unit owners, the bid-winning contractor will evaluate the damage to each of their balconies, set a price for the needed repairs and afford the owner an opportunity to fix the damage. To help moderate repair costs, we will arrange a group rate formula - possibly based on time and materials.

Since the Balcony Project, Aqua-Shield has responded to our balcony railing repair requests by cleaning and scraping any peeling areas and spraying an enamel coating onto the railing. In certain cases, failed repairs had to be repeated several times. After consultation with our Engineer and our Attorney, the Board has decided that the results were grossly inadequate. While Aqua-Shield was acquired by Structural Preservation Systems, their warranty obligations remained with Continental Management, a Florida subsidiary of Toronto-based FirstService Corporation.

When we demanded that Continental perform a more substantial repair to balcony railings losing their protective coating, they refused. They claimed that the method they used adequately fulfilled their warranty obligation. A negotiating strategy approved by our Attorney utilized our Engineer as a go-between. On December 12th, we met with Al Soto of Continental and Paul Faillace, the President of Continental’s Paint Division. Several techniques acceptable to Engineer John Evans of SPEC Engineering were considered. They involved an HVLP (High Volume, Low Pressure) application of coating to the railings. Mr. Faillace is faxing the product specifications and the intended preparation and application methodology to SPEC for their review and approval. Prior to accepting this resolution, we required the repair of a single balcony to test the technique’s effectiveness. Mr. Faillace will repair the coating on the “test balcony” upon receiving SPEC’s endorsement of Continental’s materials and technique, probably within the next few weeks. Should the repair prove acceptable, it will be applied to every balcony railing exhibiting deterioration to its protective coating at no cost to the Association.

After repeated attempts to close several pernicious infiltrations into our building, two remain unresolved. A leak into the stairwell connecting the garage to the pool deck was discovered. Water from sprinklers and rain fills the Patio Deck’s northeast planter which then seeps through the west stairwell wall. This past Friday, December 9th, SPS began repairing the infiltration into the stairwell using a De Neef waterproofing product.

Despite three previous patches to the expansion joint along the east side of the north building wall, some water still infiltrates into the garage below during a storm. Since the entrance point of the leak could be anywhere on the building-wide expansion joint, water testing every section running east and west from the exit point is the only way to locate the source. After plugging a section in which an entrance point was located, the leak persisted, indicating multiple sources. In response, SPS subcontractor Protech is rewaterproofing every section found to contain a source. This will continue until the infiltration is effectively mitigated.

Storm damage to our video security system left some of the wiring in a questionable state and destroyed several cameras. Rather than patch the damaged equipment, upgrading to a coherent new system will afford security personnel improved recognition and identification capabilities. Weather-resistant color cameras, digital DVR multiplexers and new color monitors will be component-based, assuring inexpensive future upgrades and flexible recording controls. Video motion sensors will serve to lower recording storage costs. We invited three security companies (Florida State Fire and Security, Nationwide Communications Corporation and Bass United) to bid on reviewing our existing system to determine whether any wiring, adapters or components can be integrated with the new equipment.

We’ve upgraded the computing capabilities of our business office. Due to the limitations of our old computers, the software version selected to control our fob security system was likewise limited. When the old receptionist computer broke, a successful search for special pricing and multiple rebates cut the cost of new computing and networking equipment in half, roughly approximating the cost of repairing and maintaining the old equipment. A new wireless network will permit dispensing with the tangle of wires that were responsible for numerous system breakdowns. The expanded computing power will also support the more stable and flexible upgrade to our security system software. One of the older computers has been transferred into the President’s office, relieving some of the productivity and printing roadblocks built into the old system. The new wireless broadband connection will allow the downloading of payroll data (which previously tied up a computer for 6 - 7 hours) to occur in a few minutes. The disabled computer will be reconfigured at no cost to perform certain security functions that currently disrupt office flow. Thank you for your kind attention.


