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We’re baaaack!

Did you miss us? Did you miss the Newsletter? Did you miss the noise, dust and dirt from the Driveway/Parking Restoration? Although we missed you, we are happy the majority of you were not here because things would have been more difficult for us, the contractors and for you. As you will read later in this Newsletter, our Driveway/Parking Restoration and Landscaping Projects are humming along. Although we had lots of rain during August and September, we are only a little behind schedule with a date of completion probably around the first week in January for the entire project. With Eric on their backs, it may be sooner. The landscaping has been coordinated with our contractors so that it is almost complete. We feel that you will be pleased with the beautiful tropical setting the professional Landscape Architect created. Everything outside will be new. We are sure the initial impact experienced as a first impression will be memorable. It was for us!

ROUND TABLE:   The Round Table was convened on Thursday, September 18th at 10:00 AM. Attendees were: Rafael Alleguez, Joe Anastasi, Tom Griffin, Howard Hirschman, Dee Lanzillo, Martha Sellas, David Tinsley, Dr. Morris Weiner and Elaine Welzel along with five Board Members. The discussion began with an explanation by Joe Anastasi regarding the "frequent" false fire alarms we all had endured for two weeks. The Round Table and Security Committee recommended that the Association purchase a non-proprietary system so that we won’t have to depend on one single company for repairs. The Board readily agrees. Joe and Eric are obtaining information and quotes for a new non-proprietary system. We offer our apologies for the inconvenience and lack of sleep experienced by all of us, especially Joe. David Tinsley brought up the necessity of more frequent sweeping of the one half garage that is open. This is necessary due to the large amount of grit, sand and cement walked and driven in from the construction project. Elaine Welzel brought up the subject of cabanas facing eastward as opposed to southward and suggested that the Board consider requiring uniform colors rather than a hodgepodge of colors as presently exist. Tom Griffin brought up the subject of our circuit breakers and the possibility of fire and safety problems. Our breakers were made of aluminum wire 33 years ago and needs inspection and probably re-wiring for the safety of us all. This matter had previously been mentioned by Rafael. The Board took the matter under immediate consideration. Dee Lanzillo and Howard Hirschman both said they were very happy with everything and Dee is especially happy to be back and feeling better. Joe and Dee wanted to know why the North side is being discriminated against regarding landscaping. I think Rafael was shaking his head in agreement but didn’t dare say anything since he is a member of the committee that selected the landscaping design and location. Dr. Morris Weiner stated he is very happy with the Pavers selection.

RESIGNATIONS:  Henry Kaplan resigned from the Board for health reasons and Rafael Alleguez from the position of Treasurer for personal reasons. Although I cried real tears, they stayed with their decision out of necessity. Rafael was my right arm and Henry was my left throughout the 2 ˝ years I’ve bee privileged to serve as your President. Henry has been a loyal worker for the building for many years, a faithful and dedicated supporter of this Board of Directors in spite of declining health, and a great friend. Rafael has been "there" for us from the week we were elected in March 2001. He suggested so many wonderful innovative ideas that we almost suffered burn-out implementing them. The most successful has been The Round Table idea. Although Rafael called it something else in presenting it, we got the general import of his suggestion. The committee consists of a representative group of volunteer owners participating with the Board of Directors in information gathering and the bouncing around of ideas and suggestions to gain perspective so that decisions are made in a way that will serve the majority. The entire Board will truly miss these two special gentlemen.

On a happier note, two fine guys are replacing them. Joshua Parker is a financial Planner and Bill Tennenbaum is a Tax Specialist. Both are well experienced in financial matters. The Board would like to extend a hearty "Welcome Aboard!" to both.

MOLD: According to the Insurance Information Institute there are more than 10,000 mold-related lawsuits pending in state courts across the country, mostly in Florida, Texas and California where weather conditions make it easier for mold to grow. At least half of these lawsuits are against Insurance Companies. Insurers are beginning to eliminated coverage for mold-related problems in their standard policies. We can still obtain coverage but will have to pay a premium for it. Hence the lawsuits. Florida is an ideal area for these living organisms. Did you know there are more than 82 types of mold which are toxic when inhaled or ingested? It flourishes in elevated humidity and wet environments (behind furniture, in a closet, cabinet, on ceilings, etc.) We again remind you to provide continuous, controlled air, regularly dust and vacuum inside closets and check, check, check for leaks. It is the responsibility of each of us to prevent mold growth in our units. Do not leave your unit without air conditioning and/or a humidistat during your absence. Should you discover mold, immediately kill the mold spores by cleaning with bleach and water. This usually works if caught early. However, prevention is best. Shorty, our Maintenance Supervisor, recently attended a one day mold seminar.

