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Treasurer Bill Tennenbaum Gives Financial Update
Bill - No Delinquent Accounts
After open discussion with the owners, the meeting of The Regency Tower Board was called to order at 3:25 p.m. on Thursday, February 5, 2004 in the Meeting Room of The Regency Tower by the President.

Roll Call - The roll call showed the following board members present: Iris Anastasi, Eric Berkowitz, Louise Collins, Dott Nicholson-Brown, Fern McBride and Pablo Verol. Bill Tennenbaum was present via telephone.

Secretary Fern McBride
Secretary Fern McBride
Reading of Minutes -
Minutes of the meeting of The Regency Tower Board of Directors held on December 18, 2003 were read. Iris Anastasi made a motion to approve the minutes as read; seconded by Louise Collins; unanimously approved.

Financial Report - Bill Tennenbaum, Treasurer, read the financial statement which is posted on the bulletin board in the mail room.

Fern McBride made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report; seconded by Eric Berkowitz; unanimously approved.

Committee Reports - President Nicholson-Brown then requested the Committee Reports. Click Here to read each report in its entirety.

New Business - President Nicholson-Brown indicated that there was no New Business.

Announcements -

  • Fern McBride - Regarding the Board of Directors election, since there was no opposition to the current members, ballots will not be distributed.

  • Iris Anastasi - One of our residents, out of the goodness of his heart, has been making movie tapes for everyone's use which are located in the mail room. Many of the tapes and books are disappearing. We would appreciate it if the persons taking these tapes and/or books would please return them.

  • Eric Berkowitz - Showed article in Condo Management Magazine featuring The Regency Tower as the cover story. Portions of the article will be in our newsletter.

Adjournment - Pablo Verol moved that the meeting be adjourned at 3:55 p.m., seconded by Louise Collins, unanimously approved.

Fern McBride
Board Secretary



“If I were to try to read, much less answer, all the attacks made on me, this shop might as well be closed…I do the very best I know how – the very best I can; and I mean to keep doing so…”
- Abraham Lincoln, Conversation at the White House

  .: Aloha :.,
Regency Tower Board President Dott Nicholson-Brown Upon recalling the quote above, I immediately transported myself to the White House of President Lincoln and attuned to his thoughts and feelings. Your Board of Directors is having a war of attrition aimed at us by a small select group of our neighbors. But, we are “hanging in" there with the encouragement and support from 90% of you. However, I am perplexed. When I was unhappy with a past Board, I became a candidate for election to the Board. To the contrary, not one single member of this group sent in a candidate letter for the current election in which three positions are open. The big question is: Why didn’t they?


Welcome back snowbirds. As I write this, the office is bustling. All of the snowbirds have returned and we are busily fulfilling your requests, especially those of you who annually rent their units for the six month winter/spring season. It is also audit time. Cindy is busy retrieving and preparing all the documents required and I am busy answering questions concerning the documents. With my CRADT memory, we are having a hilarious discourse.

The Round Table

Rafael asks about Thermostat Settings in Hallways
January Meeting
- Members who attended the January Round Table were: Rafael Alleguez, Joe Anastasi, Tom Griffin, Howard Hirschman, Shirley Hopkins, Martha Sellas and David Tinsley. Members excused were: Victoria Fournier, Dee Lanzilla, Dr. Morris Weiner and Ray Zabal. Owners present were: Liliane Manoli, Alfredo Petrozza, Joanne Barrett and Judith O’Bryan. Rafael began by sharing an article from the Sun-Sentinel regarding the Beach Renourishment Project. Tom suggested rescheduling maintenance employees to include someone other than Jim on weekends. Joe will look into it. Shirley expressed concerns regarding Shorty. Howard stated he has friends in other buildings along the Galt Mile who tell horror stories and he and his wife are happy to be living here.

Joe Anastasi Suggests new air conditioning hoses
February Meeting -
- Members attending the February meeting were: Laszlo Bandi, Howard Hirschman, Shirley Hopkins, Dee Lanzillo, Ann Petroe, Martha Sellas. Excused were: Rafael Alleguez, Tom Griffin and David Tinsley. Before the meeting Eric Berkowitz read a preamble as follows:

Round Table Preamble

The Regency Tower Round Table was designed as a vehicle to accrue input and ideas directly from a cross-section of Regency Tower residents. The fourteen members that participate in the Round Table have agreed to note any possible improvements to the overall operation of our home and share their ideas with the attending Board Members and one another. They also agree to make every reasonable effort to attend all of the Round Table meetings throughout the year.