Cable Committee
Howard Hirschman

Howard - Cable Committee Report!
Repeated attempts to speak with Bill Talley, our Comcast account sales representative, have met with no success. His cellular number is still alive but he does not return calls. There is a possibility he has been reassigned or is no longer with Comcast. Repeated calls to all other Comcast phone numbers leaves me talking to an automated answering machine until I get cut off.

A call to our Regency Tower office produced the name of Comcast’s local Manager of Commercial Accounts (Tony Walkinshaw). Repeated calls to his number produce a telephone company message that indicates his number is being checked for trouble and suggests I call back “later.” I will continue to hunt for Bill Talley’s successor.


Five Year Plan Committee
Ron Forment

Five Year Plan Committee Chair Ron Forment Gives Report
The Committee is currently composed of Ron Forment, Chair, Joe Anastasi, Eric Berkowitz, Bob Nagle and Bill Tennenbaum. The Committee met twice during 2005 and discussed the items listed below, as listed in the minutes of the Committee Meeting of November 2, 2005.

  1. Replacement of A/C risers; basically completed.

  2. Installation of impact glass windows and glass doors of ground floor. Completion of the installation of all windows will take place before June 1, 2006, possibly during the first two months of the year. $20,000 will be allocated under One-time Expenses. Front door: current door is not impact resistant. Joe A to find a replacement. North and south doors: Eric B to get estimates.

  3. Balcony railings: John Evans (Engineer) has been asked for an estimate of replacement of sections damaged by hurricanes. Will be accomplished as a One-Time item during 2006.

  4. Concrete damage to some balconies – not hurricane related. Total number of affected units to be compiled based on the survey conducted after Hurricane Wilma. This is a clerical job. Time frame to be determined.

  5. Repair and preparation of all outside walls prior to re-painting of the building: for 2008-2009, unless some cracks become critical.

  6. Fire doors, North side: 19 doors by the stairwell next to the garbage chute rooms. Fire doors people currently swamped with hurricane induced work. Supplies scarce. Barter Door will be coming December 6 for an inspection and cost estimate. If concrete work is necessary, cost could be as high as $1,600 per unit. Otherwise, it could be significantly lower. Time frame TBD upon the inspection. Joe A. indicated worst-shape doors could be patched while new ones are installed.

  7. Compactor Room overhaul: currently estimated at $9,000. Projected for 2007.

  8. Pump Room upgrade plus installation of copper pipes to replace current old galvanized ones. Current cost estimate is $4,500. Projected for 2007 as a One-time item.

  9. Foundation columns from back of garage to end of building: engineering study needed. Eric B. and Joe A. to arrange ASAP.


Hallways Report
Liz Urbano

Liz Urbano - Hallways Project Slowed by Hurricane Wilma
Due to the unfortunate timing of Hurricane Wilma our redecoration project for the hallways has been somewhat delayed, but we are prepared to attack this important project with full speed now that all is returning to normal. Every decorator uses an assortment of vendors and contractors to address the many aspects of the Hallway Design Project. I have escorted vendors specializing in flooring, wall covering, painting, lighting, furniture and accessories, etc. along with carpenters, electricians and specialty contractors through our hallways to evaluate the costs and submit estimates. Based on the cumulative contractor costs, the Decorator submits a bid and a design plan to redecorate the hallways. This tedious process is repeated until the final budget and Decorator design is selected.

You are all my friends and neighbors and I am looking forward to this project being accomplished with an abundance of support and cooperation. Thank you.


Housekeeping Committee
Dee Lanzillo

Housekeeping Chair Dee Lanzillo Cleans out Meter Rooms of Unauthorized Storage
Who's Stuff is This?
The Committee is currently composed of Ron Forment, Chair, Joe Anastasi, Eric Berkowitz, Bob Nagle and Bill Tennenbaum. The Committee met twice during 2005 and discussed the items listed below, as listed in the minutes of the Committee Meeting of November 2, 2005.

