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After open discussion with the owners, the meeting of The Regency Tower Board was called to order at 3:25 p.m. on Thursday, February 6, 2003 in the Meeting Room by the President.

Roll Call:  The roll call showed the following board members present:  Iris Anastasi, Eric Berkowitz, Louise Collins, Henry Kaplan, Dott Nicholson-Brown, Fern McBride, and Pablo Verol.

Reading of Minutes:  Minutes of the regular meeting of the Regency Tower Board of Directors held on December 19, 2002, were read.  Henry Kaplan made a motion to approve the minutes as read, seconded by Iris Anastasi, unanimously approved.

Financial Report:  Rafael Alleguez, Treasurer, reported  on the following as of February 5, 2003: Checking, Money Market Account, Laundry Account, Elevator Modernization, Reserve and Driveway Assessment. A motion was made by Pablo Verol to accept the Treasurer’s Report; seconded by Henry Kaplan; unanimously approved.

ADJOURNMENT:  A motion was made by Louise Collins and seconded by Pablo Verol to adjourn at 4:12 p.m.

Report on Change of Attorney: Dott Nicholson-Brown reported that the legal firm we have been dealing with, Kaye & Rogers, have split.  The Board decided to remain with Attorney Kaye; however, in the event this does not work out, we will have the option to return to Mr. Rogers.



Board 2002 - Annual Report - Dott Nicholson-Brown - The Board was responsible for a super-active year in 2002.  Just a few samples of the outstanding achievements:

1.  Overhauled the Administration, Finance, Maintenance and Security Departments thereby maximizing employee accountability and increasing revenue to owners.  An Employee Handbook was developed establishing policy and standards that the employees are expected to follow.  Performance Evaluations, Training and Rewards were instituted along with strict disciplinary procedures.  For your convenience, we added 3 more hours to the availability of the Administrative Office and now answer all calls from 8 a.m.- 4 p.m. with no lunch break.  Also, we placed a free phone in the Mail Lobby for residents outgoing calls only.  This provided Security with ability to make emergency calls and precludes residents from tying up the phone at the Security Desk.

2.  Revised and published an updated edition of the Rules and Regulations which brought increased awareness and compliance from owners, lessees and guests.  This will now be revised on an annual basis.

3.  Developed and published a comprehensive Emergency Hurricane Procedures guide booklet.

4.  Instituted a Preventative Maintenance Program which greatly reduced the numerous emergencies that confronted us in 2001.

5.  Launched a Water Conservation Program replacing numerous old toilets bringing a savings of $40,000 in utility charges.

6.  Formulated with assistance of the Finance Committee stable financial operations with an operational budget that eliminated waste but provided funds for necessary expenditures.

7.  Championed and supported a Beautification Committee which produced interior and exterior improvements too numerous to enumerate.

8.  Established a close link with the President’s Council of the Galt Mile Community Association, thereby staying abreast of all developments affecting residents of the Mile and specifically The Regency Tower.

9.  Eliminated the financial, legal and other headaches associated with being a landlord for Unit 110.  This provided funding for 12 interior and exterior improvements to be completed in 2003 along with an operating contingency of $50,000.

10.  Successfully completed the installation of new elevators which meet or exceed all code requirements.

11.  Replaced Vandalism, Politics and Chaos with Harmony, Peace and Teamwork from Owner to Owner and Owner to Board and Board Members to Board Members. We set an example for you to follow and you did. Our commitment to you is to make your interaction with the Board productive, profitable and satisfying. We thank you for a peaceful building and a great year.


Aloha! Aloha! Aloha,

Instead of Hello! Hello! Hello! this time it means Whew! Whew! Whew!. For some reason this winter season brought the resumption of problems, emergencies and unit leaks which means middle of the night calls and work. The season also brought the return of our many friends whose smiling faces are welcomed and appreciated. By the way, we’re back to Iris bugging me to get my President’s report in so she can start the newsletter. Do me a favor. When you run into her, I want all of you to greet her with "Stop bugging Dott!"