This is not a forum to air individual complaints or grievances, but to contribute to improving the lifestyles of every Regency Tower resident. Each participating Round Table member is invited to present any concept that could help ameliorate the operation of Regency Tower in some way. When finished, the next resident is offered the same opportunity. The focus moves around the table until each member has been afforded an opportunity to participate. When an idea is presented, the Board members discuss the efficacy of that idea with the members. If it is agreed that the idea has merit and deserves attention, a Board member (or appropriate committee member) is selected to investigate the methodology required for its ultimate implementation.

While the meetings are open for review to all residents, the focus is limited to the Regency Tower Round Table members. Viewing residents may not initiate discussions. Participating Round Table members have agreed that the meetings should be relatively free of distraction or intimidation to provide an atmosphere of candor and forthcoming. This vehicle has been responsible for many improvements that are in effect today.

Shirley discussed the excess water in the garage area which stems from maintenance employees washing the floor. Joe responded that we need to power wash it. Shirley requested information regarding decorating the common area halls. It was explained that the policy is to redecorate every 10 years which will be next year in 2005. If owners want to take action prior to that time, it is their responsibility and the Board does not get involved. It was also suggested that we power clean the building when all work is completed. Howard stated that unlike some other buildings we have not mortgaged our building. Dott responded that we take care to remain within the budget. When current Board was elected, Association had experienced a deficit. Dee stated she had spoken to the McCloskey Window Cleaning company who cleans the outside windows of hi-rise buildings from a scaffold. This would have to be the entire building and the owners would have to do the inside themselves. The Board will look into it. Laszlo is anxious for completion of construction especially since his car was water damaged due to the second flooding we’ve experienced in a few months from heavy rains entering the garage. Eric explained that is the purpose of the well installation and we are awaiting approval from Tallahassee. Anne mentioned the odor emanating from the Trash Room. Joe will assure the charcoals are still being inserted in each one. Joe discussed the need for all owners to replace their air conditioning hoses. The deteriorating hoses are causing numerous and severe water leaks which run down an entire stack damaging each unit. Shirley and other members suggested the association proceed with having it accomplished. The Board will look into this also. Joe also suggested the relocation of the barbeque grill to the upper patio deck. After much discussion it was decided that a survey letter will be placed in this newsletter. Howard, Dee, Martha and Ann complimented and thanked the Board for the great job they are doing.


One of the complaints by “the select group” was that the Board only asks friends to join committees. The facts are that we comb through the Owners Directory and call many, many people. A few months back we called 27 people in an attempt to find a volunteer to chair the Maintenance Committee. Everyone said “No.” The identical thing occurs when we have need for even temporary “one-occasion” committees. Recently, the Recycle and We Care chairpersons posted notices requesting volunteers for their respective committees with the identical results. We will try again after the annual meeting in March.

Unit Values

Again a reminder: Do not sell your apartment without thoroughly checking into its current value. We recently had a two bedroom sell for approximately $440,000 and a one bedroom for $240,000 both without parking spaces. Additionally another one bedroom is on the market for $259,000 and a three bedroom for$ 625,000. So, I reiterate, don’t undersell your unit. I predict there will be more upward movement when the well is installed so that the pavers can be finished in the lower driveway area and the landscaping completed.

Silver Linings

“We spend half our time crying for leaders, and the other half nailing them to the cross of prejudice” E.C. McKenzie – Quips & Quotes

This will be my last Presidents Report. I do not plan to continue as President beyond the March Board meeting. Although the dissidents will proclaim they “won,” I make the decisions affecting me and I do not scare easily. However, my health is of utmost importance to me and so are my family and friends. I have neglected them during the past three years of my presidency. Please accept my deepest gratitude to all of you for everything. Throughout my life I have enjoyed laughing and being happy. I plan to return to that. Ha, Ha, Ha.

