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MARCH 2003


After open discussion with the owners, the annual meeting of The Regency Tower Board was called to order at 7:10  p.m. on Tuesday, March 11, 2003 in the Meeting Room by the President.

Roll Call:  The roll call showed the following board members present:  Iris Anastasi, Eric Berkowitz, Louise Collins, Henry Kaplan, Dott Nicholson-Brown, Fern McBride, and Pablo Verol.

Reading of Minutes:  The minutes of a regular meeting of The Regency Tower Board of Directors held on February 6, 2003 were read.  Iris Anastasi made a motion to approve the minutes as read, seconded by Pablo Verol, unanimously approved.

Financial Report:  Rafael Alleguez, Treasurer, reported  on the following:  Checking Account, Money Market Account,  Laundry Account, Misc. Accounts. Special Elevator Assessment, Special Driveway Assessment and the Special Reserve Account.                      

The Treasurer commented that all the accounts we have, with the exception of checking, are special money market accounts generating interest for the Association.  A motion was made by Louise Collins to accept the Treasurer’s Report; seconded by Henry Kaplan; unanimously approved.

Fern McBride announced that we have a new email address:  RegencyTower1@NetZero.com

 After a brief recess, while the Election Committee completed tallying the ballots, the meeting resumed.


Number of ballots received:                    136

Number of valid ballots:                          129

Number of disregarded/invalid ballots:       7

The five candidates received the following number of votes:

Iris Anastasi - 121

 Dott Nicholson Brown - 110

 Louise Collins - 122

Judith O’Bryan - 42

 Pablo Verol - 104


Iris Anastasi, Dott Nicholson Brown, Louise Collins and Pablo Verol have been re-elected to fill the four open positions as members of the Board of Directors for a two-year term (2003-2005).



Sincere thanks to our conscientious members  of the Election Committee: Seated left to right: Mark Pestano, Martha Sellas, Jim Rigney, Ofelia Alleguez- Chairperson and Vickie Fournier



A motion was made by Iris Anastasi and seconded by Pablo Verol nominating Dott Nicholson-Brown as President; unanimously approved.

A motion was made by Fern McBride and seconded by Henry Kaplan nominating Pablo Verol as Vice President; unanimously approved.

A motion was made by Louise Collins and seconded by Eric Berkowitz nominating Fern McBride as Secretary; unanimously approved.

The Board unanimously approved the re-appointment of Rafael Alleguez as Treasurer.

ADJOURNMENT: A motion was made by Louise Collins and seconded by Eric Berkowitz to adjourn the meeting at 8:12 p.m.; unanimously approved.

Fern McBride       




After the Annual meeting of March 2002, I wrote about the accomplishments of 2001 and stated "we intend to go at a slower pace this year...." Guess What? We didn’t. So I can almost repeat word for word what I reported last year about this time. We are beginning to experience "Burn-out." If you read the 2002 Board Annual Report you will see why. We were responsible for a Super-Active year. Consequently, this time I mean it when I state we intend to slow down so that I can maintain my equilibrium. Although it is an oxymoron, I plan to make haste slowly. Of course, none of the Board members believe me.

ADMINISTRATION:  Everything is moving along smoothly. That’s primarily because Alicia and Cindy are behaving (or is it me)? We found it necessary to purchase a new copier. Our Xerox broke down like clock work every time we had big jobs to get out. As you know, everything we send to you require a minimum of 203 copies. We usually make about 250 to include employees and lessees. During the past month it was necessary to run out to Office Depot several times.

EMPLOYEES:  On Thursday, February 20th, in recognition of their years of service to The Regency Tower, Service Award Pins were presented to several employees.

Elisma Dorlus and Montcalm Gibbons - 23 years

Cindy Hanus - 10 years

Charles Bonneau - 7 years

Jim Edmiston, Pat Reardon and Norman Kaufman - 6 years

Dominick Pacillo and Jack Holthoefer - 5 years

                     We congratulate each of them for "hanging in there."

ROUND TABLE:  Present were Joe Anastasi, Victoria Fournier, Shirley Hopkins, Dee Lanzillo, Nick Petroe, Martha Sellas and Elaine Welzel. Tom Griffin, Howard Hirschman, Ray Zabal and Rafael Alleguez were excused. Vicki discussed the cable situation and a problem with the new windows. Also suggested a charge for bike space. Joe discussed the problem of Sellers not turning over their Medeco keys to the Buyers, resulting in non-residents having our Medeco keys. The Board will check into obtaining new Medeco keys which will necessitate changing the entire system. Joe also mentioned the car parked in the North side parking area which has been there for sometime with a tarpaulin covering it. Consensus was it should be parked in an obscure area of the property and away from the entrances. He then mentioned residents having combustibles in the air conditioning closets. Letters were sent out in the past. A reminder item will be placed in the newsletter. He also stated that Guards should be given the license plate of anyone from other buildings seen parking on our property. Dee and Shirley mentioned the improper disposal of garbage on their floors. Elaine mentioned several maintenance items to be taken up with Johnny. Nick and Martha complimented the Board and Nick stated his friends from Regency South now acknowledge The Regency Tower as # 1.

