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After open discussion with the owners on subjects ranging from driveway/parking restoration to security issues, the meeting of The Regency Tower Board was called to order at 3:25 p.m. on Thursday, October 17, 2002 in the Meeting Room of The Regency Tower by the President, Dott Nicholson-Brown.

Roll Call:    The roll call showed the following board members present:  Iris Anastasi, Eric Berkowitz, Louise Collins, Henry Kaplan, Dott Nicholson-Brown and Fern McBride. Pablo Verol was absent.

Reading of Minutes:   The minutes of the meeting of The Regency Tower Board of Directors held on September 10, 2002 were read.  Eric Berkowitz made a motion to approve the minutes as read, seconded by Iris Anastasi, unanimously approved.

A letter was read from Henry Kaplan to the Board of Directors, dated September 30, 2002 regretfully resigning as Treasurer of the Regency Tower due to health problems.  He will remain on the Finance Committee and complete his term on the Board.  A letter was read expressing the gratitude and sincere thanks of the Board and the Finance Committee.

Appointment of New Treasurer: On Henry Kaplan’s recommendation and agreement by the Board of Directors, Rafael Allequez was recommended as Treasurer.

A motion was made by Louise Collins that Rafael Allequez be appointed as our new Treasurer; seconded by Iris Anastasi; unanimously approved.

The Board thanked Rafael for accepting the position of Treasurer.

It was pointed out that Rafael is not being appointed to the Board.  Our documents allow us two positions that can be appointed without being a Board member (Secretary and Treasurer).  This position is not allowed to vote.

Rafael thanked Henry for his hard work and graciously accepted the position of Treasurer with many kind words.

Financial Report:  Rafael called to everyone’s attention that a complete financial statement is prepared monthly and posted  on the bulletin board in the mail room.  Owners are encouraged to view this statement and if there are questions, they will be answered.

A motion was made by Eric Berkowitz to accept the Treasurer’s Report; seconded by Henry Kaplan; unanimously approved.

Dott Nicholson-Brown mentioned that the statement reflects one-time expenditures from the sale of Apartment 1511:  lobby floor polishing, heat pumps and electrical, 24 shut-off valves, carpeting at three entrances to the building; garage level restroom, air conditioner in exercise room, meeting room, office renovations, hurricane windows in Apartment 110.

Rafael Allequez mentioned we are under budget as a result of savings from water and electricity.

Board Vote on Special Assessment

Driveway/Parking Restoration:  Extensive information was shared regarding various applications and estimates.

It was noted that the original bids from September 2000 did not include engineering, landscaping, plumbing (drain to sewer, remove/repair/replace all irrigation), electrical (replace all conduit wiring buried in concrete), and unforeseen problems.  The plain gray concrete would cost each unit owner approximately $1,000 less than a tinted concrete, stamped concrete or partial pavers.

A motion was made by Iris Anastasi that we proceed with the assessment to be used for the entire driveway parking restoration including tinted and/or stamped concrete or partial pavers and landscaping; seconded by Eric Berkowitz.  The motion passed with 4 members agreeing, 2 opposed, 1 absent.

Adjournment: A motion was made by Iris Anastasi and seconded by Pablo Verol to adjourn the meeting at 4:20 p.m.; unanimously approved.



To those of you in the northeast, congratulations on the beautiful fall colors. I truly miss seeing the picturesque colors during the month of October. Nevertheless, we are enjoying the  wonderful sunshine and enchanting waves lapping our shoreline right at our door here in South Florida. And, it appears we have missed even the threat of a serious hurricane this year. The Gulf coast was the unlucky area. There is only one month left to complete the season.

BEACH RE-NOURISHMENT:  The Broward County Coordinator, Steve Higgins, spoke at the October meeting of the Galt Mile President's Council. He stated the support of the Galt Mile Community Association enabled the project to proceed. Although Deerfield Beach may delay it due to their objecting to the use of sand off shore of their beach (they want to preserve the sand in the event of future need), the State is ready to issue permits for both segments - north and south of Port Everglades. The project is expected to begin in the Hollywood area during spring/summer of 2004. Those of us along the Galt Mile are anxiously awaiting this project due to the continual erosion of our beaches. (Important: see notices & reminders to see how you can help with this project.)

DRIVEWAY/PARKING RESTORATION:  So-o-o, some of you have changed your minds. "What a difference a year makes, - 52 little weeks!" Last year, many wanted the driveway completed right away or immediately following the elevators. Now some are saying "let's hold off a while longer." The Board realizes that some may be concerned with the economic downturn of the past year. However, safety is a concern as with the elevators. We do not want the same experience of a condo north of us where the driveway/parking lot collapsed. We explored other possibilities in lieu of partial pavers including tinted/stamped concrete and plain concrete and ascertained that stamped or tinted concrete is as aesthetically pleasing and requires less maintenance. We found that the cost is about the same as partial pavers and that plain grey concrete is less costly but less visually appealing. As you will read in the Board Meeting notes, the vote was 4-2 in favor of tinted/stamped concrete or partial pavers. The Board empathizes with those who are having difficulties with another major assessment within two years. We have had to make up for many years of neglect. Hopefully, this is the last of the assessments for major projects for some time.

OPEN DISCUSSION:  During the open discussion at the Board Meeting, the following suggestions were proffered by various owners:

1. Hire and 11th Security Guard so as to have two covering the 11:00PM -7:00AM tour.

2. Completely change our Medeco keys/locks to new ones.

3, Install brighter lighting in the garage.

4. Clean and renew the pool and upper deck pavers.

The finance committee is currently working on the CY2003 budget and attempting to balance it without increasing the quarterly maintenance. To add the above items would result in a substantial increase. The final budget will be sent to all owners during November.