As we come to the end of our two year term (2001-03) we look back with pride. We’ve had triumphs and trials. But the triumphs outnumber the trials. We have learned that we cannot please almost 400 residents and that we must not allow the very few to deter us and that even friends will not be happy with every single thing we do. Boy! Was that a shocker! However, the Board is gratified that our 2 year reign saw the uniting of all departments, Maintenance, Administration, Security and Residents. What a joy to feel peace and harmony. Now for our monthly report. (Tribute: See Employee Profile for Tribute to Ted Nikas)

ADMINISTRATION: Everything is A-O.K. in Administration, or as Montcalm and Norman would say "O.K. so far." Cindy successfully mastered the software program which now allows her to perform all payroll in-house. This saves the Association thousands of dollars. Alicia is still amazed at the amount of detailed work associated with the Secretary/Receptionist desk. By the end of each day she is uttering a sigh of relief. I think she feels I’m a hard task master. (P.S. I am). But, we seem to have managed that delicate balance between holding employees accountable and still keep the residents satisfied. I’ve always felt that employees don’t mind a disciplined program as long as they know what is expected. The Regency Tower employees have affirmed this. What a great segue into the next statement if I must say so myself.

For the first time in the history of  this building the employees gave special recognition to a Board of Directors by presenting the 2001- 03 Board with a beautiful Plaque of appreciation. What a joyful surprise! Check it out in the mail room.

ROUND TABLE: Present: Rafael Alleguez, Joe Anastasi, Howard Hirschman, Shirley Hopkins, Dee Lanzillo, Nick Petroe, Martha Sellas and Dr. Morris Wiener. The last meeting of the Round Table brought compliments along with suggestions for improvement.

Shirley Hopkins mentioned she is pleased with the hallway carpet cleaning. She also discussed the need for a non-glare window in the Security/Receiving room so that owners may see the guards when driving into the garage. This item was directed to Joe and Eric. She also mentioned that the guards do not get up and direct traffic.

Dee Lanzillo complimented the Board and mentioned an odor from the garbage chute on her floor. Directed to Maintenance.

Martha Sellas feels the new elevators are too slow. Complimented the Board.

Rafael Alleguez read an item by Attorney Poliakoff in the HiRiser. He suggested a more comprehensive preventative maintenance program when the driveway is complete. Also suggested a mandatory inspection of all electrical boxes in each unit and throughout the building.

Joe Anastasi stated the need for more radios for all floors in order to have even sound throughout the building. The majority felt music on the floors were unnecessary.

Dr. Morris Wiener and Nick Petroe complimented the Board.

ELEVATORS: All three elevators have been installed. Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! Kone, the contractor finished ahead of schedule. The third elevator is in the midst of interior decoration and may be finished by the time you receive this. Our Consulting Engineer, Dan Carey Associates, stated that Kone did an excellent job, comparable to the "heavy duty" jobs they’ve consulted on in hi-rise, industrial buildings. As information, the new elevators use much less power which results in less expense to us. With the old ones, the generator had to run all the time. Now, the generator only runs when the new elevators are in service. Everything went well on this project. Maybe our luck is changing. A big thanks to Eric for his dedication and hard work during the construction and decorating phase and to the Beautification Committee for the beautiful interiors.

ASSESSMENTS: Thank Heavens! Barring any unexpected emergencies we’re into our last assessment for some time. In the past few years we’ve replaced our balconies, roof, elevators and now landscaping and driveway/parking areas - all big ticket items. If we have any more, I’ll have to sell my jewelry, and it is already allocated in my will. What else can need replacement? No, don’t answer that! I can’t think of anything and neither should you. I too, am tired of assessments. So please don’t blame the messenger. We’ll celebrate next fall when the driveway and landscaping are finished - or better yet, why not a building-wide celebration next winter in honor of our restored building and grounds. Shh, I haven’t mentioned it yet to the Social Committee. You guys can convince them.

I close by saying thank you, thank you, for your letters, e-mail and phone calls with words of support and encouragement. We truly appreciate and need them.

Aloha, (This time, it means Goodbye I love you)



Beautification  - Louise Collins reported that it has been a full, exciting year for the Beautification Committee. Projects accomplished include refurbishing of lobby and mailroom marble floors, new chairs and lounges at pool and deck areas, new canopy at entrance to garage, updating of beach exit area (new benches and other accessories), 3 silk plants in lobby, up-scaled bathroom renovation in basement area near pool exit, plant selection for outside areas of building, Holiday adornments, color-coordinated signs at beach, pool and entrance areas, selection of materials to decorate new elevators, exit and entrance signs redone. The committee volunteers many hours on these projects and I want to express my thanks to a wonderful team: Rafael Alleguez, Iris Anastasi and Fern McBride.