ART SHOW:  Those of you who are away missed an opportunity to see a wonderful exhibit of Art by Pablo Verol on Sunday, March 9th. Pablo displayed over 35 works consisting of oil, acrylic and water colors depicting clowns, Garden of Eden scenes, abstracts and copper paintings in which the copper is hand-hammered and drawn on from the inside and outside. The one which I particularly like looks like the Universe (Big Bang Theory). I also love the clowns. I have a beautiful clown displayed in my foyer. Pablo teaches at the Broward Art Guild to adults and children. He also gives private lessons and has painted murals in the Living, Dining and Bedrooms of several owners here at The Regency Tower. The next time you’re here, ask him to show you some of his work.

PRESIDENT’S COUNCIL:  At the March meeting of the Galt Mile President’s Council a demonstration of AED’s (Automatic External Defibrillators) was made to the attendees by Phillips. An AED is an external device that can be used by a minimally trained layperson in emergency situations to restore a normal heart rhythm. According to the American Heart Association, even children can be trained to use AED’s. They are safe, inexpensive and low maintenance. The Council decided to negotiate a bulk purchase rather than each building purchasing individually. This will result in a 10% discount.

PARKING DURING CONSTRUCTION:  As I close, let me impress upon each of you the urgency of having a key to your vehicle in the inner office lock box if you will be away for even one day between April and October. Also, motorcycles and bikes must be relocated during the construction. It will be necessary to move cars from the South to North side and vice versa within the garage as well as outside. If you have a space in the garage which will not be utilized over the summer, we would appreciate authorization to use it when we have to move from one side to the other. The construction committee will be obtaining alternate parking spaces for use of our cars. Please cooperate as the contractors cannot hold up the job because one person didn’t adhere to our request.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day and Happy Spring to those of you still up there with the changing seasons. I miss that. Send me some photos at our new address: "regencytower1@netzero.net" so I can enjoy looking.




Beautification - Louise Collins reported:  We are glad to announce the elevators are completed and look great.  We want to thank the owners for their patience.  The workmanship and quality of this project were of the utmost importance to the committee.  After numerous meetings and inspections, and some delays, the results were worth it.  I would like to thank Rafael Alleguez, Iris Anastasi, Fern McBride and Eric Berkowitz for all their work and involvement.

Cable - Howard Hirschman was absent, however, Joe Anastasi reported there was a break in the line for  HBO52 - it has been flickering on and off.  They are working on it and we are promised the problem would be resolved within 24 hours.

Construction - Eric Berkowitz reported the Construction Committee completed oversight of the Elevator Modernization Project.  Our new elevators’ operational basis is computer software as opposed to the mechanical underpinnings of the old elevator system.  Certain modifications to the programming have been made and are being monitored to detect any irregularities.  When the hall buttons were activated erratic skipping occurred.  There are several reasons that this takes place.  The first reason is that the elevator will only stop if it is going in the direction that corresponds to the button pushed in the hall.  If the up button is pushed, it will not stop if it is on its way down and vice versa.  Secondly, the elevator will not stop if it is traveling too fast to stop safely.  Our elevators travel at up to 350 feet per minute.  If the computer determines that there is not enough time to safely slow to a comfortable stop, it will pass by and you will have to wait for the next car to pick you up.  The third reason is one of programming efficiency.  If, for instance, one car has 5 scheduled stops to make and the other has only one, the loaded car will pass you by and send the nearly empty car to pick you up.  An interesting quality of this new system is its ability to learn.  The computers that control the elevators actually keep track of the utilization habits exhibited by our residents.  As certain floors are busier than others at certain times, the cars are distributed accordingly.  When this behavior changes, the computer adjusts and reconfigures the default position of the cars.  We now enjoy one of the finest elevator systems on Galt Ocean Drive. I cannot emphasize strongly enough the importance of following the rules regarding their utilization and maintenance.

The Driveway Project is in the bidding stage.  The final bid packages were distributed a few weeks ago.  On February 25, we held a pre-bid meeting with the Consulting Engineer and the bidding contractors.  When the bids are returned, we will make an exhaustive analysis with the guidance of the Consulting Engineer.  The Board will then decide which bid best serves our needs.

Dott Nicholson-Brown thanked Eric for his clear, comprehensive explanation of how the elevators function.  She also expressed a special note of thanks to Ron Forment for his detailed assistance in reviewing and revising the specifications for the Driveway Restoration Project.