Dee Lanzillo’s report was read by Ofelia Alleguez: I have made my weekly inspection on all 20 floors as well as the pool area and basement and found that things are finally back to normal. Our Board of Directors and all of our staff are doing a great job in keeping Regency Tower a wonderful place to live. I would like to thank our Board Members, Maintenance and Guards for all of their help during Hurricane Wilma. I would like to commend Liz Urbano for all of the hard work and effort put into decorating our lobby and main entrance. Also, to our Pablo and Maintenance crew for the outdoor display. Happy Holidays to All!


Landscaping Committee
Iris Anastasi

Landscaping Chair Iris Anastasi Brings the Grounds Back from Wilma
As we are all aware, much of our landscaping was destroyed by Hurricane Wilma. Our Ficus, Schefflera and Silver Button bushes along with our Gold Mound ground cover suffered damage to the point that they were not salvageable. All plants had to be removed. We lost two of our Palm trees on each side of the Garage entrance that will not be replaced at this time. Similar damage occurred on the West side of our building as well as to the patio area. For the month of December, we have decided to concentrate on making the West side of our building look good for the holidays. In January we will work on the patio areas.

Gold Mound
Gold Mound
The Ficus, Silver Button and Schefflera by the front sidewalk and in our planters were not replaced at this time due to budget costs. We have replaced the Gold Mound by the front sidewalk and replaced the missing portions of Schefflera. We have surrounded both the hedge and ground cover with a mixture of purple, pink and white impatiens. The Silver Button bushes, Gold Mound and Crown of Thorns in our north and south planters were also damaged, but we were able to salvage the majority of the Crown of Thorns and Gold Mound in that area. We replaced the Silver Button with the Schefflera, which seems to be a strong plant, and again surrounded the Gold Mound with the impatiens. Flowers were also planted along the walls going into the garage. We should experience a burst of color this winter and our landscaper predicts, “We will have the best looking building on the mile when the flowers are in full bloom.” We will just have to wait and see if his prediction comes true!


Maintenance Report
Joe Anastasi

Joe Anastasi says A/C Riser Project is Finished
Subject: Air Conditioner Project - The A/C riser project has now been completed by
Southeast Mechanical. Installation consists of new copper lines replacing the galvanized lines that had completely deteriorated, causing numerous leaks. A complete array of compression patches were being used to hold the galvanized lines together. The retrofit included the following items:

  1. All galvanized riser lines were replaced with copper throughout the building.

  2. New metal stands, required by code, were installed eliminating a fire hazard.

  3. A separate copper line was used as a condensation line for the A/C with a brazed trap line connected to the A/C. The hot water tank now has its own separate line for any problems with leaks or overflows.

  4. The A/C rubber hoses have been replaced with braided wire hoses which are 1/4" larger than the previous hoses and will improve efficiency.

  5. All holes were patched and fire calk was used where required to eliminate any fire hazard.


Recreation Committee
Pablo Verol

Recreation Chair Pablo Verol says Billiard Room is Awaiting Decor
Room Awaits Decor
As we are all aware, much of our landscaping was destroyed by Hurricane Wilma. Our Ficus, Schefflera and Silver Button bushes along with our Gold Mound ground cover suffered damage to the point that they were not salvageable. All plants had to be removed. We lost two of our Palm trees on each side of the Garage entrance that will not be replaced at this time. Similar damage occurred on the West side of our building as well as to the patio area. For the month of December, we have decided to concentrate on making the West side of our building look good for the holidays. In January we will work on the patio areas.

The Recreation Committee includes responsibility for the Billiard Room, the Exercise Room and the Barbecue/outside areas. The Exercise Room is in daily use. The construction of the Billiard Room is complete, except for decorating and furnishings. It is expected that the hallways designer will decorate the Billiard Room at no extra cost to the owners.