Cable - Howard Hirschman reported the following per a telephone conversation with AT&T Broadband (Comcast): 1) Fiber Optic construction is proceeding quickly; 2) No word yet on a date for rewiring our building; 3) They are still actively engaged in signing up cable customers; 4) Cable service is selling mostly to large, multi-unit buildings; 5) Satellite service is selling mostly to single family residences through “mom and pop” storefront retailers; and 6) On or about February 14 a public announcement by AT&T/Comcast regarding their “new” marketing plans and offerings is expected.

Construction  - Eric Berkowitz - Elevators:  At the onset of construction, Kone informed the Association it would take 9 months, 3 months per cab, to fulfill its obligation. Carey Cabs disclosed that 8 to 10 weeks might be required to complete the interiors of all 3 cabs. Had construction been scheduled consecutively, as opposed to concurrently, our residents would have been inconvenienced through the end of April 2003. Members of the Beautification Committee contributed the significant oversight required for concurrent construction. Louise Collins, Fern McBride, Iris Anastasi, Rafael Alleguez, and Board President Dott Nicholson-Brown repeatedly suffered disruption of their dinners, evenings, and weekends in order to address problems and negotiate adjustments on the fly. These efforts were beyond the call of their responsibilities and the residents of this building, myself included, owe them a debt of gratitude.

On January 24, 2003 our second passenger elevator passed inspection. Our new smoke and sensor system upgrades enjoyed simultaneous approval by the Fire Inspector. On January 29th, Kone transferred technical custody of the final cab back to The Regency Tower - one month ahead of schedule and on budget. Five minutes later construction for the final cab interior renovation was underway. After the final cab is remodeled, several minor corrections will be made in the first passenger car. Completion of this renovation and the final interior inspection is all that remains to conclude our elevator modernization. This should occur within the next 7 to 10 days.

A large crack in the south side of the building resurfaced for the third time in December. On December 23 a temporary patch was applied and on January 14 a damaged rebar was rehabilitated and the defect was permanently repaired at no cost to the Association. In addition, one balcony and three balcony railings were repaired.

On January 17 Campany Roofing completed the second “3-month” inspection of the roof, finding a nominal amount of blisters which were attended to immediately. A follow-up review was performed on January 31, probing the entire surface of the roof and eliminating all the defects. We will continue to scrutinize the roof for the next 6 months.

The preliminary work incident to the five construction projects we refer to as the driveway project is well underway. The size and scope of this project dictates each step be scrupulously addressed because its ultimate success depends upon the previous steps having been effectively accomplished. Our consultant, SPEC Engineering, has drawn plans and specs that, after having passed our review, have been forwarded to the appropriate contractors and sub-contractors for bidding.  Upon receipt of the bids, a stringent review process will commence during which adjustments, protections, and timetables will evolve and give us the assurances and clarity necessary to properly schedule the entire project. While our goal is to achieve a result that will be structurally sound, long lasting and aesthetically pleasing, it continues to be the Boards responsibility, as in all projects, to insure that we get what we pay for. 

Housekeeping - Louise Collins stated that housekeeping has played a significant role in the general improvement of the building. Walk-throughs are conducted several times a year, on every floor, stairwell and in storage areas. Findings are turned over to maintenance to be attended to. We meet with workers and check out their cleaning supplies. We also monitor areas in the garage, pool and patio areas and laundry facility. We thank all of you for your cooperation.  Thank you Fern and Ofelia; and thanks to Dee Lanzillo and Liliane Manoli for their help in monitoring the Barbecue Area.

Laundry - Lazlo Bandi reported there was some difficulty with the $25.00 in quarters; $8.00 was missing. It was decided to now leave $20.00 in quarters.  

Maintenance - Pablo Verol reported the following are just a few of the projects completed in 2002: Changed from inefficient gas pool heaters to state-of-the-art heat pumps; repaired trash chutes at savings of several thousands of dollars; installed sump pump in garage; installed new valves eliminating having to shut down entire building for a/c repairs; installed new stainless steel barbecue grill; all stairs and railings were repainted NE, SW and North; all exit doors and trash room doors cleaned and painted; replaced/repaired numerous old toilets, pipes and faucets to decrease utility water bills; replaced 150 yards of 4 inch cast iron pipes in the garage; repaired/repainted Unit 110 to get ready for sale; removed unsafe upper portion of beach entrance wall, replaced topping, redecorated and repainted; remodeled lower level rest room; installed additional lighting in North and South sides of garage; pressure cleaned pavers at pool and upper patio deck; installed new door and wall to meet City requirements in Elevator  Room; installed new shower at beach Area; re-sod grassy area on beach side of building; installed new gate at Lobby Security Desk area; and repainted Compactor Room.