KEYS: A demonstration of a new exterior door locking system was presented for about 40 minutes before the Board Meeting on September 18th. The Company showed a card system which is about the size of a credit card and also a Fob system which is smaller than the average remote system used to lock and unlock cars. Both are very unique in that the computer will automatically record who is using the key, the time, date and; if used by an unauthorized person. There is no need to swipe the card. Both merely have to be passed across the face of the doors. As soon as the company speaks our language as to cost, we’ll advise you further.

NUDE BAR: Hurrah! Hurrah! Local authorities finally succeeded in closing the last nude strip club in Ft. Lauderdale. The bar formerly known as "Gumwrappers" located on A1A across from the entrance to the Galt Mile has now changed it’s offering and it’s name. It was a long, hard fight by the City of Ft. Lauderdale. Since 1989, lawyers and Galt Mile residents have long argued that nude bars bring down property values and lead to an increase in prostitution and drugs. The City feels it’s vision of Ft. Lauderdale as a place where people would feel comfortable bringing their children has finally been realized.

While it’s been 2 ˝ years, "Only 2 ˝?!!!" since this Board was elected and I became your President, we have all performed in a herculean manner in accomplishing many improvements to The Regency Tower.

I am very proud of this Board of Directors and thank each one profusely for their hard work, dedication and support.

As I close, please be reminded that we must have keys for your cars if you will be parking anywhere on the property during the balance of the project completion. The owners on the South side of the garage and parking lot were very cooperative. We look forward to the same cooperation from those of you on the North side of the garage. Which group will win the prize of one day "free parking" outside? Stay tuned.





Beautification - Louise Collins sent the following report:  Many changes have occurred since our last meeting.  New planters have been erected and new landscaping is in place.  We have beautiful palm trees in various locations on our property:  Royal Palms at the street, Alexander Palms as we enter our garage/service area, Coconut Palms in our upper deck, Dactylifera Palms as we enter and exit, and Roebelenii Palms at various locations.  In addition to the trees, we have an abundance of different shrubs and flowering plants.  The areas are beautifully illuminated and a state-of-the-art watering system is in place.  It was magical to see the transformation that took place, block by block and plant by plant.  It looks like a tropical paradise.  A new garage entrance gate and door was selected.  The gate is wider and leaves us less prone to accidents.  Pavers on the south side are being installed.  The pavers include three different colors.  Two colors are being arranged in a herringbone pattern covering the largest surface.  The third, a lighter colored paver, will be used for the border, directional arrows and parking stripes.  It’s looking good!  We thank the contractors as well as the owners for their cooperation and patience in dealing with all these changes.

The Committee is sorry to announce that Rafael Alleguez has resigned from several committees, one of them being the Beautification Committee.  We will miss his wealth of knowledge, advice and support.  He is one “gentle man” among four ladies.

We welcome Mark Pestano to our committee and look forward to working with him.  We’re sure he will bring along some refreshing ideas.

I personally want to thank the members of my committee: Iris Anastasi, Fern McBride and Debi Tinsley.

The President addressed redecorating of the individual floors, which is scheduled for 2005, in answer to questions from several owners.  A motion was requested to reaffirm the Regency Tower’s policy  on this subject.  Fern McBride moved that the Regency Tower Decorating Policy shall be as follows:

  • (1) It shall be mandatory for all hallways and elevator lobby areas to be redecorated every ten years and all owners on each floor will share the responsibility as per our condominium documents, and
  • (2) Any owners wishing to decorate sooner shall have the sole responsibility for the entire project. 
Josh Parker seconded the motion; unanimously approved.

Cable - Howard Hirschman sent a report that Comcast is still in the process of readjusting the signal level driving the fiber optic cable each day as they add more buildings to the network.  This work should be completed by the end of the year.  At that time high speed internet service will also be available to us and all the other buildings on the fiber optic network.