Screening Committee Chair Margie Nagle Reports 2 New Screenings
Screening Committee
Margie Nagle

Margie Nagle reported two (2) screenings: Apt. 1407 was leased to Desiree Hazard and Jose Tormos; and Apt. 311 was purchased by Michael O’Carroll. Thanks to my committee: Martha Sellas, Howard Hirschman, Chris Hammers, Mario Delano, and Jacqui Jodoin. Happy New Year to all!


Security Report
Security Chief Carlos Pereira

New Security Chief Carlos Pereira
Theme: Back to the Basics - “Good Evening: My name is Carlos Pereira. I am originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. My children (a girl, 21, and a boy, 14) were born here in Fort Lauderdale. My background is in Administration Management. I came on board as a Part-Timer-Weekender and, lucky me, became the building Chief of Security. I confess; I am learning as I go.

So, I need your help in developing a program to better serve you and make you feel safe. This is my priority. I am willing to hear any suggestion that you give to the Board to improve what we have. Regency Tower Keyfob I think that we have a good system, but as everything else, there is always room for improvement. I am officially here Monday – Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., but I am on call 24/7.

Please don’t be shy to give the Board your ideas and suggestions. It is the aim of the Security Department to make the Security System in this building more pleasant and a safer place to live. Thank you.”


We Care Committee
Ofelia Alleguez

We Care Committee Chair Ofelia Alleguez of Regency Tower Angel Squad
Ofelia Alleguez - Regency
Ofelia Alleguez reported that fortunately for the first time since she is on this committee, there is nothing to report. She expressed appreciation for the support and help from the Board and the volunteers; and wished everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Happy New Year.

Web Site Committee
Eric Peter Berkowitz

Report about Hurricane Damage
Eric Berkowitz
"Wilma on the Web"
After Hurricane Wilma, I received several emails requesting that I post an article explaining how Regency Tower weathered the storm. In response, the Regency Tower web site carried an article covering the damage sustained by the structure entitled
“Wilma Turns out the Lights” on the Special Updates page. More importantly, it demonstrated how adversity pulled us together. Employees, residents and visitors were as concerned with one another’s safety and welfare as with their own. I am grateful for the emails thanking the Association for alerting out-of-state residents to the condition of their home and the safety of their neighbors.

One of the reasons we escaped some of the problems currently faced by other Associations in the wake of Hurricane Wilma is our employees. Our administrative, maintenance and security personnel far exceeded their job descriptions when they ran from unit to unit responding to emergencies, took double shifts with little or no notice, served as a communications nerve center and repaired critical systems as quickly as they succumbed. On the Events page of our web site, an article describing their dedication and concern for all of us is accompanied by pictures of our maintenance staff receiving tokens of our gratitude. On behalf of Regency Tower’s Board and residents, Fern McBride gave each employee a personal daily calendar and event book. The article is appropriately entitled, “The Best on the Block”.

Stay Current - Keep Informed
Remember Wilma
The Board Meeting page currently features the November Board Meeting, devoted primarily to the annual Budget Presentation. The special nature of this meeting precluded any New Business although there are links to the few Committee Reports offered in November. For those unable to attend, the Budget Presentation included Bill Tennenbaum’s explanation of our reserve options and Bob Nagle’s analysis of the significant insurance dilemma that the Finance Committee had to contend with on our behalf.

The New Business page carries a more comprehensive analysis of these insurance obstacles. Bill’s “Insurance Report” explains the facts surrounding the issue and the rationale for the Finance Committee’s ultimate decisions. The page also offers additional information about Impact Windows. The article, “Impact Windows – October Update”, explains the industry nomenclature used to describe the Code that currently governs windows and exterior doors in Fort Lauderdale. Although its posting pre-dates Hurricane Wilma, many of the issues addressed in the article assumed additional relevance when Wilma plowed through our neighborhood.