Housekeeping - Louise Collins reported that an indoctrination for our new housekeeper, Ed, was conducted with the assistance of Ofelia Alleguez translating.  Together we worked on his job description, supplies and how he could schedule his work load.

We want to bring to your attention again that hand toweling in the basement restroom is being taken.  A roll of toweling should last approximately one month. During February, five rolls were installed.  This seems to me one of those “crime alert” areas.

Laundry - Lazlo Bandi reported that the laundry room is checked daily and people seem to be satisfied with the general condition of the room and equipment.  With more people in the building during the season and the laundry being used more, collections are made every 3 weeks rather than monthly. Quarters are available at the security desk when needed; coins for the security desk are replenished every few days.

Maintenance - Pablo Verol reported that for the month of March in addition to regular maintenance and numerous emergencies of leaks, leaks, and more leaks, the Maintenance Department accomplished the following:  (1) Evened out the four ramps in the garage area (North side, South side, two in the center carpeted area). This removed a safety hazard. (2) Cleaned the water tower and A/C lines and assisted Security in installing additional cameras. (3) We are in process of modifying the Receiving Room window so there will no longer be a glare to residents as they drive into the garage.

Maintenance Crew: Thanks for a Great Job!

Left to right: Eddie Figuero, Montcalm Gibbons, Jim Edminston, Johnny Sala, Elisma Dorlis, Geroge Paunescu

Screening - Margie Nagle reported 3 lessee screenings for January and February:    Units 605, 1909, and 2011. (See New Residents)

Security - Iris Anastasi read Joe Anastasi’s report:  Our Security Department is being upgraded in terms of personnel and the surveillance system.  New personnel, with Class D licenses, have been hired.  This assures us that an FBI investigation has been performed.

A Safety and Security Meeting was held on February 20th at which time many items were brought to the attention of the entire Security force.  Among these were:  the fire alarm system, the PA system, elevator fire alarm, visitors, traffic control, parking decals and various safety issues.  Our surveillance system has been upgraded and improved with cameras now located as follows:  all areas of the parking lot, upper patio gate, beach gate, pool, main entrance, inside garage, garage gate, elevators, north and south driveways, lobby floor, lower lobby and the south door.  All in all we’ve made tremendous strides in our Security Department and the security and safety of The Regency Tower.  We received many compliments on Channel 49 now being seen in color which presents a clearer, sharper picture.  This high resolution is in all cameras throughout the building.  We also recommended to the Board to change our long distance telephone carrier which will result in approximately a 50% savings on long distance and a 20% savings on BellSouth local.  I wish to thank Committee members Rafael Alleguez and Fern McBride for their assistance.

Pablo Verol recommended we give Joe Anastasi a special thanks for the excellent and dedicated job he does for us.  The Board wholeheartedly agreed.

Social - Louise Collins reported that the Social Committee has had a busy month.  A Coffee and several Bingo games were held.  On February 15, we enjoyed a Potluck Dinner and a Costume Contest.  The food was an Epicurean delight.  Costume contest judges were Helen Quinlan, Chris Feneck and Richard Ormsby.  Prizes were awarded to Jerry Corse, Louise Collins, Mrs. Germaine Simard, Dott Nicholson-Brown, Richard Ormsby and Jeannette Gionet.   On March 1, we attended Brazilian Tropicana, where the entertainment left us in awe and the food was superb and plentiful.  On March 7, we went to the 26th St. Theater and enjoyed a musical mystery, The Mystery of Edwin Drood, written by Charles Dickens.  We will be on the upper patio March 15 having a Western Barbecue get-together.  On March 29, we will attend “Star Gazing on the Beach,” starring Vince Hill (who performed for the Queen Mother).  See information on the bulletin boards.

Watch the bulletin boards in the mailroom and basement lobby for upcoming events.  Coffee for this month has been rescheduled to Friday, March 21st.

Thanks to a great working Committee: Nancy and Jerry Corse, Liliane Manoli, Fern McBride, Jean and Barry Nesbitt and Dott Nicholson-Brown.

We Care - Rafael Alleguez read Ofelia’s report:   February:  Ginia Wexler (1211) back from her vacation, where she was injured; had surgery at Holy Cross; Note on bulletin board, card and roses sent;  Bess Freeman (1806) is doing  better; chocolates sent; Mario Delano (1107) heart surgery at Holy Cross; note on bulletin board, card and fruit sent;  Tom Abdullah (503) is ill; card sent;  Mary Lou Rinomato (1001) went home for knee surgery; will be back in a week; note on bulletin board and card sent.   March:  Diane Cotton (1701) was in automobile accident; recovering at home; doing well; note on bulletin board, card sent;  John Papa (1005) passed away yesterday (March 10th); note on bulletin, card and donation sent

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