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After open discussion with the owners, the meeting of The Regency Tower Board was called to order at 3:10 p.m. on Thursday, December 19, 2002 in the Meeting Room of the Regency Tower by the President, Dott Nicholson-Brown.

 Roll Call:  The roll call showed the following board members present:  Iris Anastasi, Eric Berkowitz, Dott Nicholson-Brown, Fern McBride, and Pablo Verol.  Louise Collins and Henry Kaplan were absent.

Reading of Minutes:  Minutes of the CY2003 budget presentation meeting of The Regency Tower Board of Directors held on November 14, 2002 were read.  Eric Berkowitz made a motion to approve the minutes as read, seconded by Pablo Verol, unanimously approved.

Financial Report:  Rafael Alleguez, Treasurer, reported the following as of December 15, 2002:

Money Market Account: Laundry Account:  Elevator Modernization:

In addition, the Treasurer reported that any owner interested in having a Long Term Loan to pay for the Special Driveway Assessment should read the Finance Committee bulletin of December 1, 2002 posted on the bulletin boards.  Brochures from South Trust Bank are available in the office, as well as information from Sun Trust Bank.

We are working very hard to continue having our Building Finances in a stable condition, and look forward to start building up the Reserve in the years 2004 or 2005 so “large” Special Assessments are avoided if at all possible.

A motion was made by Fern McBride to accept the Treasurer’s Report; seconded by Pablo Verol; unanimously approved.

 Budget Report:

A.  Reserves - Fern McBride reported that 122 proxy forms were received.  119 forms were valid, 6 voted "yes" 113 voted "no."  Of the 3 invalid forms received, 1 voted “no” and 2 voted “yes.”  Therefore, the reserves were defeated; the budget will not contain reserves.

B.  Dott Nicholson-Brown reminded everyone that the budget had been presented in detail at the November 14, 2002 meeting, the Secretary had just read the minutes of that meeting, and  all owners had received a copy of the budget in the mail.

Board Vote on Budget:  A motion was made by Iris Anastasi that the Board accept the calendar year 2003 budget sent to all owners under memo dated November 15, 2002.  The motion was seconded by Pablo Verol and unanimously approved.


A motion was made by Iris Anastasi and seconded by Eric Berkowitz to adjourn at 3:52p.m.

   Fern McBride - Secretary



Hello everyone,

Happy Holidays! It’s in the air. Joy, Laughter, the smell of Fruit Cake, Toys, Parties etc.......I love holidays! The Beautification Committee and Maintenance employees have put our building in the running for "Most Beautifully Decorated Building on the Galt." The exterior is a delightfully festive blend of lights, colors, reindeer and plantings. Liz Urbano and Iris Anastasi certainly would win if there was a prize for "most elegant and beautifully decorated tree in a condo lobby" as well as for their individual floor decoration.

EMPLOYEE PARTY:  The Employees’ holiday party was held on Friday, December 20th from 12 to 2p.m A huge thank you to Dee and Lou Lanzillo who provided a personally cooked meal fit for a King. And thanks to Liliane Manoli who assisted in the preparation, serving, hosting, purchasing and clean up. Sue Gomes and Ginia Wexler administered the Employee Holiday Fund. We appreciate you Dee, Lou, Liliane, Sue, Ginia. And we appreciate you - the owners, for giving so generously to our employees. They deserve it.

The Board was pleasantly surprised and honored at being presented with a Plaque of Appreciation from our employees for the years 2001 - 2003.

ADMINISTRATION:  The Snow Birds are returning and Alicia is discovering how hectic the Administrative Office can become. Of course, Cindy remains calm at all times (and if you believe that, I’ll tell you it’s snowing here today.) Alicia is busy setting up a Spread Sheet of Owner data to connect between the Administrative and Security computers. Cindy is busy setting up a new Bookkeeping program to allow us to begin handling our payroll in-house, thereby eliminating the need for outsourcing and saving the costs we incurred for numerous years. As many of you know the Administrative Office is now open for 8 uninterrupted hours (8am to 4pm) for your convenience.

THE ROUND TABLE:  At the December meeting of the Round Table lively discussions ensued on several topics ranging from protocol on the use of the P.A. system to removing Round Table members who are frequently absent. It was decided that effective immediately, members who miss three meetings will be replaced. The Board will prepare a memo of protocol in January with specific instructions on the use of the P.A. system

2002 was a year full of accomplishments. We reached new "highs" in our unit values, we experienced peace, harmony and love throughout The Regency Tower. We’ve been designated "The Best Managed Building on the Galt."