Newsletter - Iris Anastasi reported that in the year 2002 a newsletter was published following every Board Meeting.  This enabled all absent owners to be involved in the occurrences, discussions, and decisions by the Board of Directors. It also provided all owners with up-to-date developments in The Regency Tower. The Board received many compliments about the exemplary style, design, graphics and informative text. Liz Urbano and I take delight in your enjoyment of the newsletter.

Recycling - Fern McBride relayed Ginia Wexler’s request for residents to please read the Recycling Notice on the wall of the trash room and obey the instructions for the good of YOUR HOME!

Screening - Margie Nagle, Co-Chair, reported a correction on the number of screenings during 2002. During the year 2002 there were 26 screenings - 18 sales and 8 lessees. There was one screening during the month of January 2003.

Security -  Joe Anastasi asked for a moment of silence in remembrance of Ted Nikas, whose funeral will take place on February 7th.

In the last year, security initiated two telephone projects, one which was the house phone, the second the elevator phones that are connected to the office from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and to security from 4 p.m. to 8 a.m. Also, motorcycle parking in the garage, 15-minute parking space on the North side of building and moving intercom from basement elevator lobby to outside of North door to lobby so that people who may be locked out have a way to contact security.

Social - Louise Collins reported that the committee tries to entertain in a diversified manner:  Monthly Coffees, by-weekly Bingo games, Potluck Dinners with themes, Barbecue, Talent Shows and Dinner, and Art Show. We offer outside activities: nightclub and dinner show, theater (evening and matinee with optional dinner), and evening shows at the Community Performing Arts Theater. Watch bulletin boards for these upcoming events.  Looking forward to seeing you there. Come meet your neighbors. Remember, make the moments matter for the memories you give will be with them forever. TO VIEW ALL UPCOMING EVENTS - CLICK ON THE "EVENTS" LINK FROM THE MENU BAR. My thanks go out to Jean and Barry Nesbitt, Nancy and Jerry Corse, Dott Nicholson-Brown, Liliane Manoli and Fern McBride. They help make it all possible. What a team! 

We Care - Ofelia Alleguez reported that during the year 2002 the committee helped 75 people; 34 received flowers, fruit, candy, Special Mass (when appropriate for deaths). On January 31, the first general committee meeting was held.  One of the items discussed at this meeting was how this committee began. Dott Nicholson-Brown originated the committee about 5 years ago with a handful of people and it has grown since that time to the success it is today. In appreciation, Dott was voted honorary chairman of the committee, by a unanimous vote, given a lovely corsage - and retired from the committee to give more time to her busy schedule.

Follow-up calls to:  Bess Freeman (1806) suffered another fracture, was in re-hab and is now home; Nick Petroe (709) recovering from surgery; and Henry Kaplan (510) Jean Bohme (1606) fell in parking lot - in hospital - card and flowers sent; Baby Michael Hahn (8 months old) (410) was in hospital with a virus - home now - card and stuffed animal sent; Lazlo Bandi (1706) had surgery - at home recovering sent card and fruit basket; Leslie Bandi (1706) sister passed away - card sent; Thalia Parker (1502) fell in parking lot - went to hospital with slight concussion - card sent

Welcome to two new members of the committee: Margie Nagle and Martha Sellas

Web Site - Iris Anastasi reported: I have maintained the web site for the year 2002, I, and many others, have experienced virus problems with the main frame over the past year but feel confident that is all behind us. You will find information on the web site that is not included in the newsletters, such as phone numbers and addresses for Service Contracts and Emergency Home Health Care. In the future I plan to post updated pictures as we progress with the driveway/landscaping restoration


An election for 4 members of the Board of Directors will take place on March 11, 2003. Ballots and candidate letters were mailed to all unit owners on Monday, February 3rd. Four members of the Board are on the ballot plus one unit owner. Please place your ballots in the Ballot Box on the lobby security desk.


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