Communications - Iris Anastasi reported that with the start of the new season we are combining the Newsletter and the Web Site which will now be listed under the title of “Communications.”  New notices and reminders are updated periodically on a new link titled "Special Updates", therefore, continue to check the web site.

Construction  - Eric Berkowitz reported the Construction Committee is currently overseeing multiple construction efforts designed to improve Regency Tower’s appearance and functionality.  This report aspires to reflect the progress of the Driveway Project’s component objectives.  They are: • Waterproof our garage to protect our foundation • Perform structural repairs on foundation and expansion joints to offset years of neglect • Resurface and re-grade our driveway and auxiliary areas to yield both an aesthetic improvement and better flood management • Re-engineer our exterior electrical and irrigation systems • Re-plumb a professionally engineered driveway drainage system • Design and install new efficient code-compliant exterior lighting • Coordinate with Beautification, Maintenance and Security to effect dozens of additional opportunistic upgrades.

The damage to the expansion joints and the structural columns was extensive in the south side of the garage.  We were able to repair the damage before it deteriorated to the extent that would require a huge expense.  When the repairs in the south garage are completed, it will be hydro-blasted and painted.

We ran new and safe electrical lines that meet code to the rebuilt and existing planters.  We restructured our driveway drains and installed an irrigation system.  The new irrigation and electrical systems are controlled by timers.  The new planters are fixed to the deck by steel re-bars and reinforced with concrete.  The waterproofing membrane system completely protects our garage and foundation.

Demolition of the lower driveway area has necessitated the closing of the south driveway entrance.  Vehicles will have to enter and exit the garage through a space that is one half of its usual size.  It behooves every vehicle to proceed with caution.  The gradient of the lower driveway is being reversed to repel flooding from the building.

Pavers have been installed in the upper patio area.  Once installation is complete, they will be sealed to promote easy maintenance. (See first picture)

The concrete is being poured to recreate our drive-through island separator and to extend the front entryway to its original proportions.  Once replaced, new non-skid tile will cover the entry area and the island.

Playa Del Mar and Danebelt Management (owners of the Winn-Dixie parking lot) are allowing us to use their parking areas during this project.  We distributed a map and letter to all residents explaining their parking regulations.  Failure to follow these instructions will result in your vehicle being towed.

Our contract is equipped with a clause that requires work days lost to rain to be offset by working on weekends.  Weather permitting, we hope to complete the south side of the project by the end of September.

Our engineer has determined that there is deterioration of the pavers in our barbecue and pool areas.  The Chattahoochee surface underlying the existing pavers never permitted proper drainage.  Correcting these problems will afford us the opportunity to address the plumbing, electrical and drainage dilemmas in the pool and shower areas.

Since July, four balcony railings were repaired.  In response to the notice posted by the office, we have scheduled the repair of eleven additional balcony railings by Aqua-Shield.

Housekeeping - Louise Collins sent the following report:  The Housekeeping Department is doing its best to keep up with all the work that is being done.  Adjustments have had to be made from time to time depending on priorities that come up.  Projects have to be handled on a first come basis.  The polishing of the lobby and mailroom have been completed.  This is done on a contract basis.  It looks beautiful.  We realize there is a lot happening.  There is a silver lining at the end of the rainbow.  The storm will soon be over.  We appreciate your patience and cooperation.  It will be worth it!

Laundry - Martha Sellas and Laszlo Bandi reported that since their last report the Association has replaced the old, dilapidated laundry carts with sparkling new carts which are larger in size and have bigger wheels for ease of rolling  We now have four carts instead of three due to the “constant” suggesting of Lou Freeman. 

Maintenance - Pablo Verol reported the following accomplishments for the Maintenance Department under the supervision of Shorty: (1) Installed new electric line from water heater and exhaust to separate breakers in SE corner of garage; (2) Installed drip pan and float for air conditioner in elevator room; (3) Installed new intercom base system outside of main entrance, pool area and north entrance; (4) Installed all new anchor bolts and sleeves on north and south sides for hurricane shutters.  Also, made up 30 new shutters; (5) Relocated car wash from south side to north side of service area with new car wash lines; (6) Installed tow bars on dumpsters to pull them out to the street with the new golf cart; (7) Rebuilt four sump pumps in garage so they would come on quicker; (8) Rebuilt shower heads on beach; (9) Rewired main sign in front of building; (10) Installed new drain line for air conditioner in receiving room; (11) Rewired cameras as needed in building; (12) Painted lobby area; (13) Installed a new water spigot line under awning at front entrance overhang; cleaned garage awning; (14) Replaced new water lines from water heater to pool shower; (15) Installed new gaskets in our water pumps in garage; and (16) Installed safety shield and closer rod on new garage door.