Aloha – I love you



Construction Committee
Eric Peter Berkowitz

Construction Committee Chair Eric Peter Berkowitz Gives Report
Eric Peter Berkowitz
We Need Well
The North Parking Deck was re-opened in mid-January. Scheduled to be completed in the next few days is the last three sections of aluminum flashing, one at the north deck planter and two in the front entryway and the north deck fire-landing handrail. Following the completion of the contract, a punch-list will be developed.

The unfortunate weekend flooding in our garage emphasized the necessity of installing a new functional drainage system vented to a gravity well. Upon exposing the existing lower driveway drainage system in early September, it became evident that simply rehabilitating a drainage system that did not work would be an inexcusable waste of time and funds. Our engineering consultant contacted a hydro-engineering specialist and developed a plan to evacuate the incipient flooding that accompanies every moderate to heavy rainfall. Atlantis Construction will install three new catch basins and one well control head in the lower driveway. This will serve to collect all of the rainwater that would normally find its way into our garage. Subsequently, Jaffer Construction will excavate a 100-foot deep well that will not be dependent upon pumps or any other electrical devices that often malfunction during severe weather. The system is driven by gravity.

Click to SPS Web Site Paver installation on the North Deck was stopped at the expansion joint to avert the possibility of paying twice for the same pavers. The equipment used to excavate the well is extremely heavy and could possibly damage the pavers had their installation continued to the sidewalk. After excavation of the well, SPS will construct the north planter in the lower driveway and reconstruct all of the lower driveway curbs. This will be coordinated with the construction required to attach the well to the system. When the drainage system is completed, installation of the pavers will be completed. By carefully coordinating the construction disciplines of the Driveway Project with those of the Drainage System Project, we avoid the duplication of unnecessary set-up fees, demolition costs and administrative expenses. This Project integration also fully underwrites the financial basis for its successful completion - no additional assessment will be required.

Click to Campany Roofing Web Site A notice was distributed last week by the Construction Committee requesting that the office be alerted to any problems arising from balcony railings. The contractor’s representative is scheduled to begin addressing problems on February 5th. On January 29th Campany Roofing conducted its quarterly inspection of our roof to excise and drain any blisters that developed over the past few months. No infiltrations were found.

Beautification Committee
Louise Collins

Louise - Beautification Committee Report!
Hooray, we finally are off and running with the renovation of the lobby restrooms. The permit came through. We expect to move right along on this project. Thanks for your patience!

We want to thank Pablo Verol for designing the Regency Tower crown logo that has been placed at the north entrance portico. Another Regency Tower crown logo has been installed in the pavers at the pool side area. It adds a touch of class!

Thanks to my committee for a job always well done.

Communication Committee
Iris Anastasi

Anyone leasing or selling their units can advertise on our web site by contacting me through the web site e-mail or by placing your listing in the open box 407 in the mail room. Leave a description of your unit and a contact number. Also, your e-mail address for verification.

Housekeeping Chair Louise Collins
Housekeeping Committee
Louise Collins

The maintenance staff have been doing their best to keep up with the building’s ongoing demands during this construction period. We hope things will be back to normal soon. Another walk through the building is planned. Arrangements have been made to have carpeted hallways on all floors professionally cleaned by an outside contractor.

Maintenance Committee
Pablo Verol

Maintenance Chair Pablo Verol
During the month of January Maintenance undertook the following projects: A/C - cleaned the water tower with S & S Plumbing; flushed a/c main lines.

Pool Area: prepped and installed new turf; replaced damaged light fixture; lubricated, cleaned and adjusted pool door; adjusted and replaced sprinkler heads.

Lobby: rebuilt and painted the wall for the fire alarm panel; numerous prep work for men’s bathroom; repaired and painted north fire door.

Garage: cleaned floors weekly; replaced all traffic signs.

Resident’s work orders for this period totaled 71.

Painting is being done as needed on the outside of the building and the fire towers.

The one thousand and one odd jobs to keep the building running were also performed during this period.

Recycling Committee
Ginia Wexler

Recycling Chair Ginia Wexler
In general people are still putting objects in the barrel not permitted; i.e., cartons of many sizes, an old toothpaste tube, dirty paper and Kleenex, 2 wire hangers (3rd floor), rubber gloves, and lids, lids, lids. Another general fact, cans and bottles are not rinsed out. I didn’t think we had to put that on the notice in each trash room, but perhaps I was mistaken. Floor 6 put a large carton box in the newspaper box when it is specifically stated to put them on the side. Newspapers should not be wrapped in plastic. Please remove it (4th and 20th floors). I collected 12 lids on floors from 12 to 2. The only floor with no problems was 15. Maybe we hit them at just the right time. If not, congratulations.