There has recently been some confusion surrounding the rules governing our Air Conditioning/Water Heater closets. On the General Information page, the reason for the ban on storage of personal items is explained under “Air Conditioning/Water Heater Closet”. The legal prohibition on storage is not limited to flammable materials; it includes all personal items. These closets have always been legally classified as “Mechanical Rooms”. While Code Compliance Officers treated past indiscretions with lenience, City Inspectors have clarified that they intend to strictly enforce the current code. They emphasized that anything found in the closet functionally unrelated to the Air Conditioning equipment and/or the Water Heater, irrespective of its size, will elicit a violation.

Along with pertinent Regency Tower building notices, the Notices & Reminders page will also list relevant neighborhood functions that effect Regency Tower residents. Many of us are unaware of important meetings and events hosted by Civic leaders and Municipal Officials to which we are invited. For those wishing to attend - times, dates, locations and contact information will be provided each month on the Notices & Reminder page.

I would like to take this opportunity to explain our web site’s format. Dated pages remain posted until supplanted by the next, more recent, version. This applies to Board Meetings, Presidents Reports, New Business and Committee Reports. Once the official meeting minutes are compiled by Secretary Fern McBride, they are posted on the web site within 48 hours. Data filling the former pages is then relegated to the site’s Archives. While Notices & Reminder are often updated with input from Board Meetings, interim information is added as necessary. Important notices reflecting a more immediate impact are posted daily on the Special Updates page. Upon receipt of material from the Newsletter Committee, the Employee Profile, Meet Your Neighbor and Poem & Joke pages are updated. All other pages are revised as appropriate.

Of course, recommendations, ideas, suggestions, pictures and content contributions to the web site are welcome. I’ve received many suggestions during the past few months, some of which have been instituted. This is, after all, your web site! Thank you for your kind attention.


Howard - No Welcoming Tours
HOWARD - Bienvenue
Welcoming Committee
Howard Hirschman

Michael O’Carroll, purchaser of Unit 311, requested and received a welcoming tour of our facilities. There were no other welcoming tours requested during this period.




The Best on the Block!
Eric Peter Berkowitz

Fern McBride bestows thanks to John Sala!
Regency Tower has the finest roster of employees in the Galt Mile neighborhood. With the exception of tasks that require specialized licensure, John Sala performs a dozen unique repairs every day that other Associations pay special outside contractors to accomplish. With the assistance of his talented crew, John keeps our 36-year old home in prime condition. In addition to being reliable, friendly, dedicated, and skilled, John, Gheorghe, Jim, Edison and Montcalm are a team, abetting one another’s individual strengths.
Fern McBride Presents Gheorghe Paunescu with Gift
Gheorghe Paunescu is very Happy!
Two of the main reasons that Regency Tower suffered less damage than many of our neighbors inure to our employees. Along with our Security Staff (Carlos Pereira, Nick Coutoupis, Jose (JOZ) Victor, Karl Richardson, Gideon Melford, Jerry Garcia, Jack Holthoefer and Phil Neadeau), our administrative and maintenance personnel carefully prepared the premises before the onslaught. Immediately following Wilma, maintenance staffers prioritized repairs to avoid incremental damage. For example, once we regained water, maintenance employees immediately emptied, cleaned and disinfected the pool, thereby preventing the algae bloom that plagued most of our neighbors’ pools. Their good planning and quick action obviated the expense of a professional detoxification or, as occurred in several Associations, a costly pool resurfacing.

Fern McBride Conveys thanks to Edison Figueroa!
After undergoing a series of incarnations, our Security staff has evolved into one of the best on the block. Residents who were here during Hurricane Wilma watched Joz Victor and Jerry Garcia collecting windows and shutters from the deck - while the winds were still blowing - to prevent their repeated collision with vehicles. Security personnel voluntarily pulled multiple shifts to compensate for their peers who couldn’t make it through the storm. Despite the lack of electricity, they continuously toured our darkened premises, checking on emergencies and helping residents endure the ordeal. New Chief of Security Carlos Pereira, a former Manager/Supervisor and Auditor, brings much-needed skills and experience to this critical position. With the help of Nick Coutoupis as Assistant Chief, Carlos has ironed out scheduling difficulties and contributed input toward an impending video security system upgrade.