ROUND TABLE:  At the October of the Round Table most of the discussion concerned the driveway/parking restoration project. It was about evenly divided among those who preferred partial pavers and or tinted/stamped concrete and those who wanted the plain concrete. Shirley Hopkins felt we should go with the less expensive plain concrete. Tom Griffin thought we should "do it right" this time. While Dr. Morris Wiener stated that we should take the advice of our engineering consultant. Nick Petroe complimented the current Board for their hard work.

WHEEL CHAIR DONATION: We received a lovely e-mail from Brenda Counsell, former Building Administrator of The Regency Tower, in response to our plea in three previous newsletters for the donation of a wheel chair. Brenda told us she is donating a new wheel chair "as a gift from the heart to all the wonderful people who were so kind to me." Isn't that marvelous? The Regency Tower is attracting not only great people but also great gifts. Now if anyone wishes to donate a gift in honor of a loved one toward the driveway, garage lighting, new lobby restrooms, new front alcove, new game room, remodeled Rendezvous Room, new mail boxes, et., we will gladly accept it an "engrave your name in our hearts." Except for the driveway, these are one-time projects scheduled for 2003 which may be shelved to balance the budget. O.K., O.K. I know we shouldn't expect owners to donate gifts. Perhaps I'll donate a restroom in honor of my former husband.

DELINQUENT ASSESSMENTS:  To date we have six (6) delinquencies for the October quarterly maintenance. The previous foreclosure was rescinded by our Attorney due to the owner paying all monies including penalties and attorney fees. We implore you to pay on time and avoid the interest and penalties.

I close with a personal salute to Henry Kaplan who found it necessary to resign as Treasurer due to health concerns. We love you Henry and are happy that you are remaining on the Board and Finance Committee. I can honestly state that Henry is the nicest, most conscientious person we could have as Treasurer and that the person he recommended, Rafael Alleguez, is also the nicest, most conscientious person we could have as Treasurer. (You didn't expect me to get caught saying the wrong thing did you?)




Beautification - Louise Collins reported that the basement bathroom is progressing nicely.  There are a few finishing touches to be completed on this project. Thanks to the committee:  Fern, Iris and Rafael.  John Sala and his assistants have done a great job.  It’s been a great team effort.

Cable - Howard Hirschman reported that on November 8, 2002 AT&T Broadband becomes Comcast again.  Working scheduled for rewiring will probably slow down per AT&T.  We must wait until change takes place to get updated work schedule.

Construction - Eric Berkowitz reported the replacement of our roof is complete. Campany Roofing has replaced the awning torn during the course of construction, reimbursed us for damage sustained to our light fixture, intercom and speaker, etc. 

Regarding water penetration in various units on the east side of the building, we called the First Services Corporation (having acquired Aqua-Shield) to enforce our limited warranty rights.  They agreed to make the necessary repairs at no cost to the Association. 

The elevator modernization continues to proceed ahead of schedule.  The elevator inspector gave us a few additional tasks to accomplish following the service elevator review.  As the result of a negotiation between our consultant, Dan Carey Associates, and the inspector, it was agreed that we be permitted to accomplish an alternative that would satisfy the relevant code and save the Association a good deal of money.  The second car should be ready for inspection within the next few weeks.

In preparation for the driveway/parking restoration project, we interviewed several engineers and consultants.  We investigated their firms and references, read their reports, and scrutinized their recommendations.  We have selected a multiple-specialty engineering firm by the name of Swaysland Professional Engineering Corporation, or by acronym, “SPEC.”  SPEC is a premier engineering firm with excellent credentials and references.  SPEC will oversee every aspect of this project with the exception of the landscaping.  Our Finance Committee has recommended stipulations to protect the Association.  The Construction Committee will monitor the individual contractors’ progress on a daily basis and oversee the engineering efforts provided by the Consultant as per the contract.

Dott Nicholson-Brown mentioned that Ron Forment, who as a former Board Member worked on the driveway/parking restoration project, has agreed to be involved.

Five Year Plan - Rafael Alleguez reported that on September 17, 2002 the committee approved a plan for the next 5 years which was submitted to the Board for consideration and setting timeline priorities   There are several projects, some small and some large.  The 2 large projects are a sprinkler system (which we have 12 years to complete)  and risers for air conditioners, replacing galvanized pipes. 

Dott Nicholson-Brown informed us that the entire sprinkler system project is being contested through the legislature.

Housekeeping - Louise Collins reported that the housekeeping department is trying to handle and keep up with all of the contract work that is being done in the building.  Some of the owner’s contractors are careless and messy.  This places an extra burden on the housekeeping department.  Owners should assure that their hired contractors are aware of this situation and their responsibilities.

Laundry - Lazlo Bandi reported that everything is well in the laundry - no trouble, no complaints. 

Maintenance - Iris Anastasi reported for Pablo Verol:  In addition to the usual repair problems in individual apartments and common use areas, the Maintenance Department accomplished the following during the past month:  (1) Replaced concrete on lower portion of concrete wall at beach entrance; (2) Installed topping on concrete wall; (3) Remodeled restroom at basement pool exit area; and (4) Painted northeast stair railings.

Security - Joe Anastasi reported the Round Table Committee recommended to the Board that the  “No Parking” space adjacent to the North entrance door be designated a “15 Minute Loading/Unloading” space.  The Board approved this recommendation.

Web site/Newsletter - Iris Anastasi:  Our web site server was bitten by a bug and destroyed, along with several others. We are in the process of getting a different server, and we anticipate it should be up and running soon. We apologize for the inconvenience.

We Care - Ofelia Alleguez reported that Bess Freeman (1806) fell, had surgery and rehab.  She is home now; card sent.

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