Many thanks to Mike Meyer, my trusty volunteer.

PS: News will be coming on what to do with hazardous waste.

Screening Committee Chair Iris Anastasi Thanks Committee Members
Thanks Members
Screening Committee
Iris Anastasi

The month of January brought us 2 leases and 2 sales. (See New Residents)

The volunteer members of the Screening Committee have voted to assign Tuesdays only as the day for which screenings will now be held. Screenings will not be held on the same day as the closing. We will, however, try to schedule screening appointments on the Tuesday PRIOR to the closing date.

We remind owners who intend to sell or lease their units to please make sure a copy of our Rules and Regulations have been passed on to the potential lessee or buyer and that the copy must be brought to the screening.

Security Report
Iris Anastasi presented Joe Anastasi’s report.

Joe Anastasi Suggests Uniform Tile on Balconies
JOE - CALL 911
The new fire alarm system and electronic access are moving along. Bass United Company estimates completion to be in about two weeks.

Special Announcement: It is recommended that all persons experiencing an emergency should call 911 directly, not to the lobby desk. 911 asks specific questions which can only be answered by the person with the emergency. In calling 911 directly it eliminates a call back to that person, which does delay the response time.

Social Committee
Louise Collins

Bingo was started on January 27th. It was well attended. Jerry Corse collected at the door and calculated payouts. Dott Nicholson-Brown called and Jean Nesbitt hosted. I want to thank them for taking over. Bingo will resume February 10th at 7:30 p.m.

A coffee hour is planned for Monday, February 9th in the Rendezvous Room at 10:00 a.m. Notices will be placed on the bulletin boards.

The social committee will be planning more outside events due to the renovations that will be taking place in the Rendezvous Room. The first event will be at the 26th St. Theater, featuring West Side Story. We will decide whether a matinee with dinner following at the Old Florida Seafood Restaurant or dinner first, then theater. We will also plan an evening at the Brazilian Tropicana. Flyers will be forthcoming.

We Care Committee
Fern McBride presented Ofelia Alleguez’s Report

Ofelia Alleguez reported the following:

We Care Committee Chair Ofelia Alleguez of Regency Tower Angel Squad
Ofelia Alleguez - Regency

  • Henry Kaplan (510) was in Holy Cross Hospital. Note on bulletin board; card sent. Went to rehab and is home.

  • Diana Ramku’s (703) mother passed away; note on bulletin board; card sent


  • David Bohme (1606) passed away on January 6th. Note on bulletin board; card sent; and trees planted in his memory.

  • Irene Buchinsky (1210) had surgery at North Ridge. Note on bulletin board, card sent, received a plant.

  • Adeline Wilson (909) had surgery at North Ridge. Note on bulletin board; card sent; she is recovering at her daughter’s home in Boca.

  • Louise Collins (301) had surgery; note on bulletin board; card sent. She is back and feeling better.

  • Jean Manoli (603) was taken to hospital in Hollywood with pneumonia. Note on bulletin board; card sent; received basket of fruit.

  • Marion Custer (207), a long time owner and permanent resident of our building passed away on January 28th. She was also one of the founding members of our committee. Note on bulletin board; card sent. A memorial service will take place on February 7th at 3 p.m. at Baird-Case Funeral Home.

NOTE: An appeal for volunteers has been posted on the bulletin board since January 18th. As of today we have not had any response.

Also, we had a general meeting of our committee on January 23rd.

Welcoming Committee
Howard Hirschman

Our new lessees and owners were given a tour of the building and welcomed by Howard Hirschman.




The Social Committee Announces

Bingo will resume in the Fall of 2004



Coffee Hour

Louise Collins
COFFEE HOURS ARE SCHEDULED ON MONDAYS AT 10:00AM. Coffee Hour will resume in the Fall of 2004

Coffee Hour Dates

Coffee Hour has been canceled until after the renovation of the Rendezvous Room. Tentative finish date will be around the 1st of June.

Come on down and join the fun!


Events will resume in the Fall of 2004


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