Our TEAM has consummated numerous building improvements such as:

1. Reduced our water bill by $30,000.00.

2. New restroom in basement pool exit area.

3. Removed unsafe upper concrete wall at beach entrance.

4. Completely replaced defective roofing with new system.

5. Installed sump pumps in the garage and instituted more lighting.

6. Replaced inefficient and costly gas pool heaters with cost effective state-of-the-art heat pumps resulting in decreased gas bills.

7, Overhauled the Administrative Office resulting in 8-hour uninterrupted access by owners, more accountability by employees and increased revenue to owners.

8. Sold Units #1511 and #110 thereby accumulating revenue for numerous one time expenditures without increasing Quarterly Maintenance.

9. Renegotiated a Cable contract at same cost for first year and reduced cost for coming years (compared to other buildings) and other minor improvements to numerous to mention.

10.  Installed 26 cut-off valves which eliminates need to shut down entire A/C system for repairs - and more too numerous to mention.

We are looking forward to 2003 with the completion of our elevators, new driveway/parking, landscaping, new Lobby restrooms, remodeled Rendezvous Room, lower level Lobby, new game/hobby room, new mail boxes, front Alcove waterfall and more. So stick around. You will see even higher values placed on your units.

To those of you who sent in your Driveway Assessments early "We applaud you and we love you."

Thanks to all of you for your inspiration and support throughout the year 2002. WE APPRECIATED IT AND NEEDED IT!



Dott Nicholson-Brown


BEAUTIFICATION:  Fern McBride presented Louise Collins’ report; The Service Elevator and the first Passenger Elevator are completed with the exception of a few minor interior items.  We have only one more to go.  Eric Berkowitz has been most diligent in scheduling the contractors.  We thank you for your patience.

The basement restroom is now complete and we have received thumbs-up on it.  We do request that the paper toweling be used only for drying your hands. ( Announcement: We have received numerous compliments on the Basement Restroom in which we placed state-of-the-art equipment. However, on several occasions someone has absconded with the entire roll of new superior hand towels. Also, some have been thrown into the toilet causing several blockages. Consequently, the Board has reluctantly decided that if this continues to occur, we will be forced to replace the current holder and towels with a hot-air dryer.)

The entrance to the beach area is receiving a face lift. It should be completed soon.

Regency Tower greeted the upcoming holidays with new plantings and beautiful decorations inside and out.  Liz Urbano and Iris Anastasi did a wonderful job decorating the lobby.  Thanks to Rafael Alleguez, Fern McBride and Staff.

CABLE:  Howard Hirschman reported that Bill Talley of AT&T/Comcast indicated that the buy-out of AT&T Broadband did not happen on November 9th as last reported.  However, news reports have stated that the transaction has taken place.  Early indications are that Comcast will increase the cost of our type of service to an estimated $50 per month. We are protected against this increase for five years by our contract extension. It would appear we benefited by our prompt action.

The fiber optic cable installation is progressing. The cable spool is visible 3 - 4 condo’s south of us.

CONSTRUCTION:  Eric Berkowitz reported that the Construction Committee’s agenda is proceeding on schedule. We’ve attended to the final aspects of the roof project, advanced the various elements of the elevator modernization, initiated the preliminary work required to rewire the building for cable TV (and Internet access), and commenced preparation for the upcoming Driveway Project.  We’ve also re-waterproofed the east side of the building and accomplished five additional balcony railing repairs.

In mid-November we performed a three-month review of the new roof and found no blisters.  We will continue to execute these three-month maintenance reviews with Campany Roofing for a full year.

The Elevator Modernization is still ahead of schedule.  Kone signed the second cab over to The Regency Tower on  November 14th, after passing inspection.  Carey Cabs commenced interior construction on November 15th,the same day that Kone commenced construction on the last cab.  By opting for the week-long inconvenience that accompanied simultaneous construction, we avoided having to extend the Elevator Project by at least five weeks.

First Services Corp. (formerly Aqua-Shield) re-waterproofed the entire east side of the building, and caulked many cracks.

SPEC Engineering is developing the preliminary planning for the Driveway Project.  The degree of difficulty inherent in this project will largely be a function of how well this early planning Is accomplished.  The results will also provide us with the basic data we need to evaluate future work schedules and time  factors.

I wish to thank fellow committee member Robert Nagle for his efforts in securing a technical sign for the machine room mandated by the Inspector.

HOUSEKEEPING:  Fern McBride presented Louise Collins’ report; The overall appearance of the building is much improved.  The garage looks much better without the chairs, umbrellas, tires, cars and other debris hanging around. Keep up the good work.  

LAUNDRY:  Lazlo Bandi reported that we have 6 washers and 6 dryers, all in excellent condition, and some owners have their preference of which machines they use.  We are happy to say that lately there have not been any complaints. Since the season started, after three weeks we have collected $437. The security desk will accommodate our owners with coins when needed.  The Laundry Committee, Mr. Bandi and Martha Sellas, work in perfect agreement.