Fern McBride Gave Montcalm Gibbons his Gift at a Later Date
Unlike many of our neighboring Association's employees, ours were here the first day after the storm - some even made it here during the hurricane. Our employees actions before, during and after the storm have demonstrated that they are deserving of our respect and gratitude. Much of what they did went far beyond their “responsibilities.” Our residents, whether here or not, all benefitted from their having gone the extra mile.

Fern McBride Gives James Edmiston Gift
Jim is Speechless as Fern Fades into
a Walgreens 1-hour Photo Shadow
When many of Regency Tower’s residents have a problem, they instinctively call Cindy Hanus. She embodies Regency Tower’s longterm institutional memory. Many of our newest and oldest residents exhibit a shared “dependence” on Cindy’s experience and accessibility. Cindy continuously greases our Association’s administrative wheels. Despite every Administration’s best efforts to systematize operations, things occasionally go awry. When they do, Regency Tower’s “human band-aid” is often the first person aware of the dilemma. More often than not, she quietly diffuses the problem - whether helping a resident, coordinating a repair or making an effective referral. With the recent addition of longtime resident Anne-Marie Griffin to relieve the enormous administrative burden, the office will persist in keeping abreast of the unrelenting demands made on them. Cindy and Annie established a communications network after Wilma, updating scores of nervous residents, here and abroad, about unit damage, building damage and recovery progress. They also served as the nerve center for maintenance and security emergencies.

Fern McBride Conveys thanks to Cindy Hanus!
Cindy Chokes Back a Tear
While an extraordinarily intense level of employee activity was highly visible just after the storm, it actually transpires every day. The reason most of us aren’t aware of the problems tackled daily by office staff, maintenance personnel and Security is because their efforts are mostly successful. Aside from occasional “creative agendas” designed to generate grist for the rumor mill, “problems” only become “news” when they aren’t resolved. The serene progress our residents have come to expect derives from the persistant efforts of our employees to achieve excellence.

In November, Regency Tower Board Secretary Fern McBride presented John Sala, Cindy Hanus, Gheorghe Paunescu, James Edmiston, Edison Figueroa and Montcalm Gibbons with tokens of appreciation from the residents and Board members. Earlier, new Chief of Security Carlos Pereira, Nick Coutoupis, Joz Victor, Karl Richardson, Gideon Melford, Jerry Garcia, Jack Holthoefer and Phil Neadeau were accorded similar recognition for tempering professionalism with amity - the key ingredients of an excellent Security Staff. While ostensibly given for excellent attendance and impeccable safety records, the gifts also embodied our gratitude for their dedication to our safety and comfort - not only when the chips were down - but day in and day out.

Employees Holiday Party!
Eric Peter Berkowitz

Bill Tennenbaum, Barbara Verol and Margie Nagle Enjoy the Fruits of Their Labors
Regency Tower Staffers Clown Around While Posing for Portrait
Staffers Clown Around and Pose for Portrait
On December 16th, a party project spearheaded by Margie Nagle honoring the finest employees in the Galt Mile neighborhood came to fruition. The party was attended by board members, residents and employees - the ladies and gentlemen that quietly make our lives easier, keep our home safe and maintain the Regency Tower machinery kicked back and cut loose.

Margie was joined by Candace Brown in throwing the annual year-end employees party. They organized a sumptuous feast and decorated the Rendezvous Room in preparation for the event. Through the efforts of the Employees Holiday Fund Committee, gifts were purchased for distribution to the honored guests. Ofelia Alleguez, Dee Lanzillo, Barbara Verol and Fern McBride assisted the organizing team with project resources and food. Rafael Alleguez relieved Carlos at the Security Desk and Joe Cippola manned the Receiving Room, allowing 100% attendence by building staff. Bill Tennenbaum helped arrange the chairs and tables. Iris and Joe Anastasi, Eric Berkowitz and Pablo Verol took advantage of the opportunity to soak up a free meal and enjoy the entertainment.