The President explained that a new intercom system has been installed to allow the security guard at the lobby desk to open the garage gate from that location.  Also, residents should have service contracts for repairs to their air conditioners as our maintenance personnel does not have the time or equipment to repair air conditioners.  Pablo Verol moved that the maintenance staff shall be used only for emergency repairs to individual owner air conditioning systems; seconded by Henry Kaplan; unanimously approved.

Mention was made that our monthly air conditioner service has been improved.  It now includes blowing out the hoses; and covers clean-up if the hoses burst.

Rules and Regulations - Fern McBride reported that the revised edition July 2003 of The Regency Tower Rules and Regulations was completed and distributed in July to all Residents along with the amended Condominium Documents.  A numerical directory was made available.  As a convenience for our Owners and Residents, an updated directory will be furnished once a year.

Screening - Iris Anastasi reported that since our June Board Meeting we have had screenings for two yearly leases and one sale.  Apartment 1504 was leased to Steven Krol; apartment 2009 was leased to Jaimie Diamond, and apartment 1710 was sold to Sharry DeGroff.  We welcome our new Residents and hope they enjoy many happy times with us.

Security - Iris Anastasi reported for Joe Anastasi that Pat Reardon has been assigned as the new “Chief of Guards.”  We welcome new Guards:  Bill Borek, Lloyd Gilmore, Willie Griffin and Jason Harris to our staff.

During the first week of October new parking decals will be placed in the apartments during the Bug Off service.  Additional decals can be obtained at the office during working hours.  The stickers are plain and totally untraceable.  They are to be placed on the inside of your windshield on the driver’s side lower left hand corner.”  This will allow Security to see the decal as vehicles enter the garage. Once these permits are in place, make, model and tag number will no longer be required.  The “RO” and “RG” decals should be removed once you have the new decals on your vehicle.

Security is also in the process of investigating new methods of safety access to the building - electronic access and different Medeco vendors.  Unfortunately, at this time hand print recognition is super expensive and it will be years before it would be reasonable for such a system to be in place for a building with so many doors.

I thank both Fern and Rafael for a job well done while I was gone for the summer.  On a sad note, we regret to see Rafael Alleguez leave Security as he has decided to resign from the Committee for personal reasons. Rafael will be missed.  The Security Committee would like to welcome David Tinsley as its newest member.   

                  We Care - Ofelia Alleguez reported the following for the months of June, July, August and September:

June:  Kenneth Wade (907) passed away.  Note on bulletin board, card sent, trees planted in his memory. Our condolences to his wife Sharon and his family.

Helen Quinlan's (1903) sister passed away in Spokane, Washington. Note on bulletin board, card sent.

Lucy Vives (508) fell at home, had foot surgery at North Ridge Hospital.  Note on bulletin board, card and plant sent.

July:  Francis Roberts (1209) at North Broward Hospital for few days of tests.  Note on bulletin board, card sent.

August:  John Pacella (308) fell, taken to Holy Cross Hospital with broken arm, had surgery.  Note on bulletin board, card and fruit basket sent.

Barbara Verol (1707) fell at home, taken to Holy Cross Hospital.  Note on bulletin board, card and plant sent.

Nick Petroe (709) a member of our committee and long time resident of the building passed away.  Note on bulletin board, card sent and donation to St. Demetrios was sent in his memory.  Our condolences to his wife Ann and his family.

September:  Helen Quinlan (1903) taken to Holy Cross Hospital with a heart attack. Moved from Cardiac Unit to a regular room.  Note on bulletin board and card sent.  She was ready to come home and fell so will stay in hospital a few more days.

It was noted that the We Care Committee had a busy few months.  Ofelia was thanked for the great job she is doing.

Welcoming - Howard Hirschman sent the following report.  Three new residents were welcomed to the building:  Apartments 1504, 1710 and 2009 were given a grand tour of The Regency Tower’s interior and exterior.

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