MAINTENANCE:  Pablo Verol reported the following in addition to regular maintenance work:  (1)Completed painting of West stairwell; (2) Completed painting all trash rooms; (3) Completed painting two North stair doors to match elevator doors; (4) Repainted curbing at front of building; (5) Installed additional lighting on North and South sides of Garage; (6) Christmas lighting, decorations, plantings, etc.; (7) Pressure cleaned pool pavers; (8) Installed pavers and painted wall to beach entrance.

RECYCLING:  Ginia Wexler reported that all floors were checked.  Out of 20, only 7 had problems.  These were in the 2nd floor: large pizza box with food inside in newspaper box.  The food should have been broken up and put down garbage disposal or put in a tied bag down the chute in the trash room.  Also, dirty bottles in the barrel.  4th floor: large amount of wrapping paper, not folded and stuck in barrel.  This should have been folded and left on the side or put in a bag down the chute.  5th floor: cartons in newspaper box, huge bag of plastic bags in barrel, loose paper on top of bottles, lids on all bottles.  9th floor: bags with food and other debris put in barrel, cartons also and lids.  16th floor: newspapers on the floor, carton in barrel.  The 7th floor had large and smaller pieces of broken glass in the barrel.  These could have been put in a heavy paper bag and left on the side.  The 10th floor had a big piece of heavy plastic in the barrel.  This should have been neatly folded and left on the side, or if possible, put in a bag and put down the chute.  When in doubt, leave on the side.

In general, lids are not being removed, plastic covers are not always taken off newspapers, large objects are not always left on the side, but are put in the barrel; cans and bottles are put in bags.  This is not necessary.

Congratulations to those floors who are following the rules.

SCREENINGMargie Nagle, Co-Chair, reported the following residents were welcomed:

October 20021407-Theresa Ross; 809-Reza and Wendy Manzouri      

November 2002 - 1811-Jorge and Deileide Diniz; 110  Eran Adany; 1708 Lauren Dunlap

During the year 2002 we have screened 20 new residents.

SOCIAL:  Fern McBride presented Louise Collins’ report:

On November 18, Coffee-time was enjoyed by some new owners as well as long time residents.  Owners shared coffee, dessert and chatted about their interests and a little of their backgrounds.  Hope to see more of you in January 2003.  Coffee-time dates will be announced on the bulletin boards and in the newsletter.

The Beautification, Housekeeping and Social Committees wish all of you a Blessed Holiday and a Healthy New Year.  I personally want to extend my appreciation to Rafael Alleguez, Iris Anastasi and Fern McBride.  I also want to say thanks to my fellow Board members Dott, Eric, Pablo and Henry.

WEB SITE/NEWSLETTER:  Iris Anastasi reported the web site is again up and running.  We thank you for your patience and understanding during the sites' downtime. A new link "Human Interests" has been added (on a trial basis) for anyone who wishes to relate a human interest story pertaining to the residents of The Regency Tower. A "Real Estate" link has also been added for anyone who wishes to advertise their units for sale on the web site. You may do this by sending a full description of unit to be sold and all pertinent information. Please be sure to list contact person and phone number. You may do this by putting ad in mail box # 407 or by sending information through this web site by sending an e-mail by clicking on the "Webmaster" link.

Liz Urbano, Helen Quinlan, my husband Joe and I would all like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday and a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year and may Santa be good to you.

 WE CARE:  Ofelia Alleguez reported the following for the month of November: Dee Lanzillo’s (610) sister passed away; sympathy card sent; Our condolences to Dee, Lou, family and friends. Toni Papa (1005) had back surgery; get well card; notice on bulletin board, and flowers sent - Helen Artim (405) was in hospital; card and plant sent; notice   on bulletin board - Teresa Bonatti’s death was reported on bulletin board; Tre was owner and resident of our building for many years. Our condolences to family and friends. - Peter Miceli (1704) admitted to hospital in N.Y.; Card and gourmet basket sent; notice on bulletin board

For the month of December: Francis Roberts (1209) taken to hospital with chest pains and admitted; notice on bulletin board - Nick Petroe (709) had surgery; notice on bulletin board; card sent - Cathyrn Derham (810) in hospital; notice posted; card sent: has since passed away. Our condolences to family and friends.

I want to thank all the members of the committee for their good work throughout the year.

A very Happy Holiday to the Regency Tower Family and a “very healthy”  year 2003.

WELCOMING: Howard Hirschman reported the buyer of Unit 110 (Eran Adany) was welcomed.  Also, the screening committee has included a welcoming document in the screening

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