Employees and Residents Share the Magnificent Spread
Joz Victor Entertains Fellow Employees and Residents
Joz Victor Sings
The entire Regency Tower roster of employees attended the fête. John Sala, Gheorghe Paunescu, James Edmiston, Edison Figueroa and Montcalm Gibbons from our Maintainance Department were the first to arrive as they were already working in the building. Since only two Security personnel are on duty at any given time, the others drifted in, commuting from their homes. Security Chief Carlos Pereira was joined by Assistant Chief Nick Coutoupis, Joz Victor, Diana Tibe, Karl Richardson, Jerry Garcia, Arthur Gordon and Phil Neadeau. Working until a few minutes before the party, administrative staffers Cindy Hanus, Anne-Marie Griffin and occasional office volunteer and party co-organizer Candace Brown showed up at the 12 Noon start time.

At the party’s outset, guests meandered about - reviewing the extensive buffet, the holiday decor and a table groaning under the weight of dozens of mysteriously unidentifiable gifts. The main buffet was arranged on a table set up for that purpose. A second dessert buffet was organized atop the Rendezvous Room’s service counter along with refreshments and fresh hot coffee. Within minutes, the entire guest list filled their plates (the first of several servings) and found seats around the long tables set up by the windows.

Gift Display Table
Gift Display Table
Employees and Residents Share the Magnificent Spread
After evryone plowed through several return visits to the buffet table, Security’s Joz Victor started receiving requests to sing. Joz is an entertainer. He’s cut several CDs and performed at clubs and functions throughout South Florida. Many Regency Tower residents are familiar with Joz’ talents. Responding to numerous requests by residents, Joz had invited any interested residents to attend a showcase earlier in the year. This group of tough critics bestowed rave reviews upon their versitile Security Guard! After a blizzard of requests, Joz graced the audience with a selection from his extensive multi-lingual repertoire.

Once the applause abated, distribution of the gifts was announced. This is historically done through a game devised several years ago for this purpose. Participants are randomly assigned undisclosed numbers. According to this lottery-style selection of numbers, participants select gifts from the display table based solely on the appearance of the decorative wrapping. Once the gift is chosen, opening it finally reveals how well its owner selected. The person with the next number also selects a gift from the table and opens it. This is where it becomes interesting. The person can either elect to keep the selected gift or force a trade with anyone who previously selected a gift. This format, essentially dependent on our greed and covetousness, propels the best and worst gifts through a dozen sets of hands before finally coming to rest. The key to the format’s level of excitement is to offer gifts that vary widely in desirability.
Candace Brown and Mom
Dott with Party
Co-organizer Candace
During years in which there was a wide disparity in the value and utility of the gifts, every selection was followed by a trade.
Project Organizer<br>Margie Nagle
Project Organizer
Margie Nagle
When, however, the gifts were roughly comparable, most participants would opt to keep whatever they selected. This year, most people were content to remain with their first selection. At the end of the final selections, however, John Sala lowered the boom on Security’s Diana Tibe - absconding with a crystal vase she was hoping to take home. Sorry Diana! Despite the game’s “dog eat dog” formula, watching the drama unfold is as entertaining as participating.

Certain telltale earmarks discernible at the annual party accurately reflect how well our staff is gelling. The smooth operation of the three Association Departments depends heavily on teamwork and organization. While organization can be taught, teamwork is a quality that depends upon the individual team members demonstrating mutual respect and concern. It was obvious that our employees sincerely care for one another, take pride in the competent performance of their respective departments and consider themselves to be part of a family... one to which we all belong!

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